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The Power of the Sssh Yourself! On Staying Series, Part 2

Dr. Denise teams up with Cathleen O’Toole to take a deeper dive on The Power of the Shhh!  In how to “Shush Yourself,”  you’ll hear dozens of ways to bring calm and peacefulness into your life.  From a coffee mug to lighting in your home, it’s not as hard as you might think to reduce […]

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On Staying Sane with Dr. Denise and Cathleen O’Toole

  2022 New Year, New Series of the Dr. Denise Show!  We’re calling it “On Staying Sane!”  And don’t we all need a little sanity at this time in our lives?  Joining Dr. Denise is journalist Cathleen O’Toole.  This spontaneous new show talks about the ways we will care for ourselves when the world can […]

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