Thank you to the Inspiring Guests of the Dr. Denise Show Fall 2021

BEing thankful is an EVERYDAY ingredient to self care, self love and love of others…
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Gratitude sets the “vibrational awareness” mindset for INFINITE Possibilities.
I AM in what I call a “Gratitude Vortex” of reflecting on the souls in my life past, present & FUTURE that are DEVOTED to BEing the change.
It is important to always ask ourselves “What is my Why?”
Staying true to OUR core values of Personal INTEGRITY is fundamental for reaching our own UNIQUE thrive.
It is an HONOR to interview Paradigm Progrssion Pioneers from all ages, backgrounds & viewpoints that are
contributing to HUMANITY in ways that make me smile.
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Thank you to the FALL 2021 guests:
#EmbraceYourNeurostyle Guests:
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#CreativeMinds Guests:
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Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Dr. Denise Berger

Dr. Berger has been a Champion of INCLUSION in Corporate America since the early 90’s  ahead of what I call the “pulse of consciousness” as a business woman, philanthropist, entrepreneur and educator throughout her life.

Not only has she been on the front lines of Corporate America, she has survived 911 fleeing from the World Trade Center, and was in the early cluster (March 2020) of survivors of  Covid 19!

While discussing the importance of the concept of “Embracing Our Neurostyle” as it applies in business, flow, happiness and day to day life she said “We are a series of PERCEPTIONS” which led into this REAL conversation about conflict resolution and PEACE when there is a PERCEPTION MISMATCH!

Listen HERE (Part 1):


Dr.Denise Berger focuses on the development of leaders in both for-profit and non-profit organizations. She is a partner at Social Venture Partners. Denise has also been a TedX coach and an Annenberg/CNN Hero Fast Pitch coach. She teaches in the M.A. in Social Entrepreneurship & Change Program at Pepperdine University, and she has been a mentor in Colgate University’s Thought in Action program for college-level entrepreneurship initiatives.

Denise holds an Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine University and completed her dissertation on Corporate Social Responsibility. She was a Managing Director at Aon Risk Services, where she ran the East Coast operations of the Global Business Unit, which handled the multinational risk management needs of Fortune 500 companies.

Our interview ended right when we started to discuss The Map of Consciousness at the 33 min mark..

Stay Tuned for Part 2 with Dr. Berger!



Live Show On Thanksgiving

Together WE are changing the way we think, talk & act about mental health.
Thank you Tiffany for this opportunity to spend time with you and this fun & inspiring crew on Thanksgiving Day.
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This Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, we will come together on Moments of Clarity with Tiffany, in order to give thanks, offer support, be as one, and discuss mental health. Our eclectic group of friends offer time on this American Holiday, to show you that you are NOT ALONE. Change can only come when we stand together as one! From left to right in this pic, @chellie.grossman, @iamjdesigns , @montylucky13, Tiffany Werhner, LMHC]] , @drdenisemd, @djdosnyc71, and @robert_b_foster!
View us live Thursday on, or on Facebook @MOCwithTiffany, or LinkedIn Live at Tiffany Werhner. 12-1pm EST !!
Happy THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! #thanksgiving #liveradio #tunein #momentsofclaritywithtiffany #endthestigma #itsoktonotbeok #hope #cometogether #mentalhealthawareness #holidays #holidayseason

Dr. Denise Show Fall 2021

THANK YOU everyone. ♾❤️🎤
Autumn 2021 has ROCKED!
“Gratitude is my secret sauce.”
Dr. Denise
THANKYOU to the amazing guests FALL 2021 on #DrDeniseShow!
#EmbraceYourNeurostyle Guests:
@chaos2cured x2!
Cathleen O’Toole x2
@jakemyers2001 of @lgbtqtherapyspace
@db710edd  (to 🚀) of @alikidesigns
#CreativeMinds Guests:
@michelmeditates (x2)
@charlesmattocks1 of @reversedtvseries @yurhealthnetwrk
@joesolo1 @joesoloproducer Founder @hollywoodcreativeacademy
@desiree_kahikopo of The White Line]]]
@girleyjazama of The White Line]]]
@sunetvanwyk of The White Line]]]
@abbieknights @miyapodcast (thanks for being on your show too!)
@_brooke_stokes (x2)
#MysteryDiva honoring #RBG
>20 shows since 9/17/21 including “Owning Your Inner Mrs. Robinson” on #divadiscussions inspired by @mariashriver & my mom!
All of the shows are here:
 reaching > 190 countries thanks to multiple platforms and @mhnrnetwork #iheartradio #pandora & more!
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Special thanks to @media_source_entertainment for the invite to the screening of The White Line]]] ! (Beyond grateful!)
Thank you @asianworldff for the invite to the screening of this year’s #snowleopardaward winning Shambala!
Thanks to ALL of you. You Inspire me.
There are lots of Earth Avatars in the lineup above. Please check them out over this holiday season.
Happy Thanksgiving week!
Dr. Denise


Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Lisa Davis M.P.H.

Vulnerable, inspirational, and informative are words that come to mind when I reflect on this interview with Lisa Davis M.P.H..

Lisa alchemized her own suffering of being raised by her mother that she says had “invisible differences” by seeking a higher level of education (Masters of Public Health) and then began her journey and vision of reaching the masses.

She is a modern day trans-media renaissance woman that has been ahead of her time in producing and hosting wellness shows since the late 90’s!

During this episode Lisa Davis M.P.H. and I relate as mothers that have been on a journey for our children to find their way and be understood for their unique sensory style.

Lisa listened to the episode with Cathleen O’Toole and I and gives specific feedback on “The Fabulous Five” and loves the vision of a World in which WE can all truly EMBRACE our uniqueness.

Thank you Lisa for SERVING Humanity at a time when we need it the most with all of the love, wisdom, and time you have devoted to wellness, not illness.

Listen here to the interview:

Lisa Davis, MPH has over two decades of experience as a health educator and a broadcaster. With a Master’s Degree in Public Health, she was the creator, host, and producer of the syndicated It’s Your Health radio heard on regional NPR and is currently the host & producer of Talk Healthy Today, the podcast for Outside Magazine’s Healthy Living Group which includes Clean Eating, Vegetarian Times, Better Nutrition, Yoga Journal and Vegetarian Times Magazines.
She is also the co-host/producer of the Naturally Savvy podcast and the co-creator and co-host of the podcast Active Allyship…it’s more than a#hashtag! In addition to developing radio shows, Lisa has created, produced, and hosted health television shows.  Her first show, Health Power was seen on KRUZ-TV in California.  She was also a regular contributor to Carol Alt’s national health TV show on A Healthy You.
She is the co-editor of the anthology, Easy to Love but Hard to Live With: Real People, Invisible Disabilities, True Stories (October 2014
and author of the book, Clean Eating, Dirty Sex: Sensual Superfoods and Aphrodisiac Practices for Ultimate Sexual Health (February 2019 with Skyhorse Publishing) . Her passion is helping people find their why to enable them to live their healthiest life.

Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond Series with Kirk Patrick Miller (Deep Dive)

What an Honor to have Kirk Patrick Miller back to do a deep dive Embrace Your Neurostyle & Beyond  show!

In our first interview Kirk Patrick Miller, the author of Chaos to Cured tells the story of being diagnosed with Bi-Polar 1, OCD, ADHD and General Anxiety as a young man, and related his struggle of coming to terms with what he thought would be a limited life.

The term #NEUROSTYLE, the “unique we process and process and perceive the world around us.”  he says set him free.   “It gave me lot better perspective as to how I should view myself.”  

Kirk and I were having a collaborative discussion this week and I said.,”Kirk… I love where this conversation is going… Can we just hop on the mic and do a show?”

He said YES!

Here it is:

Kirk Patrick Miller is an award nominated author and violinist. Suffering with bipolar one, ADHD, OCD, and generalized anxiety, his life was upended when he refused to give in to the diagnoses he was labeled with. After becoming the first medically documented case of full remission from bipolar, due to his unique endocrine treatment method he was asked to write his memoir, “Chaos to Cured.”

Now, ten years after writing his memoir he stands as a testament to hope and perseverance. Stable and successful, Mr. Miller runs a music institute, is a professional painter, author, speaker, and radio personality.

His desire to help others find hope comes from being granted a second chance he believes everyone deserves. First and foremost he stands against shame and judgment of any kind.

Mr. Miller believes that each and every individual can attain their potential with work, faith in themselves, and the understanding that what is often seen as a weakness is actually our greatest source of power. He stands firm in his belief that the key to living a fulfilling life is in accepting and loving the person we are, all while turning our hardships into wisdom, love, and compassion for all.



Linked In:  Kirk Patrick Miller

Twitter: @Chaos2Cured

Clubhouse:  @Chaos2Cured

Instagram:  @Chaos2Cured

Facebook:  Kirk Patrick Miller

The Creative Piece Of Kirk’s Soul that we discussed during OUR interview that I am honored to now have hanging in my home:


Creative Minds Series: Girley Jazama & Sunet Van Wyk Award Winning Actors in The White Line



After personally meeting Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret, director and producer of the award winning film The White Line, at a Beverly Hills film screening and then interviewing her on my show I was inspired to reach out to the lovely and multi-talented actresses Girley Charlene Jazama and Sunet Van Wyk for an interview.

They said “YES!”

(Infinite Smiles)

This Powerful Multidimensional, Multicultural, Multigenerational and Healing movie about Universal Love has touched my heart in a way that words cannot describe.

I believe it will touch yours too.

When Girley, Sunet and I were chatting across the globe from Windhoek, Namibia to Manhattan Beach, California (USA) it was Energetically Powerful & filled with laughter, vulnerability and transparency.

The content and the vibe was so powerful that even though there were tech issues I made the executive decision to release what I could (1/3 of the interview) with the Creative Determination and Intention and Spirit of “The Show Must Go ON!”

I AM so touched and humbled by these ladies and the entire “Team The White Line!” Thank you for this film.

I AM also grateful for the opportunity to reach out to Girley and Sunet to cocreate another show or even show(s) after they listen to what was possible to release.

Here it is:


Girley Charlene Jazama
Actress, Writer and Producer based in Namibia, available worldwide
A Hollywood Immersive alumna, Girley Jazama, has been acting in film, television and theatre productions in Namibia for more than 15 years. She won the 2020 Sotigui Of The Best Actor Of Southern Africa award, as well as the Sotigui D’Or award for her role as Sylvia Kamutjemo, in The White Line, directed by Desiree Kahikopo at the Sotigui Awards in Burkina Faso.
Girley was nominated for the AMAA 2020 award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, for her role as Sylvia in ‘The White Line’.
She is also one of the producers of the award-winning feature film, ‘The White Line’ which in total was nominated for 5 AMAA 2020 awards.
‘Baxu and the Giants’, the award-winning short fiction film, which she co-wrote and co-produced is the first Namibian film streaming on Netflix and was also nominated for the AMAA 2020 award for Best Short Film.
She most recently starred in “Ein Platz an der Sonne” directed and written by Lars Kraume (‘The People vs. Fritz Bauer’) to be released in 2022.
Sunet Van Wyk
Sunet is a South African born actress, radio presenter and online personality currently living and working in Namibia.  During weekdays she presents the afternoon drive time show called ‘The Vibe Drive’ on one of Namibia’s biggest commercial radio stations, Radiowave FM, Namibia’s Number One Hit Music Station.
#radio #radiopersonality #namibia #thevibedrive
When it comes to acting, she studied film acting at the prestigious ACT Cape Town for two years, where she had the opportunity to be mentored by award winning South African actors such as Nicola Hanekom, Grant Swanby, and Sean Cameron Michael.  Once her studies were completed, she moved to Namibia where she continued her career as an actress.
Her biggest project to date, was when she portrayed the role of Anna-Marie in the feature film ‘The White Line’.
@thewhite_line #actress
Most recently she worked with well-known Namibian/German director Florian Schott on an upcoming anthology feature film called ‘Valara’.

Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Tiffany Werhner

Sharing OUR stories with one another creates a level of vulnerability that can be Next Level HEALING.
I AM inspired by this week’s guest that is a true mental health warrior and radio visionary, Tiffany Werhner.
“You are NOT CRAZY.”
Words that conveyed it’s NOT ok to NOT be OK to Tiffany during a time of emotional crisis.
The Alchemy of Transmuting our Suffering can open OUR Minds and Hearts in ways that WE cannot imagine.
 It is an honor to have Tiffany Werhner share her unique emotional journey with loss and grief and the way she used the ENERGY of her Experience to reach her own personal THRIVE and now is reaching millions to ignite theirs.
Meet Tiffany:
Tiffany Werhner, MS, LMHC, PA. is a Licensed Psychotherapist, founder of Safety Harbor Behavioral Health and Counseling Center and has over 20 years of experience as a Psychotherapist,  as well as the host of “Moments of Clarity with Tiffany”award nominated live and interactive mental health radio show.
“Moments of Clarity with Tiffany” broadcasts live every Thursday and Friday 12-1pm EST on several live radio stations as well as virtually on many platforms.  The show is also podcasted on most platforms!
The show’s mission is to educate and support all various types of interventions of mental health and has a variety of exceptional guests each week who share their inspirational stories in order to end the stigma on mental health.  It has been nominated 2 time award nominated “People’s Choice Podcast Awards” in 2 categories in 2020 and and made the top 10 finalists in 3 categories in 2021!
In her private practice, Tiffany works diligently in helping various clients find the “light at the end of the tunnel” that they may be searching for!  She graduated from the University of Florida and then received her Master’s degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Counseling Psychology.
Tiffany is also a published author of a book that has been nominated 2 times for the “Author’s Elite Award” in the “Self Help” category for 2020 and 2021 titled “There’s a Light Within You That Never Goes Out”, which is a self-help book for survivors of childhood sexual abuse or incest. It has also been a “must read” since January 2017 on the cover of
Host of multi award nominated and finalist mental health radio show, “Moments Of Clarity with Tiffany”,  that airs LIVE every Thursday and Friday 12-1pm EST-ending the stigma on mental health.
“Tampa Bay’s Tan Talk”
On Radio: 106.1 FM AND 1340AM Clearwater/St Pete/Tampa; 104.3 FM Dade City/Zephyrhills/Wesley Chapel WDCF-AM 1350 Dade City; WZHR-AM 1400 Zephyrhills
For links to watch live go to:
“Change can only come when we stand together as one” ~ Tiffany Werhner, LMHC

Fall 2021 Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Gratitude ALERT!
Stay tuned for another episode to drop tomorrow with @mocwithtiffany !
#drdeniseshow #embraceyourneurostyle #taking #the #shame #out #of #talking #mentalhealth
“WE all process and perceive information in OUR own Unique Way.
Our “Neurostyle!”
(Term I coined & presented at the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Medical Society 2018)
We are Multdimensional BEings.
Our neurostyle includes our material dna 🧬 & ethereal dna.
Energetically (6th Sense. Intuition. INTEGRATION of HIGHER LOVE)
I EXPERIENCE all of US as Multidimensional Energy BEings that have varying Multisensory Awarenesses at any given point of Right Now ♾❤️♾.
 This includes the linear, the nonlinear, Newtonian & Quantum Understanding of the Universe , the seen and unseen energy as a continuum and ASCENSION of #ALLKIND in the Universe.
P.S. I ❤️ you
(Nerd Alert post…)!” ~ Dr. Denise


Creative Minds Series about “We Are Never Alone” with Film Director Michel Pascal




Words that drop into awareness upon sitting down and interviewing Director Michel Pascal about his film that premieres  11/8/21 at the Asian Art Film Festival at the Landmark Theatre in Los Angeles…

 “We Are Never Alone.”

I AM  inspired by the level of vulnerability, humility and the spirit of HEALING, HOPE and PEACE that this film ignites for ALL OF US…

Thank you Dear Michel and Team “We Are Never Alone.”

Listen here:



“Deepak Chopra partners with social entrepreneur Poonacha Machaiah, actress and humanitarian, Gabriella Wright, and director Michel Pascal to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental wellbeing through their global movement “NeverAlone” and the film “We are never alone”

  • The first milestone in this movement is a public awareness film called “We are Never Alone”

  • A mother’s search for answers when her son takes his own life. Gabriella comes home to find her 16 year old son hanging in his room. Life changes in an instant

  • To learn more and support, visit

  • Director: Michel Pascal / Script: Gabriella Wright & Michel Pascal”

Michel Pascal is a transformational and spiritual multi-talented artist, meditation teacher, singer, composer, photographer, film director, and author dedicated to supporting underserved populations – including LA’s hardened population of parolees.
An author of 20 books on spirituality, Including “Instants sacrés” with HH Dalai Lama and “Meditation for Daily Stress, 10 practices for immediate well-being” A book that describes all his new approach of Meditation. Who has taught to VA US Army for the Chaplains at Veterans Center in Sandiego, Firemen NYC, Psychotherapists, Google, 911 customer service, Google, Nestle, Harvard University, John Hopkins University, Columbia University, Pratt, Stony Brookes University, Yola At LA Yola Schools of Gustavo Dudamel, Aspire Pacific Academy,  Dharma Yoga Center NYC/LA.
As a singer Pascal has performed his “Medicine Voice” concerts several times at Carnegie Hall in NYC. This year he will perform the Christmas concert 2021. He has been singing with famous musicians like Myron McKinley, music Director of Earth, Wind and Fire, Verdine White Co Founder of Earth, Wind and Fire, Paul Pesco, Mark Ledford (vocalist of Pat Metheny Group), and many more..
He is the director of the We Are Never Alone film, one of the solutions of the Never Alone movement for Suicide prevention and Mental Health.

Check out “We are Never Alone official trailer” from michel Pascal on Vimeo.

The video is available for your viewing pleasure at