Reverent Reflections, The Golden Thread

This episode is an invitation to pause and reflect TOGETHER as we enter autumn and the holiday season.

What matters most to you?

How are you showing up with deep appreciation for yourself and loved ones?

This show is in sacred remembrance of all of OUR past, present and future ancestors and a celebration of love, life and light:


Let’s Get Vulnerable about the Realities of Suicide with Psychiatrist Joyce Spurgeon M.D.: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Dr. Joyce Spurgeon shares her personal loss of her closest childhood friend, Jeannie. We go back in time to the exact moment that she found out this devastating news. We discussed the feelings of despair, hopelessness and burden someone feels when they decide they can no longer stay on earth.

This is a vulnerable episode and is filled with our professional and personal experiences of all the emotions and solutions around suicide awareness and prevention.

Listen HERE:


Joyce A Spurgeon, MD completed medical school at the University of Louisville and went on to do her residency in adult psychiatry there.  When she finished her residency, she stayed at University of Louisville as the associate training director for the psychiatric residency.  She progressed up and associate professor and became the training director and her clinical work was specializing in the treatment of mental illness in the peripartum period.  Following her time at UofL, she changed the directions in her career.  She was hired as the only psychiatrist at a Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, Indiana where she has worked for the past 7 years.  She is proud to work closely with the primary care providers to help treat mental illness in a vastly underserved community.

Are You Ready for Help?


Sacred Remembrance of Jeannie

Two little girls kneel over the mud pile- they are making their specialty- mud pies are so much fun to create.  They are covered in mud, their sweaty hair sticky to their heads, but huge smiles wreath their faces.  They join hands and pledge to be best friends forever.  Those hands age over the years but they always find their way back to each other.  In middle and high school, their lives divide but when things get really tough, the call in the middle of the night always goes to the other.  Their adult lives move them into different locations, yet when they talk, it is as if no time has passed.  Something happened in those early years over the mud piles, wild sledding snow days, church camp, and bike riding…..they became each other’s anchor.  They each wanted to find ways to help other people.  One became a nurse, the other a doctor.  Yet, when they talked, they were just two little girls in adult bodies.

When mental illness hit my friend, I , as a psychiatrist, felt scared.  I knew what was happening.  I could see all the warning signs, and I could not control the progression.  I tried to prepare her parents for what might happen and what I hoped to never witness.   I got her into treatment.  I asked for many favors for people to try to help her because I could only be her friend.  It was not enough.  My worst fears were realized… tow headed best buddy from the age of 4 was gone…..she hung herself because we had told all of the local gun stores to not sell her a gun.  We thought we had protected her.  It is only in a small town that you can get away with this type of protection.  Yet, she believed that the only way that she could be free was to stand before Jesus and ask for forgiveness, so she decided to go and do that.  Yet what she left behind….well, she left us journals that tried to explain her reasoning but only revealed her illness.  For, in truth, none of us are better because she is gone.

Jeannie died by suicide on May 17th.  That day is a day that changed the course of my life.  I lost one of my anchors, one of the people who knew me as no one else will ever know me in my life.  When she died, I promised myself that I would not let the way she died define who she was.  She has and will always be my best buddy from my childhood, the keeper of my dreams and hopes.  And, I will continue to carry her with me for the rest of my life.  She still walks with her hand in mine- I just can’t feel it in real life anymore, but I know it is there.    So, I talk about how she died because I feel like she was taken too soon from us all because of her mental illness, yet I want you to know that her life was so much more to me.  I never thought that this is how the story of those two little girls would end.  I will miss you forever, my friend.


Suicide Prevention Lifeline  800 273-8255

The ABC’S of Stem Cell Activation Therapy with Dame Lillian Walker: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

What an honor to have Dame Lillian Walker back on the Dr. Denise Show!

Lillian graciously shares her wisdom and intuitive gifts as a stem cell activation specialist and neurosomatic holistic practitioner on the ABC’S of stem cell activation:

JULY 20th interview 

Full Bio:
@lillianiwalker IG
💙X39 Mother Stem Cell Activation Patch
– Activates Stem Cells by your own body’s infrared Light which
-Resets 1/3 of your genome to a younger healthier state.
– Repairs cellular damage
– Restores collagen- increased
– Rebuilds scar tissue
– Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
– Increased Energy
– Increases
-Sexual Libido -Antioxidants
– Anti-aging
– Pain relief 50-100%  in 3-4 minutes
– Improved hair growth
– Improved sleep
Cathy McCarthy
Sky Diver
Neck & Autoimmune system transformation
Please seek medical advice from your doctor. The Dr. Denise Show interviews progression pioneers from all different backgrounds, get the data, due the research and follow your own intuition.
Denise McDermott M.D.

Longevity with Television Producer Charles Mattocks: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Award winning television producer Charles Mattocks is here to discuss LONGEVITY and finding our own optimal health journey and how he INTEGRATES this into all of his media endeavors.

Charles shares what it was like to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 13 years ago and how this IGNITED his own AWARENESS of  holistic and preventive tools for optimal health. This resulted in his television production of his enlightening wellness series REVERSED which has touched millions of lives with a cast of paradigm progression pioneers in real time helping those seeking help.

In 2023 Charles is excited to launch  a new season Reversed, LONGEVITY!

Tune in and be INSPIRED:

CHARLES MATTOCKS is an Award-Winning Actor, Director, Producer, Television Host and Health Advocate whose priority for health first and saving lives does not get in his way of excelling in all areas of the business.The Nephew of the late great Bob Marley, Mattocks comes from a very high profile family lineage so it is no surprise that he is taking the Healthcare world by storm.

An accomplished Actor, Charles Mattocks notably starred with a pivotal role in “ The Summer of Ben Tyler” alongside legends James Woods and Elizabeth McGovern. The movie garnered six nominations during the award season and Variety Magazine declared, “In Charles Mattocks, a star is born.”

As an author, producer, and director, his work has been showcased with appearances on CNN, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Talk, The Martha Stewart Show and numerous media outlets worldwide.

Charles’ world changed the minute he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. As he stared death in the face, he knew he had a larger mission to make changes not only for himself but so many others! He armed himself with education and determination and began to reverse his condition. He documented his process in a provocative documentary, “The Diabetic You”, which peels back the curtain on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the diabetes epidemic. This film set his advocacy in motion, with Charles ascending to become a Blue Circle Champion for the International Diabetes Association and a published author for the American Diabetes Association.


Charles created, directed, and executive produced “Reversed”, the highly acclaimed diabetes reality docuseries, on Discovery Life Channel. The show received much recognition from both critics and medical professionals and earned a second season pick-up – this time focusing on HIV. He also produced Trial By Fire, about his mother’s rare disease, complex regional pain syndrome.

The buzz worthy success of Reversed inspired FYI network to continue Charles’ healing quests, so, in January, 2020, Charles’ groundbreaking new series, Eight Days, premiered. The series follows the raw ups and downs of five cancer patients as they wage their battle for survival and journey toward healing. Just as he did in reversed, Charles  guided his enlightened group toward positive outcomes beyond their wildest expectations.


Charles’ passion and personality are contagious and have skyrocketed him to unparalleled success with whatever he tackles. Saving lives of people suffering with chronic illness and inspiring them with his life- changing message, he has become the premiere media expert on health and wellness. Charles entertains, educates, inspires, and heals millions with his ahead-of-the-curve creativity and dedication to excellence in television hosting, content creation, and dynamic advocacy.


HOPEFUL News on Suicide Prevention Awareness with Michel Pascal: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Michel Pascal’s “Meditation for Daily Stress” has revolutionized meditation, offering immediate relief for daily stress situations. At Amity Foundation, this program has achieved remarkable results, with zero suicides and 100% positive feedback after sessions.
90% of parolees who practiced this meditation never return to jail, finding jobs and rebuilding their lives.
Michel Pascal
Spiritual author, Meditation expert, ‘The Medicine Voice’, Carnegie Hall performer, Inspiring teacher.
Michel Pascal, an accomplished author with 20 books on spirituality. He is the creator of Meditation for Daily Stress, designed for communities, prisoners, and veterans, and also serves as a teacher for Fortune 500 companies. His remarkable journey has been recognized by USA Today, which featured him for ‘The Evolution of Meditation’. Additionally, he is known as ‘The Medicine Voice’ for his captivating performances at Carnegie Hall since 2016. Michel Pascal will be performing at the Peace Day and Ecology event in Times Square on September 21, 2023. Joining him on stage are renowned musicians like Myron McKinley and US Presidential Candidate, Author, and Activist Marianne Williamson.


How to Heal Your Daughter with Lifestyle Psychiatrist Cheryl L. Green: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

“A parent can create the ecosystem for their teen to thrive.” – Cheryl L. Green M.D.

What an honor to meet a kindred spirit and fellow board certified adult and child psychiatrist Cheryl L. Green.

Dr. Cheryl and I discuss lifestyle psychiatry, prevention and discuss the 6 pillars of nutrition, detox, exercise, sleep, emotional connectedness and stress reduction outlined in her enlightening new book, Heal Your Daughter: How Lifestyle Psychiatry Can Save Her from Depression, Cutting and Suicidal Thoughts.

This interview is near and dear to my heart as it is a bridge discussion of lifestyle psychiatry and UNIVERSAL TRUTHS for mind, body and soul wellness to help your teen truly embrace their neurostyle and beyond.

Listen HERE:

About the Author
Dr. Cheryl L. Green is a lifestyle psychiatrist based in Southern California. She works part time at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine, and part time in her own private practice based in the greater Los Angeles area. She holds degrees from Harvard University (A.B.), Princeton University (Ph.D.) and Stanford University School of Medicine (M.D.). She is board certified in Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and Lifestyle Medicine. Her passion is inspiring others to achieve vibrant physical and mental health. She can be found online on .
Teen Girls Are Struggling Amid Unprecedented Mental Health Crisis: Here’s How to Help Your Daughter
Los Angeles, CA, May 15, 2023 — In her critically important new book, Heal Your Daughter: How Lifestyle Psychiatry Can Save Her from Depression, Cutting, and Suicidal Thoughts, Cheryl L. Green, M.D., addresses the unique stress factors impacting teenage girls and gives parents or other caregivers six concrete ways to help their daughters develop health-promoting, depression-reversing habits.
“Most of us who have a daughter have a daughter we want to heal,” Dr. Green wrote in her book’s introduction, underscoring the widespread nature of the nation’s current mental health crisis among teenage girls.
“Our teens have been experiencing grave problems in their mental health for over a decade, and the recent pandemic greatly deepened what was already a crisis,” she said, adding that she has witnessed the declining mental health of teenage girls firsthand at the medical university where she teaches and in her own private practice.
Practical, compelling and comprehensive in its approach, Heal Your Daughter reveals a new paradigm for helping teenage girls with depression. Dr. Green begins by explaining the new field of lifestyle psychiatry, and provides state of the art, evidence-based information and guidance related to six lifestyle domains: nutrition, detoxification, exercise, sleep, emotional connectedness, and stress reduction.
“The good news is that healing, even from the worst disasters of childhood and early adolescence, is possible,” Dr. Green said. “The early traumas that life inflicts need not be ‘managed’ with ever-escalating doses of psychiatric medications; I believe that they actually can be healed — completely or almost completely healed. There is every reason for hope.”
Dr. Green explains that the method outlined in her book can be used in conjunction with traditional therapies or as a standalone treatment. The method doesn’t require a diagnosis. It is drug-free and affordable. And perhaps most importantly, it offers new hope to those who have given up on psychiatry and on the traditional mental health care system.
“Teen girls with depression are often overwhelmed, and are unable to help themselves,” Dr. Green added. “But you, the caregiver, can help them take tiny steps in the six domains described in the book. The more tiny steps taken, the closer teen girls can come to reclaiming the foundations of their physical and mental health.”
Ultimately, Heal Your Daughter and its companion book, The Heal Your Daughter Workbook, aim to make important new contributions to society’s collective understanding and support of today’s girls.

Anti-Inflammation, Obesity and Nutrition Hacks with Craig Emmerich: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

“You need to talk to my husband  Craig about the science of nutrition.” Maria Emmerich, World Renowned Ketogenic Nutritionist

So I listened.

This is the deep dive “short” part of an interview that covers the biochemistry of nutrition, antiinflammation, obesity, and personal fat threshold.

Craig knocks it out of the park in the way he describes the building blocks of nutrition and educates us on being insulin sensitive instead of resistant for optimal health and wellbeing!


Tune in here:

Craig Emmerich graduated in Electrical Engineering who has spent the last 15 plus years researching nutrition and working with thousands of clients along side his wife Maria Emmerich. He is an international best selling author of the “Keto: The Complete Guide” and “The Carnivore Cookbook”. He uses his knowledge of how our bodies work to help clients heal and lose weight leveraging their biology to make it easy. Craig has helped hundreds of thousands of people regain their health and vitality with a strong focus on the science of human nutrition.

Maui Evacuation Day

My heart is still in Maui.

My son and I were in Maui at the time of the tragic devastation of the wildfires. It was moment to moment touch and go on the day of departure. We were incredibly fortunate to evacuate unharmed.

The last few days have been filled with grief, sadness and disbelief that sacred Lahaina is no longer there.

I have friends there that have missing family members and loved ones that have lost their homes and businesses.

This morning I had a meeting with Christine Blanchette and she held sacred space for me to share my feelings and emotions and prayers for Maui which inspired this show.

Listen here:

Thank you Christine! IG: christineblanchette_tv

Maui County

Maui Food Bank

Maui Humane Society


Meet World Renowned Ketogenic Nutritionist Maria Emmerich: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Nutrition superstar Maria Emmerich joins us for a vulnerable and eye opening discussion about health and the ketogenic lifestyle. Maria and her husband Craig are true paradigm progression pioneers as they have been in this health and nutrition space for over two decades!

 I am so grateful for their body of work and best selling books that have reached millions at this point.

Tune in for anti-inflammation and nutrition myth busting hacks right here:

Maria Emmerich is a nutritionist who specializes in the ketogenic diet
and exercise physiology. She struggled with her health and weight
throughout childhood which led her to become such a passionate
nutrition expert. “My goal is to help transform people’s lives and
start living again!” Maria specializes in brain neurotransmitters and
how food can increase mental wellness. Her expertise has sent her
around the World speaking about ketogenic diets. She has also cooked
with Halle Berry and writes for Halle’s website. You can find her at

Never Giving UP with Chaos 2 Cured Kirk Patrick Miller, Embrace Your Neurostyle

“NEVER GIVE UP!” -Kirk Patrick Miller

Kirk walks the walk of service, humility, and self love.

His mental health warrior journey of embracing his neurostyle and empowering others to do the same has reached new levels.

This episode is a deep review of what these concepts mean to him and how he integrates and INSPIRES others with his coaching, podcast and creative endeavors.

Tune IN here:


Kirk Patrick Miller is an award nominated author and violinist. Suffering with bipolar one, ADHD, OCD, and generalized anxiety, his life was upended when he refused to give in to the diagnoses he was labeled with. After becoming the first medically documented case of full remission from bipolar, due to his unique endocrine treatment method he was asked to write his memoir, “Chaos to Cured.”

Now over a decade after writing his memoir he stands as a testament to hope and perseverance. Stable and successful, Mr. Miller runs a music institute, is a professional painter, author, speaker, and radio personality.

His desire to help others find hope comes from being granted a second chance he believes everyone deserves. First and foremost he stands against shame and judgment of any kind.

Mr. Miller believes that each and every individual can attain their potential with work, faith in themselves, and the understanding that what is often seen as a weakness is actually our greatest source of power. He stands firm in his belief that the key to living a fulfilling life is in accepting and loving the person we are, all while turning our hardships into wisdom, love, and compassion for all.


*This show was recorded before one of Kirk’s dearest friend’s passed away, Tiffany Werhner LMHC from a cardiac event on 7/16/23.

Tiffany was an ABSOLUTE mental health advocacy ANGEL and is survived by her husband Matt and her two boys.

I am sending love and deep condolences to her loved ones and to everyone that was INSPIRED by her.

Kirk gave me permission to still launch the show as he knows that Tiffany wants him to continue to march on with their shared mission of helping others to feel that they are enough and as she said “IT IS OK TO NOT BE OK.”


Dr. Denise