On Staying Sane: The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On… that’s been the drumbeat for many of us as vacations, family gatherings, and milestone in-person events are STILL getting canceled.  This episode of “On Staying Sane” talks about how to overcome the disappointments, anxiety and sheer sadness that can come with all these disruptions.  Dr. Denise explains cognitive re-framing or The Pivot.  Cathleen and Dr. Denise discuss actual techniques to tackle stress including exercise, meditation and humor!  Why does Dr. Denise say the “c-word?” Why you shouldn’t be put off by the concept of meditating?  And if Cathleen can do box breathing — you’ll definitely be able to pull it off!  PS:  The Navy Seals reportedly do it too!

Listen here:

Box Breathing 


Browser Windows and Karmic Burners , Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Dr. Denise

The FORCE is strong when WE are aware of OUR perception and the Power of OUR Words, Thoughts and Actions!

This episode gives tips and tools & Precision Wordsmith Activation and Cognitive Reframing that Dr. Denise uses every day herself as a Mother, Integrative Psychiatrist and Producer to….

Get IT done!


Dr. Denise Vocabulary and WordSmith Definitions: 

Neurostyle: WE all process and perceive information in OUR Unique Way. Defined by the Fabulous Five Pillars (Biological, Psychological, Social, Cultural, Spiritual) and the Sixth Sense INTUITION.

ININ, IN INTEGRITY. In Integrity to self and others.







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Winter 2022:





Diva Discussions with Shay Mitchell

“WE can’t heal the parts of US that hurt if we are numb.” ~Shay

Hope, Healing and Happiness are words that come to mind after meeting Shay and hearing her journey of SOBRIETY and her unique one day at a time that started during the pandemic! 20 months…. WOOT WOOT!

Her light, her voice and her healing story today and on her IG feed (@shaysober) warms my heart and soul.

She and I discussed JOMO (joy of missing out), ININ (In Integrity), DEEP PLAY






and the power of OUR words, thoughts and actions.

Get ready to be INSPIRED:


Shay Mitchell

“I knew that sobriety would never work for me if I didn’t I knew that sobriety would never work for me if I didn’t create a life of fun, excitement, adventure, and happiness. So I set out to build a strong foundation for this new way of life.

I began an IOP (intensive outpatient program) where I attended group via zoom 3 hours a night, 3 nights a week, for 4 months. This helped me in so many ways from connecting with other alcoholics, to having assignments that helped provide insight into my disease. I also got a therapist that specialized in substance abuse and began seeing her weekly. She helped me through a lot of the trauma that I had been self-medicating to survive for so many years. I still see her  bi-weekly!

I found a Psychiatrist and got on the right prescriptions for depression, and anxiety and I also got on a once a month craving-blocker shot. (Not having cravings for alcohol was HUGE for my early recovery.) I was also on medicine for sleep and anger. (Today I am completely med free, but having these as I navigated early sobriety was very useful for me.)

I read a lot of quit lit (quitting literature) you can find a list on the resources page. These books really helped me to see the great parts of being sober, and that I would still be able to enjoy my life without alcohol.

Finally, I started a sober Instagram & Facebook page @shaysober to keep me accountable and as a daily reprieve in my pocket. I share there every day and love connecting with my sober instagram community.”

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On Staying Sane with Dr. Denise and Cathleen O’Toole


2022 New Year, New Series of the Dr. Denise Show!  We’re calling it “On Staying Sane!”  And don’t we all need a little sanity at this time in our lives?  Joining Dr. Denise is journalist Cathleen O’Toole.  This spontaneous new show talks about the ways we will care for ourselves when the world can feel a little insane.  From Self Care, to Deep Play, to Love of #ALLKind, Dr. Denise uses the pulse of consciousness to help us kick off the new year without all those crazy rigid resolutions.  Plus, she gives you a grab and go on the 5-minute rule an what to do about al those emails clogging your inbox!

On Staying Sane…Our Reality 

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Diva Discussions: Showing UP… with Mystery Diva

How are WE showing UP In Integrity, IN IN…(ININ)?!

In Integrity for ourself, our loved ones and one another?

This is important to have on the forefront of OUR minds for optimal mind, body, soul health.

Self Care, Deep Play and Loving ALLKIND  are themes in the 2022 shows.

Are you READY?


It is such an honor to have Mystery Diva back to give her wisdom and perspective on “Showing UP!”:

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“Mom, You Were a Hot Mess Today” Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Dr. Denise

I lost it today and my son called me out on it.

Embracing OUR challenges and OUR wins makes US Human & WE need to lean into the imperfection with Humility, Gratitude and Self Love.

Laughter and Hot Mess Alchemy IN MOTION episode right here:

Shout out to my Mom, Lauren, Jen, Christine and my son for the love and sacred space you held for me today when I needed to “lean into” the imperfection.

& !!!

Shout out to ALL OF YOU… WE are on this Earth Ride Together…


Dr. Denise

Other shows that can help with “hot mess days” , right here:

On Staying Sane… OUR Reality

Happy 2022, IN IN (IN INTEGRITY)

Adaptive vs. Restrictive Perfectionism

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On Staying Sane… Our Reality

This show is INSPIRED by Feeling Overwhelmed while reading the AMA Morning Rounds email about the pandemic upon awakening this morning:

Leading the News

U.S. reports more than 1M new COVID-19 infections

The Wall Street Journal (1/4, Hoyle, Subscription Publication) reports the U.S. reported more than one million new COVID-19 cases on Monday as states cleared backlogs due to the holiday weekend. According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University, the reports drove the seven-day average for daily cases to 480,273.

Bloomberg (1/4, Hong) reports the Omicron coronavirus variant, “combined with delayed reporting by local governments over the holidays, led to a single-day record for new cases for any country in the world.”

So… As I sat reading my emails and practicing my gratitudes I Alchemized my feelings by writing a HOPEFUL and LOVING post on Instagram & now producing this show, “On Staying Sane… Our Reality!”


Listen Here:


From my IG 1/5/2022 (@DrDeniseMD)
Love IS BEing sent.
Topic: Mindful Ingestion of News
#wednesday #wednesdaywisdom #mindful #mindfulingestion #of #news #grabandgo #stayingsane #during #unimaginable #times #lovewins #hope #health #mentalhealth #wellness
As WE start 2022 as a collective let’s remember that “less is more” energetically.
Let’s remember to choose OUR words, thoughts, & actions wisely and who & what WE engage with wisely.
Our health, our immune system(s), our wellness mind, body, soul is top priority.
#mind #body #soul #health
When I read the news, log into social media and see the data regarding the pandemic, or violence, or crime I pause.
#mindful #pause
Initially I have an emotional response as I am having the Human experience.
Then I remember that I AM an Energy BEing with free will to choose:
Love over fear.
Love over hate.
Hope over fear.
& I take in the information & alchemize the energy of the feelings to HOPE & LOVE and send to ALLKIND (all sentient BEings)…
As a collective WE are undoubtedly having a brutal cold, flu, and COVID season.
In this very Moment of Now I AM sending you and your loved ones the Energy of Health, Hope & speedy recovery.
#healthiswealth #selfcare #vital
Dr. Denise
Stay tuned for a monthly On Staying Sane with Cathleen O’Toole and I:


Happy 2022, ININ (IN INTEGRITY), Less IS MORE…

On the Cusp of 2022


Sending all of you LOVE!


(Our Energy of our Words, Thoughts & Actions are to be utilized with great care…)

WE are all on this EARTH ride Together…

Our HEALTH, PEACE & Happiness are the Golden Threads of LOVE … to carry US into 2022… with Gratitude.

Thanksgiving Prose from #LegacyOfLove G. Beverly Bergmann celebrated!

Happy 2022.

I love you.


Dr. Denise


Show Notes:

Self Care IS The New Cool!

Self Care Is The New Cool: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Jake Myers

Self Care IS the New Cool!

It is an honor to have Jake Myers back on the Dr. Denise Show to discuss selfcare, boundaries, navigating the holidays, mental wellness and more!

Can you imagine a world in which happiness, wellness and embracing our own unique neurostyle was championed?

When WE are in the Moment of Now with awareness, self-love and the spirit of altruism we are able to reach optimal health and well-being!

Join Jake and I for some tips, tools and laughter:

About Jake Myers
Jake Myers is the founder and CEO of LGBTQ Therapy Space, the first LGBTQ-owned and operated online therapy platform designed for LGBTQ+ clients. A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who recently relocated from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when his own practice moved online, Myers is dedicated to providing an affirmative and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ individuals and couples to navigate life’s challenges. He graduated from Antioch University Los Angeles with a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a specialization in LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy. Myers writes a column, “Ask Jake,” for Queerty, in addition to other mental-health related topics. You can view all of his pieces for Queerty here.
LGBTQ Therapy Space
LGBTQ Therapy Space is the first LGBTQ-owned and operated online therapy platform designed specifically for LGBTQ+ people. The innovative and user-friendly platform connects LGBTQ+ clients seeking quality individual or couples counseling services with local licensed therapists who have first-hand knowledge of LGBTQ+ challenges and experiences. The platform provides an authentic, judgment-free space to help clients navigate a wide variety of challenges, including issues that disproportionately affect members of the LGBTQ+ community, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and discrimination. To learn more about LGBTQ Therapy Space, visit lgbtqtherapyspace.com.

Shame Busting: The Power of Words, Thoughts & Actions


Together WE are changing the way WE think, talk and act about mental health!
Status: Infinitely Grateful
Why: Tiffany is part of my tribe. This woman rocks! What an honor to finish off the year as a guest on her show!
#mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #thrive #livestream #tomorrow
“Moments of Clarity with Tiffany” is hosted by Tiffany L. Werhner, LMHC who is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, with 20 years experience as a Psychotherapist and has a passion to educate and end the sigma on mental health, through the inspirational stories of exceptional guests.
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