Transform Your World: The Power of Self-Discovery | Dr. Denise & Robert Grant Reveal!

Join Dr. Denise for a profound journey into the heart of consciousness, uniqueness, and self-discovery with the polymath Robert Edward Grant. In this special episode, we delve into the myriad ways our individual experiences and perceptions shape our understanding of the world and ourselves. Robert shares his insights on the importance of embracing our uniqueness, the interconnectedness of all life, and the power of facing life’s challenges with gratitude and playfulness. From discussions on quantum physics and ancient civilizations to practical advice on living authentically, this episode is a beacon for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the universe.

Robert’s journey from corporate success to exploring the mysteries of the universe serves as an inspiration for embracing our individual paths with courage and openness. Dr. Denise and Robert’s dialogue is a testament to the beauty of our diversity and the strength found in our shared humanity.

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Robert’s mission is to integrate innovation, mathematics, natural sciences, artistic design & entrepreneurship into balanced creations intended to benefit all.

Robert Edward Grant is a successful entrepreneur, best-selling author of PHILOMATH, inventor, founder of several corporate enterprises, and the host of ‘Code X’, an original television series on Gaia and Amazon Prime.  He is an artist, sculptor, music theorist, musician, and author of numerous research and patent publications spanning biology, DNA combinatorics, number theory, geometry, and physics.

Additionally, he is the former President of Allergan Medical and CEO of Bausch and Lomb Surgical, both multibillion dollar global healthcare corporations.  As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of Strathspey Crown LLC, Evolus Inc., AEON BioPharma Inc., ALPHAEON Credit Inc., AccessElite Corp, CEYEBER Corp, Crown Sterling Limited LLC, and Theon Technology LLC.  His companies, like his interests, span healthcare, security, blockchain, cleantech, smart optic technologies, AR/VR and fintech.  He occupied several boards of directors of several corporations and universities.  

Robert has lived in nine countries and fluently speaks Japanese, Korean, German and French.  

What is your ININ, IN Integrity? The Golden Thread

This episode is a socratic freestyle episode to empower you to do your own deep dive exploration on what INTEGRITY means to you.

Real life examples and ways to compassionately learn to listen to your own truth and to trust what is your foundational integrity moment to moment.

What is your ININ?

Tune in:

Tom Massari: A Symphony of Sensory Perception and Metaphysical Dialogues

Dive deep into the ocean of awareness with Dr. Denise as she charts a course beyond the conventional shores of mental health. In this enlightening journey, Dr. Denise welcomes Tom Massari, a beacon in the exploration of sensory perception and metaphysical realms. Together, they set sail into the mysteries of unique sensory experiences, the power of connection beyond the visible, and the transformational stories that bridge our world with the beyond. Anchored in Dr. Denise’s dedication to changing how we perceive mental health, this series is a lighthouse for those seeking to navigate the vast seas of consciousness. Join us as we explore the depths where science meets spirituality, and discover how embracing our neurostyle can lead us to uncharted territories of healing and understanding.



-is one of the foremost and groundbreaking channels in the metaphysical field from the early 1970’s
-has mentored some of today’s top personalities in metaphysics
has held thousands of public and private channeled sessions for people nationally and internationally
-is the co-author of “The Art Of Reclaiming Your Intention And Power”
-is an accomplished musician having composed a film score and meditation, sleep, jazz/rock and orchestrated music.

What Is Your Golden Thread?

What comes to mind when you say the words “The Golden Thread?”

When we pay attention to our words, thoughts and actions in the Moment Of Now and are in the Space of Awareness, Self Love and Altruism our unique Golden Tapestry is created.

This is a MEDLEY Review:

G. Beverly Bergmann 

Legacy of Love Ambassador

Children’s champion, multigenerational philanthropist, consciousness author and wife of visionary and television pioneer Ted Bergmann.

Beverly has a passion for Teddy Bears, in all sizes, and actually has the moniker of “Bear Lady” to several hospitals within the area where she has donated plush toys for many years to the children who are hospitalized, especially during the holidays. She realized how important this was due to her own son’s experience through multiple hospitalizations with his medical condition. To further facilitate the importance of this caring connection and outreach, she co-founded with a dear friend the “Holiday Wish List Toy Drive” at SHARE, Inc., a charity she is involved with and assists in raising funds for developmentally disabled, abused and neglected children as well as medical research for all forms of developmental disabilities.

Executive Producer Denise McDermott M.D.

Cohosts, Dr. Denise and G. Beverly Bergmann

Song Writer and Audio Producer, Emily Eddins

Consciousness Unleashed: Dr. Denise & Tom Massari’s Journey Through Intuition and Sensory Perception

Step into a world of wonder with Dr. Denise in her latest podcast, ‘Consciousness Unleashed: Dr. Denise & Tom Massari’s Journey Through Intuition and Sensory Perception.’ In this episode, as we wave goodbye to 2023, Dr. Denise welcomes Tom Massari, a man who’s spent 51 years embracing the extraordinary through channeling. Tom shares his fascinating journey, from his initial UFO sightings to profound metaphysical explorations. This conversation is not just about Tom’s experiences; it’s an exploration of the mysterious energy essence known as Abram. Tom reveals how Abram has been a pivotal part of his life, offering unique insights and wisdom. Dr. Denise, with her integrative approach and intuitive understanding, bridges the gap between traditional psychiatry and the expansive realms of the quantum universe. The discussion ventures into embracing our unique neuro styles, the power of intuition, and navigating life’s complexities with awareness and grace. The podcast also offers a rare opportunity to hear from Abram, the energy essence channeled by Tom, who brings a profound perspective on living in harmony with our true selves. Join this captivating journey that promises to expand your perceptions of consciousness, energy, and the universe.

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Welcome to My World: Dr. Denise’s Journey to Embrace Neuro Styles & Universal Wellness in 2024

Hello everyone, it’s Dr. Denise here, and I’m thrilled to share with you the exciting journey that awaits us in 2024 on my YouTube channel. As an adult and child integrative psychiatrist, a mother, and a producer, I’ve been passionately working towards changing how we perceive and discuss mental health. Today, I’m honored to have Cathleen O’Toole, an esteemed journalist, join me to delve deeper into the evolution of The Dr. Denise Show.

In this episode, I reflect on the proud moments of 2023, including my nomination for the People’s Podcast Choice Awards in the “Skeptic’s Guide to Science and Medicine” category. I discuss my unique interviews with fascinating individuals like Tom Masari, a veteran sleep medium whose insights are broadening our understanding of sensory perception and consciousness.

I’m also excited to talk about my concept of “Embrace Your Neuro Style and Beyond.” This approach is all about celebrating our neurological uniqueness and fostering a holistic understanding of mental wellness. Looking forward, I am eager to engage in more collaborations, speaking events, and to create multimedia content that resonates with a diverse audience.

My aim is to build a community where each of us feels empowered and understood. Whether it’s through our discussions on mental health, personal growth, or embracing our unique paths, I am committed to making 2024 a year of meaningful connections and transformative insights.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. I look forward to exploring more topics, sharing my thoughts, and hearing from you. Let’s change the way we think, talk, and act about mental health together.



Transforming Challenges into Triumphs: Kirk Patrick Miller’s Journey

Join Dr. Denise McDermott in an empowering episode of ‘Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond,’ featuring Kirk Patrick Miller, the inaugural guest for the show’s relaunch. Kirk, an educational consultant and host of ‘Chaos to Cured’ podcast, shares his inspiring journey of overcoming mental health challenges and embracing his unique neurostyle. Discover how the concept of ‘neurostyle’ has been a game-changer for Kirk and many others in understanding and accepting their mental health styles. Dr. Denise, an adult and child integrative psychiatrist, explores Kirk’s battle with a quad diagnosis – bipolar one, OCD, ADHD, and generalized anxiety – and his path to becoming the first medically documented case of full remission from bipolar one. This episode is a deep dive into Kirk’s life, revealing his struggles, breakthroughs, and the power of self-acceptance and hope. Learn about the importance of neuroplasticity, epigenetics, and a holistic approach to mental well-being. A must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and insights on transforming personal challenges into triumphant life stories.




Let’s Discuss Mindful Profanity!

Our words, thoughts and actions carry a vibrational frequency.

Choose wisely!

Repost 8/9/19

In my blog post entitled “Be Empowered! Our Words, Thoughts and Actions Matter” I discussed the power of words and how one FEELS when we use different words.

I wanted to share how I talk about the topic of profanity in my office as well as how I handle this topic in my own home.

Listen here:


In the show I mention that I love data and I appreciate this article in Quartz entitled, “A linguist’s love letter to profanity explains why it’s fine to curse around kids.” The article goes on to talk about UC SanDiego Professor of Cognitive Science, Benjamin Bergen’s scientific findings that he includes in “What the F: What Swearing Reveals About our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves.”

When you read the article Professor Bergen explains that data is lacking on this topic as it is not easy to get parental consent for a controlled study exposing children to profanity.

“As for everyday four-letter words, there’s no scientific proof that exposing children to “ordinary profanity-four-letter words-causes any sort of direct harm: no increased aggression, stunted vocabulary, numbed emotions or anything else,” writes Bergen.

We need to remember that the words we choose are surrounded around by a context of circumstances in any situation.

A shout out expletive while being cut off in traffic can impulsively just happen, that is how my son learned the F Bomb from me.

Everything in life is an experience

We have daily opportunities to reflect, to teach, and to engage in discussion with our children about the quantity, quality and context in which words are used. 

 This is part of mindful parenting.

I brought up my 2018 fraud inspired  “Don’t Fuck With My Kindness”  mantra in the show. It is a phrase that you do not even need to say out loud, you can just choose to think it to yourself.

Creating your own mantra can serve as an emotional release of anger, fear, betrayal and can then be alchemized into “compassion in action” towards yourself or others in real time.

You can use the power and energy of any situation to “level up” and this may include or not include profanity.

“Be Loving. Be Kind!” Is my daily no profanity mantra that keeps me in the space of grace.

I reserve the use of the F-Bomb for specific occasions to allow a release of an intense emotion. I discuss this in my office, on my show and in my home. 


Our words, thoughts and actions are powerful. Being aware in the moment of the words we choose is a game changer. Choose wisely and with discernment.

Dr. Denise


Unlocking the Secrets of DNA for Health and Longevity: A Conversation with Kashif Khan

Join Dr. Denise McDermott in a riveting episode of ‘Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond,’ featuring an exclusive interview with Kashif Khan, founder of The DNA Company. In this special 2024 relaunch, Dr. Denise delves deep into Kashif’s groundbreaking book, ‘The DNA Way,’ exploring the intersections of genetics, health, and wellness. This episode promises an enlightening conversation about reversing aging, optimizing health, and the profound statement, ‘Health is a choice.’ Kashif’s personal journey and insights into genetic health management applications offer a unique perspective on personalized healthcare. Get ready for a thought-provoking deep dive into how our DNA shapes our health and how we can actively influence our well-being. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the cutting-edge of biomedical exploration and the power of personal stories in transforming our understanding of health and longevity. Celebrate the new year with this inspiring and informative episode that promises to change the way you think about health and genetics.





Life IS the Vision Board

“Life IS the Vision Board.”~ Dr. Denise
This is going to be the best year yet, do you FEEL IT?
Vision Board Tips to Remember
1) The only moment we have is NOW!
2) We are more powerful than we can IMAGINE!
3) Envision what you want as if it is already done.
How? Write it! Sing it! Wear it! Sketch it!
4) Do the work. Take small steps towards your dream.
5) Stay ININ, In Integrity to your unique IAM awareness.
6) Clean it up! Your messes.
Take ownership in personal, family and in business decisions.
7) Like attracts like.
Attract your inner circle and the experiences you want to have.
I challenge you to PLAY the UNIVERSE Game and remember Earth is the playground and battleground for ASCENSION.
Tune IN:
It will be an honor to continue The Doctor Denise Show yet with PRECISION INTENTIONs for creating community, speaking engagements, & live events for FUN & personal growth. Music is IN production.
I still have a thriving practice as an M.D. yet have evolved into a practice of UNIVERSE Medicine in every aspect of this lifetime.
Let’s GO 2024!
Sending ALL of You:
Wishes of Manifesting your dreams, healing your sufferings past, present & future.
With grace and ease.
~Dr. Denise