Protect Your Brain, Teen Talks 2!

TEEN TALKS, PART TWO:  Protecting Your Brain

On this episode of the Dr. Denise Show, the team expands on talking with your teenager with “Teen Talks, 2:  Protecting Your Brain.” Dr. Denise discusses “setting the landscape as a parent” and why it’s so important that your teenager knows when you tell them things, you’re doing so out of love.  Hear about how the brain keeps evolving, developing and maturing until age 25. This episode talks about holistic health, gaming, social media and bullying.  You’ll learn the signs of excessive gaming and hear Dr. Denise’s balanced approach to using media and games.  From Family Time to making sacrifices, Dr. Denise reveals how energy-consuming parenting can be:  “This is not a Hallmark card,” she explains!

Teen Talks Part 1 

Gaming Addiction / Cam Adair

*Timeless episode, original launch Spring 2023

Teen Talks!

Teen Talks Part 1: Family Time

On this episode of The Dr. Denise Show’s “On Staying Sane” series, the team tackles Teen Talks.   You’ll hear about boundaries, consensuality, social media and developing deeper relationships with your teenager.  Learn a phrase Dr. Denise uses in her practice — “I love you.  But I want to flip you off.”   And hear how she handles Family Time, Sneaky Teen Talks & Family Meetings. Learn more about your teenager’s social landscape and the technology they’re using to communicate with peers and to develop their own relationships.  There’s so much to talk about with your teen, look out for Teen Talks, Part 2 later this year, when the team tackles Protecting Your Teenager’s Brain!

*This timeless episode launched originally Spring 2023

The Vulnerable Reality of Suicide and Prevention with Dr. Joyce Spurgeon

Dr. Joyce Spurgeon shares her personal loss of her closest childhood friend, Jeannie. We go back in time to the exact moment that she found out this devastating news. We discussed the feelings of despair, hopelessness and burden someone feels when they decide they can no longer stay on earth.

This is a vulnerable episode and is filled with our professional and personal experiences of all the emotions and solutions around suicide awareness and prevention.

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Joyce A Spurgeon, MD completed medical school at the University of Louisville and went on to do her residency in adult psychiatry there.  When she finished her residency, she stayed at University of Louisville as the associate training director for the psychiatric residency.  She progressed up and associate professor and became the training director and her clinical work was specializing in the treatment of mental illness in the peripartum period.  Following her time at UofL, she changed the directions in her career.  She was hired as the only psychiatrist at a Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, Indiana where she has worked for the past 7 years.  She is proud to work closely with the primary care providers to help treat mental illness in a vastly underserved community.

Are You Ready for Help?


Sacred Remembrance of Jeannie

Two little girls kneel over the mud pile- they are making their specialty- mud pies are so much fun to create.  They are covered in mud, their sweaty hair sticky to their heads, but huge smiles wreath their faces.  They join hands and pledge to be best friends forever.  Those hands age over the years but they always find their way back to each other.  In middle and high school, their lives divide but when things get really tough, the call in the middle of the night always goes to the other.  Their adult lives move them into different locations, yet when they talk, it is as if no time has passed.  Something happened in those early years over the mud piles, wild sledding snow days, church camp, and bike riding…..they became each other’s anchor.  They each wanted to find ways to help other people.  One became a nurse, the other a doctor.  Yet, when they talked, they were just two little girls in adult bodies.

When mental illness hit my friend, I , as a psychiatrist, felt scared.  I knew what was happening.  I could see all the warning signs, and I could not control the progression.  I tried to prepare her parents for what might happen and what I hoped to never witness.   I got her into treatment.  I asked for many favors for people to try to help her because I could only be her friend.  It was not enough.  My worst fears were realized… tow headed best buddy from the age of 4 was gone…..she hung herself because we had told all of the local gun stores to not sell her a gun.  We thought we had protected her.  It is only in a small town that you can get away with this type of protection.  Yet, she believed that the only way that she could be free was to stand before Jesus and ask for forgiveness, so she decided to go and do that.  Yet what she left behind….well, she left us journals that tried to explain her reasoning but only revealed her illness.  For, in truth, none of us are better because she is gone.

Jeannie died by suicide on May 17th.  That day is a day that changed the course of my life.  I lost one of my anchors, one of the people who knew me as no one else will ever know me in my life.  When she died, I promised myself that I would not let the way she died define who she was.  She has and will always be my best buddy from my childhood, the keeper of my dreams and hopes.  And, I will continue to carry her with me for the rest of my life.  She still walks with her hand in mine- I just can’t feel it in real life anymore, but I know it is there.    So, I talk about how she died because I feel like she was taken too soon from us all because of her mental illness, yet I want you to know that her life was so much more to me.  I never thought that this is how the story of those two little girls would end.  I will miss you forever, my friend.


Suicide Prevention Lifeline  800 273-8255

Mind-Blowing Secrets to Winning Mindset:Dr. Denise’s Unfiltered Vegas Talk

Welcome to an inspiring and engaging presentation by Dr. Denise McDermott, an integrative adult and child psychiatrist, at a recent Vegas event! In this talk, Dr. Denise delves into the profound connection between energy and mindset, exploring how fear and excitement can be harnessed to achieve a winning attitude.

Dr. Denise, known for her dynamic and holistic approach, shares personal anecdotes, including the significance of her “fuck button,” and emphasizes the importance of gratitude, humor, and vulnerability in mental health. She discusses the revolutionary concept of “neurostyle,” which promotes a non-judgmental understanding of how individuals process and perceive information.

With over 22 years of experience and a diverse client base, Dr. Denise brings a wealth of knowledge from her background at UCLA, Emory, and her private practice. She highlights the necessity of nurturing mental health and introduces her trademarked approach to understanding personal neuro styles.

Don’t miss this compelling talk filled with insightful stories, practical tips, and a touch of mindful profanity, all aimed at fostering a winning mindset and better mental health for all. Whether you’re a parent, coach, entrepreneur, or someone seeking personal growth, Dr. Denise’s words will resonate and inspire.



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Subtle Strategies for Everyday Life with G. Beverly Bergmann

Welcome to the Dr. Denise Show! Dive into an engaging episode, where Beverly and Denise explore the concept of ‘stealth mode’ beyond its traditional boundaries. This podcast delves into personal stories and philosophical discussions, examining how stealth can be a strategic choice in navigating life’s challenges rather than merely an act of secrecy. Through wordplay and vibrant discussions, the hosts unravel the multifaceted nature of stealth, offering listeners a unique perspective on how to apply this concept in a positive, strategic manner in their own lives. Tune in to discover how stealth can transform from a covert tactic into a tool for greater self-awareness and purposeful action. Subscribe for more explosive content like this! 


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy with Brian Teliho M.D.

It is an honor to interview TMS paradigm progression pioneer Brian Teliho M.D. who shares  his vast knowledge and clinical experience using transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy.

He has helped thousands of individuals reach optimal mental health after treatment resistance to standard psychiatric medicine protocols through use of TMS treatments specifically tailored for each individual and FDA approved for multiple clinical uses.

Dr. Teliho and I discuss what to expect with length of treatment, insurance requirements, side effects and discuss various clinical vignettes of who has benefitted from this game changing mental wellness treatment.


***May 2023 original release of this timeless interview

Brian Teliho, M.D. is a Board Certified psychiatrist with more than 20 years of experience in treating depression, anxiety, mania, thought disorders, and ADHD. He has worked at the forefront of TMS therapy, treating patients, doing research, and teaching other psychiatrists and mental health professionals on its use since 2008.

He is a graduate of the State University of New York’s Upstate Medical University in Syracuse and completed his psychiatric training at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta. He served as Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Emory, maintains a successful private practice, and led the Atlanta Center for TMS prior to bringing his expertise to Maui Mind Care.When he is not seeing patients, he likes to toil on his farm in Upcountry Maui.



What Mental Health Experts Aren’t Telling You! feat. Kirk Patrick Miller

Welcome to the Dr. Denise Show! In this insightful conversation with Kirk Patrick Miller, the author of Chaos to Cured, we will unlock the truth about mental health with this eye-opening video! Dive into an unfiltered conversation with leading experts who reveal the harsh realities and misconceptions surrounding mental health conditions like depression, ADHD, and anxiety. Learn why Mental Health Awareness should be an everyday focus, not just a monthly highlight. This discussion cuts through common myths and delivers powerful insights on self-love, the impact of social media on our mental states, and strategies for authentic well-being. Are you ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about mental health? Listen now, share with friends, and join the movement towards true mental wellness.