Health, Service, Gratitude, & Faith with TV and Film Executive Charles Mattock, Creative Minds Series

“Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food.” Hippocrates, 440 BC

Visionary TV and Film Executive Charles Mattocks is pushing the holistic health envelope with all of his media endeavors.

We discuss “Reversed Carnivore” and his dream team of experts as well as his film in production “Our Body is Thy Temple.”

Health, service, gratitude and faith are the ingredients that INSPIRE Charles and his team of angels.

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CHARLES MATTOCKS is an Award-Winning Actor, Director, Producer, Television Host and Health Advocate whose priority for health first and saving lives does not get in his way of excelling in all areas of the business.The Nephew of the late great Bob Marley, Mattocks comes from a very high profile family lineage so it is no surprise that he is taking the Healthcare world by storm.

An accomplished Actor, Charles Mattocks notably starred with a pivotal role in “ The Summer of Ben Tyler” alongside legends James Woods and Elizabeth McGovern. The movie garnered six nominations during the award season and Variety Magazine declared, “In Charles Mattocks, a star is born.”

As an author, producer, and director, his work has been showcased with appearances on CNN, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Talk, The Martha Stewart Show and numerous media outlets worldwide.

Charles’ world changed the minute he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. As he stared death in the face, he knew he had a larger mission to make changes not only for himself but so many others! He armed himself with education and determination and began to reverse his condition. He documented his process in a provocative documentary, “The Diabetic You”, which peels back the curtain on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the diabetes epidemic. This film set his advocacy in motion, with Charles ascending to become a Blue Circle Champion for the International Diabetes Association and a published author for the American Diabetes Association.


Charles created, directed, and executive produced “Reversed”, the highly acclaimed diabetes reality docuseries, on Discovery Life Channel. The show received much recognition from both critics and medical professionals and earned a second season pick-up – this time focusing on HIV. He also produced Trial By Fire, about his mother’s rare disease, complex regional pain syndrome.

The buzz worthy success of Reversed inspired FYI network to continue Charles’ healing quests, so, in January, 2020, Charles’ groundbreaking new series, Eight Days, premiered. The series follows the raw ups and downs of five cancer patients as they wage their battle for survival and journey toward healing. Just as he did in reversed, Charles  guided his enlightened group toward positive outcomes beyond their wildest expectations.


Charles’ passion and personality are contagious and have skyrocketed him to unparalleled success with whatever he tackles. Saving lives of people suffering with chronic illness and inspiring them with his life- changing message, he has become the premiere media expert on health and wellness. Charles entertains, educates, inspires, and heals millions with his ahead-of-the-curve creativity and dedication to excellence in television hosting, content creation, and dynamic advocacy.


Embrace Your Neurostyle! On Staying Sane…

Imagine being able to stay neutral and have a hopeful spin on the way we think and talk about mental health.   Dr. Denise has the word for you: Neurostyle!  In this episode of the “On Staying Sane Series” she does some psychiatry myth-busting.  She talks about her non-shaming approach to talking about the diagnoses that she see in her practice.   You’ll learn about Red Alert Loops and “Shhhhhh! The Pulse of Consciousness.”

Own the moment of now in this enlightened episode:

Gratitude, Perception & LOVE! Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Deborah Romero

Evidential Medium Deborah Romero is back for a deep dive on gratitude, perception, & LOVE!

We all process and perceive information in our unique way, our neurostyle.

WE are Evolving Energy Beings…

The multidimensional integration of the ENERGY of our HUMAN characteristics “the fabulous five” (biological, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual) and sixth sense INTUITION set the foundation and essence of who WE are.

Deborah rocks on discussing “the BEYOND” part of Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond.

Thank you Deborah for holding sacred space today and for our ability to SHIFT platforms and go LIVE when we were having electronic challenges.

Are you ready to take a multidimensional look on HOW to Embrace Your Neurostyle and BEYOND?

Listen Here:

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Deborah Romero is a Evidential Psychic Medium Healer Empowerment Teacher who is holding Space to bring Awareness to raise the Vibration Collectively with Love and Healing. She Believes a soul to soul connection is one of the most precious gifts one can receive.  Teaching has brought her great Joy to witness the transformations & miracles of her students as they evolve spiritually. Zoom has given her the opportunity to work and connect with others Internationally as she shares her Gift on a larger Global scale with Gratitude. Transcend _with_Debbie is a platform she created with the guidance of spirit  to help likeminded souls share their Passion , Inspiration, Knowledge, & Love. The  biggest Message from Spirit plays over for so many; “Share your gift the world needs your Magic,” so together let’s Anchor in that Light & Love ✨♥️

May 2022 with Deborah!

IN IN IN IN! In Intentional Investment Integrity with Dr. Denise Berger Part 3

Dr. D and I get real with a deep dive on leadership structural integrity and how to protect your personal brand with transparency and clarity.

WARNING: there is mindful profanity involved.


IN IN IN IN In Intentional Investment Integrity Part 3:


Part 1

Part 2

Dr. Denise Berger (Dr. D.) is an advisor and educator, focused on organizational leadership and effectiveness, corporate social responsibility, and talent development. By collaborating, educating, and lending expertise and strategic guidance, and educating, she strives to develop ethical, responsible, adaptive, inclusive leaders* who achieve their goals while cultivating positive change and a thriving society for all.

*If you have a pulse, you can be this kind of leader.

Much of Dr. D’s work focuses on fine-tuning organizational culture, building leadership skills, creating inclusion and belonging, and optimizing team efficacy around outcomes. She spent over 20 years in corporate America running the global operations of the Fortune 500 clients, received an MBA in Marketing and International Business, and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership. She has expertise in social responsibility, risk management, international business, talent development with a special emphasis on women, and succession planning.

She presently teaches Leadership & Service, in the Social Entrepreneurship & Change Master’s Program at Pepperdine University, and previously taught Program Evaluation in the same program, and Leading Inclusive Organizations in Vanderbilt University’s Leadership and Learning in Organizations Doctoral Program. She also volunteers her time with Social Justice Partners LA to coach social entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. She has helped participants craft their pitch, coach TEDx speakers and Annenberg/CNN Hero awardees.

She is also the founder and designer of Aliki Designs – Greek-inspired, handcrafted, everyday elegant jewelry, with different collections that each have special meaning and a financial GIFt (Giving It Forward together) to select non-profits. Originally a resident for 17 years of New York City, Denise has resided in Manhattan Beach with her husband (and two children, who are now in college) for 15 years.

She has authored articles, scholarly work, blog posts, and appeared on the radio and in podcasts. Her organizational work can be found at and her jewelry can be found at

Perseverance! My Son My Teacher

Five years ago my son said “He looks suspicious” about an individual that targeted the Dr. Denise Brand, and was the ultimate con-man.

My son and I are open and vulnerable and take a relook at the power of staying the course with passion, grit and perseverance:

The Alchemy of a Betrayal 

Passionate Podcasting and Brand Optimization with CEO of Blubrry Podcasting, Todd Cochrane, Creative Minds Series

Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry Podcasting is back for an engaging discussion on the POWER of:

(drum roll please)

-passionate creative vision for your show

– brand optimization

-the privilege of working with integrity incubator teams

-the importance of fun and mindful pauses in podcast production

– the new media kits that his team just launched!


Winter Interview

Todd Cochrane Bio:

Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry Podcasting, wrote the book on podcasting. Well, at least the first one: “Podcasting: The Do-It-Yourself Guide.” The founder of the People’s Choice Podcast Awards and the Tech Podcast Network, he’s also credited with introducing the first advertisers into podcasting, GoDaddy. Cochrane was inducted into the inaugural class of the Podcast Hall of Fame in 2015. But perhaps his biggest influence on podcasting is Blubrry Podcasting and its parent company RawVoice, which offers a directory of more than 3.75 Million shows, the No. 1 plugin for WordPress, and much more. A United States Navy Veteran who served 25 years and retired with the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer, Cochrane resides in Quincy, Michigan, having spent the majority of the past 25 years in Honolulu, Hawaii, with his family.

The Emotional Toll of the Summer of Violence Part 2, On Staying Sane

Part 2:
From a supermarket, to a school to the pageantry of a 4th of July parade, our summer has been rocked by violence.  So how can we cope?  In this episode of  ON STAYING SANE Dr. Denise helps us check in with our unique #Neurostyle to figure out how to digest and deal with the emotional toll of our world’s current events.  Hear what she has to say about pre-planning and preparing ourselves prior to news breaking.  You’ll learn about self-care and peace in a world that’s far from peaceful.
          Coping Tips, Tools and More:


Show recorded on 7/19/22

The Emotional Toll of the Summer of Violence Part 1, On Staying Sane

From a supermarket, to a school to the pageantry of a 4th of July parade, our summer has been rocked by violence.  So how can we cope?  In this episode of  ON STAYING SANE Dr. Denise helps us check in with our unique #Neurostyle to figure out how to digest and deal with the emotional toll of our world’s current events.  Hear what she has to say about pre-planning and preparing ourselves prior to news breaking.  You’ll learn about self-care and peace in a world that’s far from peaceful.

Right here:

Show recorded on 7/19/22