ININ & Empath Haven Effect with G. Beverly Bergmann, Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Happy New Year!

It is a time of reflection for us to start our year and continue our own unique ININ, “In Integrity” of the highest level of awareness and self love to reach our unique mind, body & soul wellness.

Easier said than done.

How do we stay on track?

G. Beverly Bergmann joins the discussion with a deep dive on the Integrity Balance of our Linears (chores, mundane tasks)  and Nonlinears (dreams,  visions, intuitive hits) which includes vulnerable shares about her unique neurostyle.

The “Empath Haven Effect” is defined with tangible examples of the importance of mindful pauses and time outs that refresh us and reduce stress to enjoy our life and accomplish our goals.

Tune IN:


Lists, papers, tablets, laptops, guidelines, timelines, “line-lines,” each one in its own right a practical method for creating a clear path to personal organization and productivity with the end-result in crossing out or deleting “lines.”

Integrity is integral in addressing the linear and establishing a bases that stimulates balance. The simple action of moving forward with each task is quite satisfying especially when you can see those tasks completed in the physical form, which also may be the mental filing cabinet, transparent yet solid in belief.

Satisfaction, after all, is Nebulous yet decided felt.

Is LINEAR always a straight line? Definitely Not. It is action-oriented, multifaceted, multidirectional, moving and functioning in many layers, sometimes simultaneously.

It is the discipline of honoring yourself with an Earnest desire to complete, and get out of the way, tasks that are humdrum, yet are required to keep us on a path of straightness to Achieve harmony and balance in the reality of day-to-day existence. Really!

Satisfaction, relief, joy, and the Reward of personal accomplishment is an end-result that is further recognized within our consciousness that feeds and nurtures Positivity. It might even be Healing. I know it is for me!

by G. Beverly Bergmann

G. Beverly Bergmann is a champion for children who are at risk and with developmental disabilities, an author of prayerful prose for personal reflection, inspiration and emotional health, and has played an integral part in maintaining and introducing music instruction into the greater Los Angeles area since the 70’s. She is Chairman Emeritus with the Board of Directors for Young Musicians Foundation and has funded the Bergmann Technology Labs where music technology programs explore the ways in which music engages with technology through composition and the performance process.
Bergmann graduated Magna Cum Laude from Pepperdine University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Data Processing. She holds a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology from University of Santa Monica (USM), and a post-graduate Certificate in Consciousness, Health and Healing, additionally from USM. She is an ordained Deacon and Elder with the Presbyterian Church. Bergmann is also the Co-Founder of the Holiday Wish List Toy Drive for SHARE, Inc. Later this year her series of books, entitled “Love, Life and Light,” will be released.