Dr. Denise encourages her patients to be the best version of themselves and asks them, “What would your best life look like?” Then, together they create a tailored plan that supports their wellness. This may include what brings them the most joy in their lives and makes them feel passionate such as yoga, walking, skiing, creative writing, etc…She believes in prescribing the least amount of medication as possible and always starts assessing from a holistic perspective where she treats the person as an individual.

What makes YOU feel alive and purposeful?

You are not flawed. No matter what is troubling you, take it on as a gift, a place to go deeper in your own unique way. Identify the things in your life that make you feel passionate, bring you joy and make you happy. Then – go do it. Do you like to surf, hike, do yoga, walk your dog? Whatever it is — carve these activities into your own personal wellness plan. And – make sure to choose a Doctor, healer or healthcare practitioner who empowers you to integrate your goals into your wellness plan.

She strongly believes that you are not your symptoms. She doesn’t want people to feel stigmatized. “One of the hardest things for me is that people feel bad when they walk in my door.” Dr. Denise is committed to changing that mindset. She wants people to embrace their mental health in a positive way.

Dr. Denise validates the “illness” part of suffering yet explains that our thoughts and word choice are an essential part of the “fast track to wellness.” She uses language that is appropriate for each age group. She embraces Western medicine coupled with all paths to wellness. She values the viewpoint of her patients.

Her belief is that you have to know that your doctor is well trained, compassionate, and empathic. How do you figure this out? You get to spend time with them. You listen carefully to not only the facts they educate you with but how they deliver the information.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself when choosing the right Doctor for you:

  • Do you feel like they want you to be well?
  • Are they treating you like a person and not like you are a “walking target symptom?”
  • Do they make eye contact when they are talking to you?
  • Do they listen to your viewpoint?