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Bullying Fatality: On Staying Sane

As a child psychiatrist I am on the frontlines of suicide and bullying prevention. This episode is in response to the bullying fatality of 17 year old Jonathan Lewis, a Vegas teen that was allegedly attempting to protect a fellow teen. Listen here:–07-17-57-f0f1g0isglj–final-mix.wav Jonathan Lewis, News Nation Bullying Statistics Cyberbullying Takes Lives

The Summer Sit-Down with Dr. Denise: On Staying Sane

THE SUMMER SIT-DOWN WITH DR. DENISE Summer is a time that many of us hit the re-set button. Work and school schedules change and there is often time to reflect and recharge.  So how to do it wisely and with intention?  That’s where Dr. Denise comes in with this “Summer Sit-Down” that’s full of practical […]

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Teen Talks 2: On Staying Sane

TEEN TALKS, PART TWO:  Protecting Your Brain On this episode of the Dr. Denise Show, the team expands on talking with your teenager with “Teen Talks, 2:  Protecting Your Brain.” Dr. Denise discusses “setting the landscape as a parent” and why it’s so important that your teenager knows when you tell them things, you’re doing […]

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Teen Talks Part 1, On Staying Sane

Teen Talks Part 1: Family Time On this episode of The Dr. Denise Show’s “On Staying Sane” series, the team tackles Teen Talks.   You’ll hear about boundaries, consensuality, social media and developing deeper relationships with your teenager.  Learn a phrase Dr. Denise uses in her practice — “I love you.  But I want to flip […]

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UNSTUCK! On Staying Sane

The Dr. Denise show tackles being Trapped.   Ever feel stuck in your life?   Dr. Denise will give you some tools to climb out of the situation.  You’ll learn about Sticky Man and Humpty Dumpty and how even when you’re in your saddest moments you can use that energy for change.–18-04-30–final-mix.wav The original […]

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On Staying Sane with William Stetson, Esq., Board Certified in Wills, Trusts and Estates

William Stetson, Esq. gives us a window into the world of the delicate and dicey discussions he has with his clients and their families in estate and trust planning. We cover legal situations of fiscal abundance, disinheritance, second marriages, malice, family conflict, and even a “BURN IT TO THE GROUND” scenario. Insight into Willliam’s mindset […]

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“The Dr. Denise Show” launches its first “On Staying Sane” carve-out series of 2023 — and the focus is on Reverent Relationships!  Dr. Denise gives us three challenges for the new year in terms of our relationships. Think of it as a resolution for your most sacred connections. You’ll learn about identifying the NeuroStyle of […]

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IN Integrity (ININ), On Staying Sane Series

One missed word… Integrity. The talk about it these days seems to be about which profession or person is lacking it. From your lawmaker to your car mechanic, it seems as if we’re always bemoaning a lack of integrity. This episode of The Dr. Denise Show series On Staying Sane starts at  **AN ** interesting […]

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