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Intelligent Rest! Champion Mindset Series with Dr. Robert Weil, The Sports Doctor

I am honored to have paradigm progression pioneer “The Sports Doctor”, Dr. Bob to share his wisdom, tips, tools and more on the importance of mind, body, soul BALANCE.. Tune IN to this exciting episode on all things to do with…. Intelligent Rest: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/recording-1_postproductions_2022-09-01–20-37-25–final-mix.mp3 Dr. Robert A Weil, Sports Podiatrist. Dr. Bob has treated many […]

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Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist: On Staying Sane

How do we stay SANE and keep BALANCE in our every day life, especially if we are recovering perfectionists? We need to ADAPT and walk the path of ADAPTIVE perfectionism vs. restrictive perfectionism. Ex: This show was recorded and supposed to launch a few days ago. A mindful pause happened to honor: ~emergencies in my […]

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