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Gratitude and Grace with Dr. Denise Berger, Creative Minds Series

It is an honor to have Dr. D back for a vulnerable share on her transformative year in alchemizing her physical suffering while establishing her intentional leadership coaching and organizational strategy vision, ALIKI Consulting . I truly did not realize the magnitude and  level of pain my dear friend had been through in 2022 and […]

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The Power of the Sssh Yourself! On Staying Series, Part 2

Dr. Denise teams up with Cathleen O’Toole to take a deeper dive on The Power of the Shhh!  In how to “Shush Yourself,”  you’ll hear dozens of ways to bring calm and peacefulness into your life.  From a coffee mug to lighting in your home, it’s not as hard as you might think to reduce […]

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Sssh Yourself! On Staying Sane Series

Sssh Yourself! What does slowing down look like to you? Let’s face it, it is not easy to do. I find helpful phrases to remind myself and my clients to stay in moments of now with grace and ease in some of the most challenging times. This is a light dive pregame show on this […]

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