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Subtle Strategies for Everyday Life with G. Beverly Bergmann

Welcome to the Dr. Denise Show! Dive into an engaging episode, where Beverly and Denise explore the concept of ‘stealth mode’ beyond its traditional boundaries. This podcast delves into personal stories and philosophical discussions, examining how stealth can be a strategic choice in navigating life’s challenges rather than merely an act of secrecy. Through wordplay […]

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Recreation and DEEP PLAY! The Golden Thread

“Creativity is my Neurostyle.”- G. Beverly Bergmann Let’s discuss Recreation and DEEP Play! Re-Creation, RE CREATE. We are loving the energy and magic of Awareness and Intentionality of our words, thoughts and actions throughout our day! Divine Exquisite Ethereal Peaceful Play…. How do you use your IAM awareness to use your energy throughout the day […]

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Seasons! The Golden Thread

Renewal and rebirth are celebrated as we launch into the Spring Season with a reverent appreciation of the power of nature and creativity. How are you connected to Nature? Your feelings? Your traditions? Join US for this joyful discussion: G. Beverly Bergmann is a champion for children who are at risk and with developmental […]

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What is your ININ, IN Integrity? The Golden Thread

This episode is a socratic freestyle episode to empower you to do your own deep dive exploration on what INTEGRITY means to you. Real life examples and ways to compassionately learn to listen to your own truth and to trust what is your foundational integrity moment to moment. What is your ININ? Tune in:

What Is Your Golden Thread?

What comes to mind when you say the words “The Golden Thread?” When we pay attention to our words, thoughts and actions in the Moment Of Now and are in the Space of Awareness, Self Love and Altruism our unique Golden Tapestry is created. This is a MEDLEY Review: G. Beverly Bergmann  Legacy of […]

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Love IS the Legacy, The Golden Thread

Our words, thoughts and actions carry a powerful vibrational frequency that allow the highest level of mind, body and soul health. I am in the space of reverent gratitude as G. Beverly Bergmann joins me as a cohost of The Golden Thread series. As we are in the midst of the holiday season Bev and […]

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Rich In Love: The Golden Thread

I am just back from a networking event in Las Vegas and this lovely intuitive lady Anastasia said, “Dr. Denise you should make a reel right NOW on how you described BEing Rich IN LOVE.” I said thank you to her and that it would INSPIRE a short podcast this week! Thank you Anastasia, John […]

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Reverent Reflections, The Golden Thread

This episode is an invitation to pause and reflect TOGETHER as we enter autumn and the holiday season. What matters most to you? How are you showing up with deep appreciation for yourself and loved ones? This show is in sacred remembrance of all of OUR past, present and future ancestors and a celebration of […]

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The Compassionate Teddy Bear Run! The Golden Thread

G. Beverly Bergmann and Dr. Denise set the stage of moments of now with a description of their real life “Teddy Bear Runs” and heart centered FUN! The golden thread of awareness, self love and altruism allows US to stay in the space of Compassionate Service to Self and others. Join US on a Teddy […]

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