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OUR Gift of Reflection

The Ascension Show Season 2.5 “OUR Gift of Reflection” OUR Gift of Reflection is part of an on-going, communal process that heightens awareness.  In this episode we talk about why modern day society is so stressed out.  Because we just do frenetic mode, we don’t look back and reflect.  Here’s the reminder to do it […]

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Champion Mindset Series with Elite Tennis Coach, Visionary, and Co-Founder of Healthy Referral Network Tom Katovsky

It is an honor to welcome Thomas Katovsky to the Champion Mindset Series! The divine timing and resonance birthed this meeting and interview. Tom is truly a humble pioneer in integrative health and wellbeing as an elite tennis coach, visionary and co-founder of Healthy Referral Network! Listen and BE inspired: Thomas Katovsky Health and […]

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On Alchemy: Dr. Denise and Dr. Best Discuss Race and Well-BEing with Dr. Sonnee Weedn

Pinch me…. Did this really happen? (Breathe) Reverent relationships. Reverent relationships. Reverent relationships. Did I really get to sit down with Dr. Weedn and Dr. Andrea Best to discuss RACE and Well-BEing with these enlightened women that I have known and worked with for years? Dr. Weedn and I have traveled to India together and […]

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On Alchemy: Dr. Denise and Dr. Best Deep Dive on Harry and Meghan’s Interview

Dr. Denise and Dr. Best Deep Dive on Harry and Meghan’s Interview with Oprah.  The Royal Family Meets The Matrix. Which royals chose the red pill vs the blue pill? Is Harry woke? Was Meghan trapped? Listen to our On Alchemy podcast, “Trapped Within The System” to hear our thoughts about the interview and The […]

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Meet Business Strategist and High Performance Coach Rasa Disalvo!

Let’s celebrate one another! Cheers to all of you lovely ladies on international women’s day. Pick up the phone, text a lovely lady in your life and connect with gratitude and reverence honoring the divine feminine. That is exactly what my inner voice said to do when I was swimming, “Ask Rasa to do an […]

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Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day everyone. I was blessed to meet up with Kaliyani yesterday to toast in person to the Divine Feminine! Her shout out: “Thank you to the Sacred Masculine who are awake and along side US at this time in history.” ~Kaliyani It is truly an honor to rerelease this interview (5/23/2020) with […]

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Jane Fonda ROCKS!

My heart skipped a beat and my soul was dancing on the night of the Golden Globes when Jane Fonda eloquently accepted the Cecil b. Demille Award and honored ALL KIND. With Reverence and Gratitude let’s celebrate Woman’s History Month with the words from Jane Fonda:

The Ascension Show Season 2 Episode Eight “Your Path to Liberation”

Liberation, feeling free, getting past Covid — the themes of freedom and liberation keep coming up with our Ascension Show team.  So we thought, what better topic for our show.  We’re going to teach you the things we need to do prior to feeling liberation.  You’ll learn about the #RELEASE and climb up the emotional […]

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On Alchemy: Deep Dive on Liberation

What happens when one realizes one show alone, The Ascension Show, cannot possibly address the week’s topic  “Liberation”, especially during Black History Month?  Well, you produce another show on your platform that does, a show that addresses the feelings, triggers and questions around that word. This week, on the On Alchemy show, Dr Denise and […]

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The Ascension Show Season 2 Episode Seven “Empower: Elevate & Speak Your Loving Truth ”

Ever been instructed to do something, and it just didn’t feel right?  That’s because it wasn’t true to your authentic self — and we’ve got no time for that!  We’re here to #EMPOWER & #ELEVATE and speak loving truth!   It’s truly a don’t-miss episode!  Just as we tackle the topic of elevating our parenting styles, […]

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