Professor, author, holistic education advocate, Dr. Edward Mooney, Ed.D. shares how he learned how to thrive after being close to being a teenage dropout.

As a professor of education, Edward Mooney, Jr., draws from decades of experience as a public school teacher in his quest to prepare the next generation of teachers. He passionately believes that the relationship between an instructor and a student can change lives. Two of those relationships changed his. Edward was born in Massachusetts but […]

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French writer, meditation teacher, photographer and director, Michel Pascal discusses why “Meditation for Daily Stress” is different than all other ways of meditation.

Michel Pascal is a french writer, meditation teacher, singer, composer, photographer and director for spiritual documentaries. He is the photographer and co-writer of «Instants Sacrés» a book by His Holiness the Dalai-Lama (2008 Prisma Media, Geo National Geographic in Europe). Before moving to the US, Michel lived in the largest monastery in Himalayas, Kopan Monastery […]

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