Diva Discussions with Shay Mitchell ON VULNERABILITY…

On 1/18/22 I opened up my Instagram story and saw that Shay was sharing her feelings of OVERWHELM and feelings of VULNERABILITY with her audience about how she was “in real time” considering to take a drink after 20 months of sobriety…

I reached out to her to see how she was doing.

“Are you ok?” A simple question we can ask one another in any given moment. 

She was grateful for the outpouring of support she received from her audience and her loved ones!

I wanted to bring her back on the show so we could discuss the power of vulnerability and having self love and acceptance to reach out for help when we need it the most!

Here it is:

1/14/22 Show 

“WE can’t heal the parts of US that hurt if we are numb.” ~Shay

Hope, Healing and Happiness are words that come to mind after meeting Shay and hearing her journey of SOBRIETY and her unique one day at a time that started during the pandemic! 20 months…. WOOT WOOT!

Her light, her voice and her healing story today and on her IG feed (@shaysober) warms my heart and soul.

She and I discussed JOMO (joy of missing out), ININ (In Integrity), DEEP PLAY 






and the power of OUR words, thoughts and actions.

Get ready to be INSPIRED:

Shay Mitchell

“I knew that sobriety would never work for me if I didn’t I knew that sobriety would never work for me if I didn’t create a life of fun, excitement, adventure, and happiness. So I set out to build a strong foundation for this new way of life.

I began an IOP (intensive outpatient program) where I attended group via zoom 3 hours a night, 3 nights a week, for 4 months. This helped me in so many ways from connecting with other alcoholics, to having assignments that helped provide insight into my disease. I also got a therapist that specialized in substance abuse and began seeing her weekly. She helped me through a lot of the trauma that I had been self-medicating to survive for so many years. I still see her  bi-weekly!

I found a Psychiatrist and got on the right prescriptions for depression, and anxiety and I also got on a once a month craving-blocker shot. (Not having cravings for alcohol was HUGE for my early recovery.) I was also on medicine for sleep and anger. (Today I am completely med free, but having these as I navigated early sobriety was very useful for me.)

I read a lot of quit lit (quitting literature) you can find a list on the resources page. These books really helped me to see the great parts of being sober, and that I would still be able to enjoy my life without alcohol.

Finally, I started a sober Instagram & Facebook page @shaysober to keep me accountable and as a daily reprieve in my pocket. I share there every day and love connecting with my sober instagram community.”

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