Gratitude, Perception & LOVE! Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Deborah Romero

Evidential Medium Deborah Romero is back for a deep dive on gratitude, perception, & LOVE! We all process and perceive information in our unique way, our neurostyle. WE are Evolving Energy Beings… The multidimensional integration of the ENERGY of our HUMAN characteristics “the fabulous five” (biological, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual) and sixth sense INTUITION set […]

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IN IN IN IN! In Intentional Investment Integrity with Dr. Denise Berger Part 3

Dr. D and I get real with a deep dive on leadership structural integrity and how to protect your personal brand with transparency and clarity. WARNING: there is mindful profanity involved. (smile) IN IN IN IN In Intentional Investment Integrity Part 3: Part 1 Part 2 Dr. Denise Berger (Dr. D.) is an […]

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Perseverance! My Son My Teacher

Five years ago my son said “He looks suspicious” about an individual that targeted the Dr. Denise Brand, and was the ultimate con-man. My son and I are open and vulnerable and take a relook at the power of staying the course with passion, grit and perseverance: The Alchemy of a Betrayal 

Passionate Podcasting and Brand Optimization with CEO of Blubrry Podcasting, Todd Cochrane, Creative Minds Series

Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry Podcasting is back for an engaging discussion on the POWER of: (drum roll please) -passionate creative vision for your show – brand optimization -the privilege of working with integrity incubator teams -the importance of fun and mindful pauses in podcast production – the new media kits that his team just launched! […]

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The Emotional Toll of the Summer of Violence Part 1, On Staying Sane

From a supermarket, to a school to the pageantry of a 4th of July parade, our summer has been rocked by violence.  So how can we cope?  In this episode of  ON STAYING SANE Dr. Denise helps us check in with our unique #Neurostyle to figure out how to digest and deal with the emotional […]

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Champion Mindset Series with Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist John Cerasani Part 2

Let’s GO! The interview continues with serial entrepreneur and business expert John Cerasani with a deep dive discuss about his break away from corporate America and the evolution of… (drum roll please…) The Right Deal, The Right Time:   John Cerasani is a serial entrepreneur, business expert and venture capitalist.  He currently splits time […]

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Champion Mindset with Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist John Cerasani

Are you ready for the kickoff of Season 2 of the Champion Mindset Series?! It is GAME ON with John Cerasani who is a serial entrepreneur, business expert, venture capitalist and former scholarship Division 1 football player. This is a deep dive interview back to John’s childhood and early adult years looking at his experiences […]

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