On Staying Sane… Our Reality

This show is INSPIRED by Feeling Overwhelmed while reading the AMA Morning Rounds email about the pandemic upon awakening this morning:

Leading the News

U.S. reports more than 1M new COVID-19 infections

The Wall Street Journal (1/4, Hoyle, Subscription Publication) reports the U.S. reported more than one million new COVID-19 cases on Monday as states cleared backlogs due to the holiday weekend. According to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data from Johns Hopkins University, the reports drove the seven-day average for daily cases to 480,273.

Bloomberg (1/4, Hong) reports the Omicron coronavirus variant, “combined with delayed reporting by local governments over the holidays, led to a single-day record for new cases for any country in the world.”

So… As I sat reading my emails and practicing my gratitudes I Alchemized my feelings by writing a HOPEFUL and LOVING post on Instagram & now producing this show, “On Staying Sane… Our Reality!”


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From my IG 1/5/2022 (@DrDeniseMD)
Love IS BEing sent.
Topic: Mindful Ingestion of News
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As WE start 2022 as a collective let’s remember that “less is more” energetically.
Let’s remember to choose OUR words, thoughts, & actions wisely and who & what WE engage with wisely.
Our health, our immune system(s), our wellness mind, body, soul is top priority.
#mind #body #soul #health
When I read the news, log into social media and see the data regarding the pandemic, or violence, or crime I pause.
#mindful #pause
Initially I have an emotional response as I am having the Human experience.
Then I remember that I AM an Energy BEing with free will to choose:
Love over fear.
Love over hate.
Hope over fear.
& I take in the information & alchemize the energy of the feelings to HOPE & LOVE and send to ALLKIND (all sentient BEings)…
As a collective WE are undoubtedly having a brutal cold, flu, and COVID season.
In this very Moment of Now I AM sending you and your loved ones the Energy of Health, Hope & speedy recovery.
#healthiswealth #selfcare #vital
Dr. Denise
Stay tuned for a monthly On Staying Sane with Cathleen O’Toole and I: