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The Slurpee Solution

“Let’s do a show tonight Mom!” Never a dull moment at our house. This surprise Saturday night request ended up being a “processing” of how my son felt about his school being closed for the rest of the school year  due to a graffiti gun violence threat. The Slurpee Solution: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/recording-1_postproductions_2022-05-29-t08-29-53pm-final-mix_1_.mp3   Disclaimer: My son […]

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Crazy For Shows…My Son My Teacher

Our spring break after hours staycation episode with my teen son demonstrates the importance of allowing space for your child to reveal the “uncut” version of their thoughts. I have now learned that he wants to do more shows together and we are figuring out how to make this happen on and off this platform. […]

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PG13! “The Fairies Are Going Away!”… My Son My Teacher

“Let’s do a show tonight. I guarantee you that I am the only one of my friends that wants to hang out with their Mom on a Saturday night.” ~Kieran. In the midst of binge watching Attack on Titan and on the cusp of his 13th birthday my son and I are in prep mode […]

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My Son and My Teacher: Attack on Playground!

Post Oscar chat with my son morphed into a quick show about an “attack on playground” that happened years back.  Kudos for his 10 year old self having more self control than a grown man. Kieran weighs in: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/recording-2_postproductions_2022-03-28-t10-35-19pm-final-mix_1_.mp3

My Son, My Teacher

My almost teen son agreed to be back on for a new mini-series, My Son, My Teacher. “You have to let me be myself, Mom.” We negotiated no profanity on the show (mindful profanity is ok at home)… Meet Kieran two years later: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/recording-6_postproductions_2022-03-08-t09-37-59pm-final-mix_2_.mp3 ***I did not pay him. Show Notes: Another Zoom Bites the […]

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Let’s Talk Addiction… Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Dr. Denise

Pay attention to the organic times when your children bring up their favorite music artist, athlete, or social media influencer’s journey of health and well-being. We have a NO SHAME Policy about mental wellness at our house and create safe spaces to discuss addiction, sex, and all things health and happiness.   Today’s ride to […]

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“Mom, You Were a Hot Mess Today” Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Dr. Denise

I lost it today and my son called me out on it. Embracing OUR challenges and OUR wins makes US Human & WE need to lean into the imperfection with Humility, Gratitude and Self Love. Laughter and Hot Mess Alchemy IN MOTION episode right here: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/recording-3_postproductions_2022-01-06-t08-08-11pm-final-mix.wav Shout out to my Mom, Lauren, Jen, Christine and my […]

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