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What is your ININ, IN Integrity? The Golden Thread

This episode is a socratic freestyle episode to empower you to do your own deep dive exploration on what INTEGRITY means to you. Real life examples and ways to compassionately learn to listen to your own truth and to trust what is your foundational integrity moment to moment. What is your ININ? Tune in: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/2_16_24_Integrity_w_Bev.mp3

Meet Lillian Walker Stem Cell Activation Specialist, Neuro Somatic Holistic Practitioner: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

It is an honor to welcome Lillian Walker, Stem Cell Activation Specialist-Poly-Certified Clinical Neuro Somatic Holistic Practitioner, ranked globally in the top 100 in 2022! Her most vulnerable moment as a parent in witnessing her son’s decline and recovery with Guillain-Barré syndrome as an 11 year old  humbly ignited and shaped her unique heartfelt holistic […]

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Meet Tasha Powell Artist and Food Stylist: Creative Mind Series

Are you ready to meet Tasha Powell?! Join Tasha and I on a journey that invites you to access your inner peace, inspiration, and True Integration of mind, body, soul through the creative arts. Tasha’s passion for creating EXPERIENCES through her art, culinary giftedness and her retreats exemplifies the BEINGNESS of DEEP PLAY. I am […]

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Perception IS Everything! Meet Intuitive, Empath & Channel Wendy Kennedy on the Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond Series

“Perception IS Everything!” – Wendy Kennedy & The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective Perception, dimensional awareness and the ability to access your Higher Self through Integration via releasing all judgment and limiting beliefs is what this episode is all about! The “Earth Game”, the “Universe Game” and the process of descension and ascension are discussed in […]

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DEEP DIVE on The Liminal Odyssey with Sande Hart, Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Part 2 “Gather Women.” These profound words dropped into Sande’s awareness on the morning of 9/11/01. This is a Part 2 episode and DEEP DIVE with Sande Hart about her book “The Liminal  Odyssey,The Alchemical Power of the Spaces IN-Between.” Alchemy in Motion Quantum Hacks including how to Cultivate AWARENESS, Foster Reverent Relationships, and Honor […]

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Introduction to The Liminal Odyssey with Sande Hart, Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

“Gather Women.” These profound words dropped into Sande’s awareness on the morning of 9/11/01. Join Sande Hart and I on a discussion of the “process” of listening to your inner voice, aka your intuition, that allows OUR magical moments to be appreciated and to be birthed. This part 1 with Sande discusses her new book […]

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Sssh Yourself! On Staying Sane Series

Sssh Yourself! What does slowing down look like to you? Let’s face it, it is not easy to do. I find helpful phrases to remind myself and my clients to stay in moments of now with grace and ease in some of the most challenging times. This is a light dive pregame show on this […]

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Intelligent Rest! Champion Mindset Series with Dr. Robert Weil, The Sports Doctor

I am honored to have paradigm progression pioneer “The Sports Doctor”, Dr. Bob to share his wisdom, tips, tools and more on the importance of mind, body, soul BALANCE.. Tune IN to this exciting episode on all things to do with…. Intelligent Rest: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/recording-1_postproductions_2022-09-01–20-37-25–final-mix.mp3 Dr. Robert A Weil, Sports Podiatrist. Dr. Bob has treated many […]

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The Process! On Etheric Medicine with Intuitive Jennifer Shaffer

Are you ready!? This intuitive myth busting freestyle episode with renowned Intuitive Jennifer Shaffer takes us on a journey of discussing “The Process” we have all in accessing seen and unseen energy, feeling states of empathy and how to alchemize moments of now. Tune IN: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/recording-1_postproductions_2022-08-21-t11-29-26am-final-mix_2_.mp3 Jennifer M. Shaffer Jennifer Shaffer is a world renowned […]

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Bloody Hell! No Coincidences with Film Director and Producer Bill Bennett, Creative Minds Series

“Bloody Hell!.” -Bill. (perception of time slows as a green muscle car comes head on towards he and his beloved wife) “Have we just died and gone to heaven?” – Jennifer.   SACRED PAUSE.   I was awestruck when I read Bill’s Instagram post last week describing he and his wife’s near death experience immediately […]

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