Meet Tasha Powell Artist and Food Stylist: Creative Mind Series

Are you ready to meet Tasha Powell?!

Join Tasha and I on a journey that invites you to access your inner peace, inspiration, and True Integration of mind, body, soul through the creative arts.

Tasha’s passion for creating EXPERIENCES through her art, culinary giftedness and her retreats exemplifies the BEINGNESS of DEEP PLAY.

I am blown away by her Intuitive Spirit and the way she attracts cocreators!


Tasha Powell, Artist & Food stylist based in Manhattan Beach and Aix-en-Provence, France.
Tasha has been painting in a variety of mediums including pastels, oil, acrylic and mixed media but gravitates towards oil painting. She embraces impressionistic styles rather than realistic styles. Her objective for those viewing her work is for the viewer to understand how art allows her to re-create moods that change based on the luminosity of the colors she chooses. She is drawn to paint pensive female figures that signify strength and beauty and has created a series called “Fierce Women.” She also loves the freedom of mixed media painting using oil, paper, acrylic and found objects.
Tasha is also a food stylist and writer who specializes in working with celebrities, celebrity chefs and leaders in the entertainment, hospitality and travel industries. She covers celebrity events in Los Angeles and in Europe.  She also cooks and styles for monographs, cookbooks and Satellite Media Tours, working between North America and France.
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Los Angeles Art Association – online show:  Full-bodied Exhibition (my painting is entitled Bohemian Eye)