Meet Steven Weiss-Smith, Certified Hypnotherapist: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Talking with certified hypnotherapist Steven Weiss-Smith turned into a science-meets-spirit sensory perception journey that I did not expect.

I love this type of surprise!

You will too,

His vulnerable shares of his healing journey in understanding the loss of a dear friend through a past life regression set the stage for the evolution of his practice as a hypnotherapist that bridges his creativity and humbled wisdom.

When he mentioned a scientific theory he has about individuals with ADHD possibly accessing other lifetimes at a different speed it was a Super Synchronicity Moment for both of us.

This episode is for the individual that truly embraces scientific inquisition and multidimensional self actualized healing with an open mind and heart.
Buckle your seat belts for this show especially if you are a UNIVERSE GEEK:

Steven Weiss-Smith is a certified hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner with a diverse background in filmmaking, screenwriting, memoir writing, and advanced planning consulting. With his unique “Chapters of Life” method, Steven helps his clients recognize the importance of each life challenge, old and new, and move forward to achieve their goals.

Clients from all walks of life seek Steven’s specialized expertise in working with individuals who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, focus, perfectionism, and procrastination. As someone with personal experience with these conditions, he has a particular interest in helping his clients tap into their hidden superpowers and break free from their limitations.

In addition to his work with those facing these challenges, Steven is also dedicated to helping seniors. He has developed a specialization in helping them remember their purpose and relevance, sleep better, and improve their memory, so they can feel less isolated and more engaged with life.

Steven’s fascination with history has led him to believe that we can learn important lessons about how to live our lives. As a certified Past Life Regression therapist, he offers his clients the opportunity to travel back in time to resolve unknown issues of today.

With a personalized approach to hypnotherapy, Steven ensures that each client receives tailored guidance and support on their unique journey. By empowering them to overcome obstacles and tap into their true potential, he helps them move forward with confidence and embrace new adventures and opportunities in the next chapters of their lives.

*Please know that we had call drops and decided the SHOW MUST GO ON, thanks for your patience.