What’s Next for Emily at Best? Creative Minds Series

 It is an honor to have Berklee College of Music 2023 graduate Emily Eddins, “Emily at Best” to bring in the Creative Minds Series Summer 2023!
We discuss her exciting next professional steps, her new music, and her passion for her integration of all of her creative gifts.
I have witnessed Emily blossom over the last decade with her intuition, talent, vulnerability, and authenticity in translating her feeling and emotional states into her music and visual art.
A discussion on the joy of creative collaborations and how each person has their unique soul imprint while producing solo and in cocreation with others will INSPIRE you to tap into your Creative Awareness.

Tune In HERE:

Emily at Best is a multi-faceted songwriter, musician, producer, engineer, and visual artist hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Her name is derived from her desire to emphasize how we are all working towards being the best version of ourselves, until the day we die. Emily doesn’t claim to currently be at her best– it is the sum of highs, lows, and in-betweens that comprise who she is. Music and visual art are the mediums with which Emily chooses to express herself and interpret the world around her. She is comforted and uplifted by the endless possibilities of sound and color. She began writing songs at the age of ten during a time of grief. Songwriting became a powerful outlet of healing for her, and continues to help her understand, accept, and grow through her experiences. Her intention in releasing music is to help others find their way through their own processes of healing.
Emily recently graduated from Berklee College of Music, receiving her degree in Professional Music with a concentration in Contemporary Writing and Production and a minor in Music Technology.