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What’s Next for Emily at Best? Creative Minds Series

 It is an honor to have Berklee College of Music 2023 graduate Emily Eddins, “Emily at Best” to bring in the Creative Minds Series Summer 2023! We discuss her exciting next professional steps, her new music, and her passion for her integration of all of her creative gifts. I have witnessed Emily blossom over the […]

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Meet Emily at Best, Musician, Writer, Visual Artist: Creative Minds Series

“Music has always been my way of healing.” -Emily at Best Emily takes us on her ascension journey describing the lyrics that dropped into her awareness at a time in her childhood that allowed her to express her true feelings to her parents months before her father had a fatal car accident. She authentically shares […]

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Creative Minds Series with Visionary J French

Visionary J French’s healing through music ascension path will blow you away… J French’s first album without profanity, Good Karma is the result of deep introspection and therapy. “I didn’t write one word on this album”, says French. “I freestyled everything. I also had a therapist the whole time to make sure my heart and mind were in the […]

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