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What is your ININ, IN Integrity? The Golden Thread

This episode is a socratic freestyle episode to empower you to do your own deep dive exploration on what INTEGRITY means to you. Real life examples and ways to compassionately learn to listen to your own truth and to trust what is your foundational integrity moment to moment. What is your ININ? Tune in: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/2_16_24_Integrity_w_Bev.mp3

The Wisdom of Morrie Interview with Rob Schwartz: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

“My father would be overjoyed that the manuscript he worked so hard on is finally being published. I spoke with him at length about the book while he was writing it and he considered it to be the culmination of his insights into the human condition. Dad told me he drew from the most valuable […]

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The Compassionate Teddy Bear Run! The Golden Thread

G. Beverly Bergmann and Dr. Denise set the stage of moments of now with a description of their real life “Teddy Bear Runs” and heart centered FUN! The golden thread of awareness, self love and altruism allows US to stay in the space of Compassionate Service to Self and others. Join US on a Teddy […]

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LOVE ALLKIND! Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Jake Myers

“Use the energy of fear, betrayal, and other intense emotions to CREATE a MOMENTUM of Change.”~Dr. Denise “LOVE ALLKIND!” A vision and concept of working towards love & acceptance of individuals (all sentient beings) regardless of race, sexuality, gender, socioeconomic & more is near and dear to Dr. Denise’s heart and Earth mission. Jake Myers […]

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Pandemic Suffering, Integrity and Compassion with Simonetta Lein

Everyone is experiencing their pandemic in their own unique way.  It is important that we get our information from sources we believe are credible. We need to think for ourselves, stay mindful, and stay healthy. The Universal Truths of Awareness, Self Love and Compassion are to be remembered during this unimaginable time. Are you ready […]

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Neurosurgeon Dr. Ramin Javahery on Humility in Medicine – Podcast Transcription

It was an honor to interview Dr. Ramin Javahery, here is our important discussion on “Humility in Medicine:” Dr. Denise: This is the Dr. Denise Show. I’m Dr. Denise McDermott, an Adult and Child Psychiatrist, specializing in an integrated approach to mental health. I believe in prescribing the least amount of medication, coupled with a […]

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Neurosurgeon Dr. Ramin Javahery on Humility in Medicine

Be inspired by my interview with Dr. Ramin Javahery and our shared views about the importance of compassion, humility and the doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Ramin Javahery is a board certified neurosurgeon. His education began at UCLA where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in English Literature. During his undergraduate years, Dr. Javahery also […]

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