With Humility I was invited to speak at the Dalai Lama’s Men Tsee Khang’s 8th Body Mind Life Conference

I am humbled to announce that I am traveling to India to speak at the Dalai Lama’s Body Mind Life Conference, Nurturing Children’s Mental Health.” 9/30/18 & 10/1/18 Dharmshala, India. 

Here is the description of my talk:

Children’s mental health is one of the most important topics to be discussing as ONE HUMANITY. Did you know that 50% of life long mental health issues start before age 14, and 75% before age 24?

Awareness and self- love set the stage for inner peace and healthy mindset. When individuals thrive WE all thrive.

Dr. Denise McDermott will discuss the importance of children’s mental health as a foundation of physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Dr. Denise will discuss the core elements of what she believes are essential for our children to evolve and thrive.

The Western Medicine approach of biological, psychological and social psychiatric assessment will be discussed. The importance of including input from family, teachers and other professionals to help children to achieve optimal mental health will be strongly emphasized. It truly takes a village to raise a healthy child.

Did you know that psychiatrist in greek means, “Dr. of the Soul?” Traditionally in Western Medicine psychiatric training an emphasis of material science is championed. Dr. Denise values this and wants to take the discussion one step further on how she approaches a discussion of soul while working with her patients.

Dr. Denise believes that a practice of meditation, healthy diet and regular fitness are key elements to include in a holistic health plan. Teaching our children to have compassion for themselves and others is paramount for integrated well-being.

With gratitude and humility Dr. Denise is honored to be a part of Men Tsee Khang’s 8thBody Mind Life conference along side scholars and healers in this crucial discussion of “Children’s Mental Health.”



Can you say #RAWRRR?


Did I really let out an inviting cat call “Rawrrr” as a guest on Clean Eating Dirty Sex when discussing “spicing up” relationships?

I did.

Oh my… I feel like I lost my virginity on air Did it feel good? Yes. Scary? Yes.

When we are out of our comfort zone WE grow the most, right? I did not know what to expect when I said yes to being on the show. Randall and Lisa are a blast to talk to and we laughed so much.

Laughter is the best medicine!

I do know that holistic health and finding your own personal “thrive” is what I am passionate about as a psychiatrist. Soul alignment, happiness and being able to enjoy life are goals that we all need to strive for.

A healthy and intimate sex life is part of multidimensional wellbeing.

When I was in medical school and during residency and fellowship discussions on sex, kink, and how to talk to our patients about this was grossly neglected.  I think that as a society we need to figure out how to be non-shaming about sex, intimacy and relationships.

We need to focus on health and happiness. Self- acceptance and self-awareness are key ingredients for emotional and physical wellbeing. When individuals thrive WE all thrive.

Admittedly I was initially judging “is this show a good idea for my brand and my vision?” Then I said to myself you need to take a leap of faith. You need to advocate for healthy minds and bodies by participating in a show like this.  It is important to be a role model as an integrative psychiatrist who champions changing the way we think, talk and act about mental health and holistic wellbeing.

Clean Eating Dirty Sex is about pushing the envelope with up to date information on nutrition, healthy mindset, holistic health and yes…. SEX!




Supporting Loved Ones with Addiction



Supporting Loved Ones with Addiction

Supporting Loved
Ones with Addiction

Thursday, August 30

Lisa – We hear a lot about the “opioid epidemic,” and while it certainly is of significant concern, there are many other types of addictions people struggle with every day. Alcohol, gambling, smoking, shopping, sex, food… the list is open-ended.As difficult as these addictions are for the one suffering, they’re also troublesome for that person’s loved ones — particularly if that individual either denies a problem or simply refuses to get help.

Dr. Denise McDermott has a very personal connection to addiction, growing up with an alcoholic father. Fortunately, he got sober when Dr. Denise was eleven years old (and lived a long healthy life), but the pain she endured prior to his sobriety was intense.

In her interview with Naturally Savvy host Lisa Davis, Dr. Denise shares two keywords to remember: surrender and serenity. You must realize you are powerless over a loved one’s addiction. However, you can surrender with loving, kind and supportive responses to that loved one.

It’s also important to focus on your own self-care, because you can’t truly help another if you’re not healthy yourself. Try not to get sucked in to another’s damaging behavior. You can still be supportive and encouraging without sharing in their pain.

For many, the inner battle of whether to stay with an addict or leave is ever-present. Dr. Denise advises looking at the risk-benefit ratio. Are your children at risk? Is your beloved at least willing to change?

Finally, Dr. Denise recommends asking your loved one, “What do you believe to be the highest version of yourself? When is the last time you felt like you were thriving? What has made you the most passionate, alive and happy?” This can help bring someone out of self-loathing and into a mindset where they feel empowered to take charge of their own health and wellness.

Dr. Denise offers more insight and advice, so to learn more, access the episode HERE.

The Rewired LifeYou can now pre-order Rewired Radio host, Eric


Youth Athletics As Mind Medicine For Life

Dr. Bob and Sharkie knocked it out of the park with their #HehSportsParents book!

In case you missed it, here’s the podcast from Wednesday, August 1 show of ‘THE SPORTS DOCTOR’ -Dr. Denise McDermott, Adult & Child Psychiatrist, Podcast Host, Author & contributor to the book #HeySportsParents & Kate Nematollahi.

Here is our interview:


This Doc Is Proving You Don’t Have to Follow the Rules from The Premed Years

Listen to This Doc Is Proving You Don’t Have to Follow the Rules from The Premed Years | Medical School Headquarters | MCAT | AMCAS | Interviews in Podcasts. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/260-this-doc-is-proving-you-dont-have-to-follow-the-rules/id583254241?i=1000394832635&mt=2

****This episode was recorded last summer! I received a message from a premedical student yesterday thanking me for the tips on the show. I did not know this show was launched and thought I would share as it gives insight into my journey and it is a great reminder to stay on the path of love, light and service!
Dr. Denise