Mind-Blowing Secrets to Winning Mindset:Dr. Denise’s Unfiltered Vegas Talk

Welcome to an inspiring and engaging presentation by Dr. Denise McDermott, an integrative adult and child psychiatrist, at a recent Vegas event! In this talk, Dr. Denise delves into the profound connection between energy and mindset, exploring how fear and excitement can be harnessed to achieve a winning attitude.

Dr. Denise, known for her dynamic and holistic approach, shares personal anecdotes, including the significance of her “fuck button,” and emphasizes the importance of gratitude, humor, and vulnerability in mental health. She discusses the revolutionary concept of “neurostyle,” which promotes a non-judgmental understanding of how individuals process and perceive information.

With over 22 years of experience and a diverse client base, Dr. Denise brings a wealth of knowledge from her background at UCLA, Emory, and her private practice. She highlights the necessity of nurturing mental health and introduces her trademarked approach to understanding personal neuro styles.

Don’t miss this compelling talk filled with insightful stories, practical tips, and a touch of mindful profanity, all aimed at fostering a winning mindset and better mental health for all. Whether you’re a parent, coach, entrepreneur, or someone seeking personal growth, Dr. Denise’s words will resonate and inspire.



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