Are You Ready for Help?

Are you ready to seek help?

In this myth busting informative discussion Dr. Denise invites Dr. Joyce Spurgeon back for a deep dive show on where to start when you are ready to seek mental health treatment.

The roadmap of the who, what, when and where to start is right here:


~Don’t wait to seek help.

~Consult your primary care doctor or your spiritual leader for referrals and guidance.

~Bridge plans are available if there is a waitlist (discussed in this show)

~Interview your therapist, doctor or coach to make sure they are a neurostyle match for you.

~Finding  providers that have solutions that include prevention (exercise/ meditation/sleep/practice of gratitude) and patient empowerment are crucial.

~What to do before your first appointment includes the right mindset and being open and prepared for an authentic relationship.

~Ask yourself “Are you ready to be your own best friend?”

Thank you Dr. Joyce for the suggestion to get together again to do this show!

Joyce A Spurgeon, MD completed medical school at the University of Louisville and went on to do her residency in adult psychiatry there.  When she finished her residency, she stayed at University of Louisville as the associate training director for the psychiatric residency.  She progressed up and associate professor and became the training director and her clinical work was specializing in the treatment of mental illness in the peripartum period.  Following her time at UofL, she changed the directions in her career.  She was hired as the only psychiatrist at a Schneck Medical Center in Seymour, Indiana where she has worked for the past 7 years.  She is proud to work closely with the primary care providers to help treat mental illness in a vastly underserved community.