Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Kirk Patrick Miller

Dr. Denise kicks off her Embrace Your Neurostyle & Beyond podcast series with a compelling interview of Kirk Patrick Miller, the author of Chaos to Cured.  Kirk, tells the story of being diagnosed with Bi-Polar 1, OCD, ADHD and General Anxiety as a young man, relating the struggle of coming to terms with what he thought would be a limited life.  The pair examines Dr. Denise’s term: #NEUROSTYLE, the “unique we process and process and perceive the world around us.”  Kirk explains how the word set him free.   “It gave me lot better perspective as to how I should view myself.”  You’ll hear about the magnitude and amplitude of #CRISIS and the ladder up from #CRISIS to #STABILIZATION to #THRIVE.  The reduction of shame, the importance of self-love and how gratitude is so important to both Dr. Denise and Kirk are just some of the show’s important mental wellness takeaways.


Kirk Patrick Miller is an award nominated author and violinist. Suffering with bipolar one, ADHD, OCD, and generalized anxiety, his life was upended when he refused to give in to the diagnoses he was labeled with. After becoming the first medically documented case of full remission from bipolar, due to his unique endocrine treatment method he was asked to write his memoir, “Chaos to Cured.”

Now, ten years after writing his memoir he stands as a testament to hope and perseverance. Stable and successful, Mr. Miller runs a music institute, is a professional painter, author, speaker, and radio personality.

His desire to help others find hope comes from being granted a second chance he believes everyone deserves. First and foremost he stands against shame and judgment of any kind.

Mr. Miller believes that each and every individual can attain their potential with work, faith in themselves, and the understanding that what is often seen as a weakness is actually our greatest source of power. He stands firm in his belief that the key to living a fulfilling life is in accepting and loving the person we are, all while turning our hardships into wisdom, love, and compassion for all.


Website:  www.Chaos2Cured.com

Linked In:  Kirk Patrick Miller

Twitter: @Chaos2Cured

Clubhouse:  @Chaos2Cured

Instagram:  @Chaos2Cured

Facebook:  Kirk Patrick Miller



Creative Minds: AHA! Let’s Play…

Let’s PLAY!

This episode was inspired by an “AHA” moment of synchronicity that I was having with Ascension Media Music Director Emily Eddins during the interpretation of ideas, sounds and music tonight :)!!!

I do a playful deep dive as to the “WHY” of the Creative Minds Series!


Creative Minds Series Guests so far…!

Michel Pascal

Charles Mattocks

Joe Solo

Links to articles mentioned in show:

Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Creativity and Mental Health

Creativity and Flow

There is so much JOY in the Energy of Inspiration and Cocreation.


Dr. Denise 


Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond Series to Launch!

“Embrace Your Neurostyle & Beyond”
Series to drop this week on The Dr. Denise Show!
This series is near and dear to my heart.
(sacred pause)
I AM in Deep Gratitude for all of the collaborations, ideas, shows, and patient hours it took to BE in this Moment of NOW to CELEBRATE the HEALING POWER of words thoughts and actions for optimal mental, physical and spiritual health.
From  June 11, 2019:
As a collective WE are changing the way we think, talk and act about mental health. 
So many people suffer in silence with the stigma of discussing a diagnosis or feel shame that words cannot describe if they are going through an emotional rough patch.
I have been using the word neurostyle since 2016 with my clients, on shows, on interviews and when I was honored to be guest speaker on “Nurturing Children’s Mental Health” at the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Medical Society in Dharamshala, India  in 10/18.
Scholars, teachers, patients, and influencers have given me feedback that it is a neutral and nonjudgmental way to talk about the way we all process and perceive the world in our own unique way.”
~ Dr. Denise
 ” It’s not often that we get to come up with a new word that’s helpful and inspirational.  But I think my friend, Dr. Denise, has done it!   The word is NEUROSTYLE.   And it’s easy to understand.
Dr. Denise defines Neurostyle as the unique way in which we each process and perceive the world.
 So why do I think this word can be transformational? While we are making gains in understanding and talking about the importance of mental health, there’s still so much stigma in our world about the way our minds work.  “Oh, he’s bipolar.”  “She’s OCD.”  It can be destructive and debilitating.
Neurostyle is a fresh way of talking about the “style” with which we process the world around us.  Instead of heading into a new relationship and having tell a partner that you’re on medication for anxiety, imagine being able to say, “My neurostyle is that I have more concerns than you do.  So I might be cautious about trying that cliff-diving you like, but you’ll come to enjoy my neurostyle and how I’m careful and considerate with your feelings.
 Teachers, friends and colleagues can talk about individual neurostyle without judgment.   Dr. Denise explains that the names of diagnoses are still important as we all make improvements to our mental health, but hopefully this new word can help young and old as we take on the world around us.”
Emmy Award Winning Cathleen O’Toole, Co-host The Dr. Denise Show

Guest Commentary from June 17, 2019

Kirk Miller

I am extremely honored to be a guest on the Dr. Denise podcast, a show I believe can positively change and enhance the way we talk and communicate about mental health.

When Dr. Denise talks about Neurostyle, “We all process and perceive information in our own unique way,” she is encompassing a way we can all talk about our mental health, negating the negative labels and misunderstandings we have with mental health, and promoting us to embrace who we are, why we are, and that being different is not bad, but actually something that makes us special.

There is no ‘normal’ in life, and were everyone normal, life would not have the same excitement and creativity that leads to greatness in everything, whether sports, scholastics, art, music, and any endeavor of the heart and mind.

After suffering with physical health throughout much of my life, I was diagnosed with two rare physical illnesses: Linear IgA and erythrocytosis.  I was also diagnosed with Bipolar One, OCD, ADHD, and generalized anxiety.

Having all of these problems was, at first, something that made me feel like less of a man, less of a human, and less of a son, brother, and friend.

In the interview Dr. Denise brought up information (the role of inflammation that is part of many disease processes) which was one of the clues I utilized in helping to lead me to a unique way of treating bipolar, a method and medication which I use now and will continue for the remainder of my days.

(see link above for show and full commentary)

One thing I can say, with complete certainty, is that Dr. Denise shares with us to make the world a more beautiful place where we embrace our struggles, finding the beauty in a tree that clings to the edge of a cliff.  Life is not easy, there is no shame in being different, so Embrace your NeuroStyle and enjoy a great podcast from a wonderful person, doctor, friend, and advocate of all.



FALL 2021

There are NO COINCIDENCES that I asked Kirk to be the first guest to be interviewed for this series and for Cathleen O’toole he and I  to take “Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond” to the next level of service and healing for the masses. 

I AM humbled.

Stay Tuned.

With love and reverence~

Dr. Denise 

Creative Minds Series with Award Winning Record Producer Joe Solo

Status: Super EXCITED for this interview to drop!


Are you ready to spend some time with Joe Solo?

Based in Los Angeles, Joe is the record producer who developed Grammy-artist Macy Gray (26 million units sold)!

He is the CEO of Joe Solo Music+Entertainment Inc. and is Founder & President of the Hollywood Creative Academy. 

“Embody the spirit of the lyric while singing the song,” Joe’s inspirational advice for aspiring musicians.

Here is our interview:

 Joe Solo

Record Producer, Songwriter, Speaker

• Credits Include: Fergie, Macy Gray, Atlantic, MTV, Epic, HBO, Paramount, NBC, Universal, Sony, Apple, Famous Music Publishing, CBS, Killer Tracks, Fox Sports Music, BMG, Hasbro Games

• Seasoned Film / TV Composer & Songwriter; Songs heard on One Tree Hill, The OC, Major League Baseball, Dancing with the Stars, and many others

• Past speaking engagements include The NAMM Show, ASCAP’s “I Create” Expo, The Songwriter’s Guild of America, Expression College of Digital Arts, Billboard’s Film & TV Music Conference, The Producer’s Conference, UCSB, The National Assoc. of Record Industry Professionals, and KTLA News.

• Endorsements include Gibson, Apogee, Spectrasonics, Yamaha, Propellerheads, RME, Seymour Duncan, Overloud, MOTU, and Antares.

• Currently Joe is helping artists and music industry pros to become successful through his Hollywood Creative Academy, instructional videos, hands-on career coaching, live seminars, and of course… songwriting & producing records. 
















You ALL Rock…THANK YOU. xoxo Dr. Denise


Together WE are changing the way WE think, talk and act about mental health.

The 40K downloads happened (just now) the same week three Diva Discussion shows dropped and the press release launched, “Dr. Denise Vision Celebrates Five Years of Service.”

Divine timing.

NO Coincidences.

This landmark did not come with out challenges and experiences that have given me the rocket fuel for greater ascension, resiliency and humility to produce, inspire and collaborate with some of the most motivating souls on planet EARTH.

It is just the beginning…

Listen as to why:


The Alchemy of Betrayal








“Gratitude is my secret sauce!” ~ Dr. Denise

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Diva Discussions:Brooke Stokes AHA Moments into ABUNDANCE and away from addiction

Can you say AHA DIVA MOMENTS?!

WE just went NEXT LEVEL with this “part 2” with Brooke Stokes as she shares her hiccups and humilities of embracing her neurostyle on her unique pathway from addiction to ABUNDANCE.



Adaptive Perfectionism vs. Restrictive Perfectionism.

Compulsive behavior.

Integrative health.

WE talked dating (polyamory, monogamish, competitive hot selfies)…


She also REVEALED her FLIRTING determination that landed her the love of her life…

Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle.

Here WE go to CELEBRATE BROOKE’s Thrive!:




David Nieves (her fiancé)

Power of Belief

Adaptive vs Restrictive Perfectionism




Dr. Denise

Diva Discussions:Brooke Stokes Journey from Addiction to Abundance

This DIVA is leaving me speechless.

From unimaginable child hood trauma she alchemized her addiction moments and challenges to go straight into her suffering like a boss bitch and shift the energy to create her own personal thrive after facing many rock bottoms.

With the help of hope, faith, holistic health habits  and her EARTH Angels Brooke Stokes is now ROCKING her life and IN SERVICE to others!

Listen and BE INSPIRED:

Brooke Stokes:

Brooke’s childhood involved trauma that led her to battling addiction until the age of 25. When she started her sobriety journey in 2015 she found her love for fitness and that is where she discovered her passion of coaching. Brooke now resides in Dallas Texas and plays the role of a women’s empowerment coach, health & wellness influencer, crypto trader, fiancé to the love of her life, & step mom to 3. She loves to travel and has been able to live in Asia for some time and different parts of the US. Hiking with her dog Rumi, cooking, exploring the planet & fishing are some of her favorite things to do.

Owning Your INNER Mrs. Robinson

Thank you Maria Shriver.

My Mom now officially approves of me dating younger men thanks to your piece on the Today show, “Inside The Trend of Older Women Dating Younger Men!”

Listen here:

Sacred Sexuality



Diva Discussions with Radio Personality Abbie Knights

Are you ready?!

This week’s






Is dedicated to building her platform to pay it forward and help children in need, she is a passionate bilingual creative, hoping to capture her audience with an endearing, honest approach to reality in today’s world, by spreading kindness, love and positivity through conversation and laughter.

Meet Radio Personality Abbie Knights:

Her Story

Abbie Knights, founder of Kya Entertainment, has been around the entertainment industry for over 20 years. Always fascinated by “show business”, Abbie began her journey at the young age of 13 pursuing a career in music as an artist. Like many, she endured a lot of trial and error and missed opportunities due to lack of knowledge. After meeting with labels like Universal and Capitol Records, she continued to expand her network. Throughout the years she became savvy in creating opportunities for herself, developing her skills and understanding the importance of branding in the millennial era through social platforms. Although music was the dream, her greatest passion always lied behind the lens and helping others. “I’ve always shared an incredibly passionate and whimsical relationship with music, photography and self-expression”. Her goal today is to make an impactful difference. When asked about her purpose in life, she says that her hope is to be able to “inspire, and make a positive difference in the lives of others”. “Kimani [meaning man of integrity] Media Group, is a business I started to help people create a unique way of expression through digital media”, “Voice Your Style” is a slogan KMG thrives on. “Freedom of expression is what brings character and beauty to life and gives a voice to art”.

Abbie, has been credited and worked on TV shows and feature films such as: Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Bad Boys for Life, The Vampire Diaries, Ozark, Hangman, Love Simon, Family, MacGyver, Escape Plan 2 – Hades, Legacies, Boomerang, Wild N’ Out, Fear Street, Stargirl, Watchmen, Jumanji: The Next Level, Noelle, Holidate, Sweet Magnolias, Black Lightning, Falcon and The Winter Soldier, The Walking Dead (Season 10) and many others. She has also done stage work for the following artists: Keith Urban, Pentatonix, Kesha, Phish, Gladys Knight and the O’Jays, Dierks Bentley, Five Finger Death Punch, Evanescence, Godsmack/Shinedown, Jason Mraz, Charlie Puth, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Deep Purple and Lenny Kravitz. As a photographer, she has photographed professional athletes, mainstream artists, actors and public figures in entertainment. Her images have been featured by brands such as: Training Mask, B-Force Bands, Defiance Fuel and Shedfat. She has also been digitally published in “The Hype Magazine”.

Currently she is an on-air personality on FM radio, where she is the host of her show “The Abbie Knights Morning Show” with over 1,000,000 listeners. Her show brings to life an honest, heartfelt tone with a variety of compelling stories. Celebrity guests include: Ms. Juicy, Tank, For King and Country, Sam Feldt, Josh Powell, Vedo, Hector Camacho Jr., Alimi Ballard, Monique Samuels, Antonique Smith, K.D. Aubert, Sam Bruno, Jason Thomas Gordon, Jovan Armand, Frankie J, Darkiel, Victoria Monét, Thai Nguyen, Breland, Noel G, Anthony “Big Citric” Campos, Spice 1, Tito Puente Jr., Mellow Man Ace, John “John John” Rasboro, Gary “Lil G” Jenkins, T-Rell, Carson Rowland and many others. Season 1 of her first podcast “Late Nights with Abbie” is available through SM1 Entertainment on Roku TV, as well as iHeart Radio, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Her newest podcast shows “Buena Onda (The Spanglizzz Show)”  with Anthony “Big Citric” Campos (from the George Lopez Show) and MIYA with co-hosts Lornalitz Baez and Ariel Yasmine, are available on iHeart Radio. 

Abbie’s 4 Shows!
The Abbie Knights Show (TAKS – pronounced “talks”)
Internet/FM Radio
Live89FM / Hot365Radio – Reruns, iHeart Radio/Visual -Youtube
MIYA (Acronym Translation – Independent and Loving Women)
Co-Hosts: LornaLitz Baez & Ariel Yasmine
Visual Exclusive: RideTheWeiv.com
Audio: iHeart Radio, Spotify and Apple Podcasts
Co-Host: Anthony “Big Citric” Campos
Visual: The Hype Magazine Network / Roku TV
Audio: iHeart Radio, Spotify and Apple Podcasts
Visual: SM1 Entertainment / Roku TV
Audio: iHeart Radio, Spotify and Apple Podcasts
Abbie and I were on a roll about the importance of SERVICE and ALTRUISM and spoke briefly about Young Musician’s Foundation as well as the ALIKI ONE consciousness jewelry line that has “capitalism with altruism” built into the vision in honor of children of ALLKIND!


Creative Minds with TV and Film Executive Charles Mattocks





It is with ABSOLUTE excitement and HONOR that I get to launch this interview on the EVE of the launch of  Season 2 of REVERSED!

Drum Roll…. PLEASE!!!

Meet Charles Mattocks:



CHARLES MATTOCKS is an Award-Winning Actor, Director, Producer, Television Host and Health Advocate whose priority for health first and saving lives does not get in his way of excelling in all areas of the business.The Nephew of the late great Bob Marley, Mattocks comes from a very high profile family lineage so it is no surprise that he is taking the Healthcare world by storm.

An accomplished Actor, Charles Mattocks notably starred with a pivotal role in “ The Summer of Ben Tyler” alongside legends James Woods and Elizabeth McGovern. The movie garnered six nominations during the award season and Variety Magazine declared, “In Charles Mattocks, a star is born.”

As an author, producer, and director, his work has been showcased with appearances on CNN, The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Talk, The Martha Stewart Show and numerous media outlets worldwide.

Charles’ world changed the minute he was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. As he stared death in the face, he knew he had a larger mission to make changes not only for himself but so many others! He armed himself with education and determination and began to reverse his condition. He documented his process in a provocative documentary, “The Diabetic You”, which peels back the curtain on the good, the bad, and the ugly of the diabetes epidemic. This film set his advocacy in motion, with Charles ascending to become a Blue Circle Champion for the International Diabetes Association and a published author for the American Diabetes Association.


Charles created, directed, and executive produced “Reversed”, the highly acclaimed diabetes reality docuseries, on Discovery Life Channel. The show received much recognition from both critics and medical professionals and earned a second season pick-up – this time focusing on HIV. He also produced Trial By Fire, about his mother’s rare disease, complex regional pain syndrome.

The buzz worthy success of Reversed inspired FYI network to continue Charles’ healing quests, so, in January, 2020, Charles’ groundbreaking new series, Eight Days, premiered. The series follows the raw ups and downs of five cancer patients as they wage their battle for survival and journey toward healing. Just as he did in reversed, Charles  guided his enlightened group toward positive outcomes beyond their wildest expectations.


Charles’ passion and personality are contagious and have skyrocketed him to unparalleled success with whatever he tackles. Saving lives of people suffering with chronic illness and inspiring them with his life- changing message, he has become the premiere media expert on health and wellness. Charles entertains, educates, inspires, and heals millions with his ahead-of-the-curve creativity and dedication to excellence in television hosting, content creation, and dynamic advocacy.