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Julia and Maddy created Sentiment back in March, after seeing how the pandemic was negatively affecting mental health. They realized that lots of people were having a hard time checking in on themselves regularly, and though this was worsened by the pandemic, it was not a new phenomenon. So, they created Sentiment: a texting community where they send daily texts to remind people to check in on themselves and their loved ones to provide inspiration, motivation and connection.
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Julia Sheth was born and raised in Manhattan Beach, California (where she recently met Dr. Denise)! She graduated from the engineering school at Columbia University this past May with a degree in Computer Science, and she is now working as a software engineer at Microsoft.
Maddy Placik grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and attended Colby College in Maine where she studied Physics and Art, graduating in May 2018. She then continued her studies at Columbia University where she met Julia while also studying Computer Science. Maddy is now working as a Project Manager at American Express in New York City.
Check out the concert on Sentiment with Caroline Sky, yes, the Caroline that was on ‘The Voice’!

“Special thanks to Professor Lydia Chilton for believing in us and helping us along our journey with Sentiment and the Columbia University Virtual Design Challenge and Ignition Grant for inspiring us to create Sentiment and supporting us through the process!” ~xoxo Maddy & Julia

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Meet CEO of Mental Health News Radio Network, Kristin Sunanta Walker!

Kristin Sunanta Walker is the CEO of Mental Health News Radio Network and Mental Health Media Network which offers over 90+ podcasts focused on different aspects of mental health. She also created a streaming platform in partnership with Truli to showcase mental health films, her network podcasts, and docuseries. Her network endeavors are about powerful voices in service of others and self, educating people about all facets of mental health including mental illness, addiction, and more. With over 22 million listeners across her platforms, she invites individuals and organizations to share their great works in order to make the terms mental health and mental illness are comfortable, safe, and empowered discussions.
It is truly an honor for the Dr. Denise Show to be a part of the Network!
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Gratitude In Action

The Ascension Show Seven Gratitude in Action

This is the week in the United States that many of us think about Gratitude and its role in our lives. The Ascension Show Team wants us to paint all our days in the colors of #GRATITUDE! We dig deep and see what we’re grateful for in our personal lives, but Dr. Denise McDermott and Dr. Andrea Best also talk about how they counsel their patients in gratitude. Look for Ascension Medium Jennifer Shaffer to tune us into how this is prevalent in her practice too. Dr. Best will school us on the Science of Gratitude and how our body, mind and soul benefit from incorporating this into mindful practices. We’re also “Being Real Here” — at this Time of Thanksgiving in the age of pandemic. We share our unique and creative plans for getting through the holiday season. From quarantine groups, bi-coastal family sing-alongs and more! Plus, we will discuss nutrition => exercise => and your immune system. Look for our Gratitude in Action segment when we serve up homework to load up your platter of grateful feelings and all its healthy side dishes.

Anchors: Dr. Denise McDermott, Jennifer Shaffer, Dr. Andrea Best, Cathleen O’Toole Guests: G. Beverly Bergmann, Katherine Axiotis
Executive Producers: Dr. Denise McDermott, Cathleen O’Toole
Associate Producer: Katherine Axiotis

Vocals: Emily Eddins

Producers: Dr. Denise McDermott, G. Beverly Bergmann, Emily Eddins Graphic Artist: Carolyn Honda

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Post Election, Perfect Timing

Post-Election, Perfect Timing

Commentary by Dr. Andrea Best

My heart is full of hope and I am so encouraged, after our interview of Dr. Bandy Lee. Dr. Denise and I had the honor of speaking with her at this time in the world, when her level of understanding, advocacy, and enlightened boldness are most needed. We do not often have the privilege of speaking with colleagues at this enlightened and scientific level about:  politics, sociopathy, healthcare, psychiatry, diagnosis of mental illness, and the dangerousness of the outgoing leadership/mindset of its following. I lost track of time, I was so engrossed in the discussion of her work with sociopaths, prisoners— to her social justice advocacy work as President of the World Mental Health Coalition. I encourage everyone to listen to this podcast, the previous one with Dr Lee and Dr Denise, and the powerful livestream of the World Mental Health Coalition’s recent Emergency Interdisciplinary Conference.

Today, we discussed that conference, ongoing solutions to heal individuals and society, and people/organizations committed to doing exactly this. I look forward to our future discussions and reading her second book, Trump’s Mind, America’s Soul, as well. My hope is that people will be encouraged by her example of speaking up and advocating for justice, especially those in healthcare. That all people will understand, at a higher level, what actually is  moving through this country, the health consequences and outright dangerousness of it. We need to move in the space of hope, love and unity.

Despite the darkness that I see and read about daily in the news, I am choosing to be hopeful, Hopeful In Action. I am choosing to speak up. I am choosing to work with leaders like Dr. Denise and Dr. Lee (and any genuinely interested in rooting out injustice) in order that integrity is restored in all levels of governmental leadership in this country, and in the leadership of American healthcare. Attempts to silence physicians, to encourage more passivity and to incite fear will ultimately fail. Why? Because even if physicians do not recall or honor their Duty, i.e. the Hippocratic oath, or the expanded version, the 1948 Declaration of Geneva, they, like all people, will feel discord. This discord… The very personal, negative physiological and psychological health consequences of being an active participant in creating injustice— or passively, quietly allowing injustice. With such, The Soul will not be at peace.  It can heal, however. There are steps to alchemize, to think, feel, and do better. We all have a voice and we are more powerful than we believe. I am thankful for Dr Lee’s body of work and activism. I am thankful there are solutions and people (many more than earlier believed) who are intelligently and boldly moving to implement them, to effect change.




5 Psychiatrists Educating The Public On Mental Health

I just received a lovely email from Caroline Eliasson from

Honored to be included in 5 Psychiatrists Educating The Public On Mental Health!

It was a nice start to my day to reflect how far I have come since that video that was recorded (over 5 years ago). I am going to contact Caroline and her team and express gratitude for this introduction to their audience.

Check out the Dr. Denise Show on Mental Health News Radio Network. 


Ascension Media!


Tune In.  Be Aware.  Access Your Channel with the Ascension Medium

The Ascension Show Team shines the spotlight on our very own Ascension Medium Jennifer Shaffer.  We hear about the origins and evolution of her skills as a practicing spiritual intuitive.   From a robust practice of individual clients to pro-bono work for more than a decade working with families and various law enforcement agencies. Jennifer takes us through a typical day, getting the downloads of being connected to the spirit world.  How did she know she had this ability?  How did she overcome any fears or concerns she might’ve had at first? Jennifer feels everyone has this ability to some 

extent. We’ll let science meet the spiritual.  And find out how your Loved Ones from the other side communicate and how to feel their energy. You’ll get your very own AWARENESS lesson, with take-home work for you to tune in to.  How does Jennifer do that?   You’ll find out!

Anchors:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Jennifer Shaffer, Dr. Andrea Best, Cathleen O’Toole

Guests:  G. Beverly Bergmann, Dr. Achal Singh Achrol, MD, Jack Shaffer, Blake Shaffer

Executive Producers:  Dr. Denise McDermott, Cathleen O’Toole 

Associate Producer:  Katherine Axiotis


Vocals: Emily Eddins

Producers: Dr. Denise McDermott, G. Beverly Bergmann, Emily Eddins

Graphic Artist:  Carolyn Honda

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Jennifer Shaffer’s Bob Olson Book Recommendation:

Subject of Three Bestselling Books and two Short Films by Award-Winning Filmmaker, Director and Author Richard Martini, “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” Volumes 1,2 & 3

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Unity. Hope. What’s NEXT?

Dr. Best, Marjan Mamooie and I sat down to capture our feelings after the election.

We agreed that there is a lot of work to do with the level of divide in the United States yet are hopeful that we can unite one conversation at a time.

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On the Eve of Election Day I received a call from a dear friend  about her unkind, neglectful and verbally abusive father. While I was giving her tips on self love and self care I receive a text from Marjan that was shocking and sent chills up my spine.

The text read:

“Government Watch List. The federal government maintains a list of names of people who may be associated with a known suspect, are a known suspect themselves, or are under “reasonable suspicion” of involvement in an extremist group or terrorist activity. Did you know? If (LEAVING BLANK INTENTIONALLY) name appears on a government watch list supplied by the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Interpol, or another government agency you will have access to the details associated with this record.”

THE ERA of THE SOCIOPATH is the title of this week’s DIVA DISCUSSIONS.

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Article referenced in show.

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