Maui Evacuation Day

My heart is still in Maui.

My son and I were in Maui at the time of the tragic devastation of the wildfires. It was moment to moment touch and go on the day of departure. We were incredibly fortunate to evacuate unharmed.

The last few days have been filled with grief, sadness and disbelief that sacred Lahaina is no longer there.

I have friends there that have missing family members and loved ones that have lost their homes and businesses.

This morning I had a meeting with Christine Blanchette and she held sacred space for me to share my feelings and emotions and prayers for Maui which inspired this show.

Listen here:

Thank you Christine! IG: christineblanchette_tv

Maui County

Maui Food Bank

Maui Humane Society


Meet World Renowned Ketogenic Nutritionist Maria Emmerich: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Nutrition superstar Maria Emmerich joins us for a vulnerable and eye opening discussion about health and the ketogenic lifestyle. Maria and her husband Craig are true paradigm progression pioneers as they have been in this health and nutrition space for over two decades!

 I am so grateful for their body of work and best selling books that have reached millions at this point.

Tune in for anti-inflammation and nutrition myth busting hacks right here:

Maria Emmerich is a nutritionist who specializes in the ketogenic diet
and exercise physiology. She struggled with her health and weight
throughout childhood which led her to become such a passionate
nutrition expert. “My goal is to help transform people’s lives and
start living again!” Maria specializes in brain neurotransmitters and
how food can increase mental wellness. Her expertise has sent her
around the World speaking about ketogenic diets. She has also cooked
with Halle Berry and writes for Halle’s website. You can find her at

Never Giving UP with Chaos 2 Cured Kirk Patrick Miller, Embrace Your Neurostyle

“NEVER GIVE UP!” -Kirk Patrick Miller

Kirk walks the walk of service, humility, and self love.

His mental health warrior journey of embracing his neurostyle and empowering others to do the same has reached new levels.

This episode is a deep review of what these concepts mean to him and how he integrates and INSPIRES others with his coaching, podcast and creative endeavors.

Tune IN here:


Kirk Patrick Miller is an award nominated author and violinist. Suffering with bipolar one, ADHD, OCD, and generalized anxiety, his life was upended when he refused to give in to the diagnoses he was labeled with. After becoming the first medically documented case of full remission from bipolar, due to his unique endocrine treatment method he was asked to write his memoir, “Chaos to Cured.”

Now over a decade after writing his memoir he stands as a testament to hope and perseverance. Stable and successful, Mr. Miller runs a music institute, is a professional painter, author, speaker, and radio personality.

His desire to help others find hope comes from being granted a second chance he believes everyone deserves. First and foremost he stands against shame and judgment of any kind.

Mr. Miller believes that each and every individual can attain their potential with work, faith in themselves, and the understanding that what is often seen as a weakness is actually our greatest source of power. He stands firm in his belief that the key to living a fulfilling life is in accepting and loving the person we are, all while turning our hardships into wisdom, love, and compassion for all.


*This show was recorded before one of Kirk’s dearest friend’s passed away, Tiffany Werhner LMHC from a cardiac event on 7/16/23.

Tiffany was an ABSOLUTE mental health advocacy ANGEL and is survived by her husband Matt and her two boys.

I am sending love and deep condolences to her loved ones and to everyone that was INSPIRED by her.

Kirk gave me permission to still launch the show as he knows that Tiffany wants him to continue to march on with their shared mission of helping others to feel that they are enough and as she said “IT IS OK TO NOT BE OK.”


Dr. Denise

Meet Lillian Walker Stem Cell Activation Specialist, Neuro Somatic Holistic Practitioner: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

It is an honor to welcome Lillian Walker, Stem Cell Activation Specialist-Poly-Certified Clinical Neuro Somatic Holistic Practitioner, ranked globally in the top 100 in 2022!
Her most vulnerable moment as a parent in witnessing her son’s decline and recovery with Guillain-Barré syndrome as an 11 year old  humbly ignited and shaped her unique heartfelt holistic clinical practice.
Hope, resilience, FAITH and prayer set the foundation for both WIN stories eloquently shared in tonight’s episode:
Lillian Walker
🔴 I’ve recovered a lady’s memory back after 20 yrs of Amnesia and she still has a bullet in her head!
🔴 Shrunk breast tumor to 10 times smaller, dissolved blood clots in legs, and many neurological disorders and syndromes.
🔴 Helped a kidney transplant survivor who got covid was in ICU on respirator, with blood clots in lungs, in a coma, not expected to live, got her home in less than 3wks and she’s doing phenomenal!
🔴 I use Photobiomodulation paired with meridian points used by navy seals to RESET 1/3 the original stem cells to their original younger state to REPAIR damaged cells RESTORE collagen REBUILD scar tissue RELIEVE pain and more!
Dame Lillian Walker B.S. PUAD, BioSci.,C.Ht,RCS-D, OOSJ, Stem Cell Activation Specialist Producer/host of LOVE & MONEY SECRETS TV published Best Selling author- Intuition Manifesto
FOUNDER/CREATOR PSMO© ® TM Method for resolving & dissolving anxiety & NEURO-HEALTH RESET-NEURO SOMATIC PROCESS for pain relief.
Intuitive Clinical Polycertified  Neurosomatic Holistic Practitioner
Bachelors Science Pre-Med Biological Sciences/HealthAdministration -University of Southern California
Certificate  Entrepreneurship – University of Southern California, Certified Collaborative Specialist in Divorce- Vanderbilt University
Certified Neuro somatic Hypnotist- SDHI
Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Face Reader
Certified Medical Integrative NLP -Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certified ICBCH
Formerly Certified Emergency Medical Technician-Worked The OLYMPICS
Certified Shaolin Yi Jin QI GONG
Knighted In The Order Of St. John Hospitalers 1,100 Year old order Lineage.
Full Bio:
@lillianiwalker ❤️

Meet Steven Weiss-Smith, Certified Hypnotherapist: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Talking with certified hypnotherapist Steven Weiss-Smith turned into a science-meets-spirit sensory perception journey that I did not expect.

I love this type of surprise!

You will too,

His vulnerable shares of his healing journey in understanding the loss of a dear friend through a past life regression set the stage for the evolution of his practice as a hypnotherapist that bridges his creativity and humbled wisdom.

When he mentioned a scientific theory he has about individuals with ADHD possibly accessing other lifetimes at a different speed it was a Super Synchronicity Moment for both of us.

This episode is for the individual that truly embraces scientific inquisition and multidimensional self actualized healing with an open mind and heart.
Buckle your seat belts for this show especially if you are a UNIVERSE GEEK:

Steven Weiss-Smith is a certified hypnotherapist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner with a diverse background in filmmaking, screenwriting, memoir writing, and advanced planning consulting. With his unique “Chapters of Life” method, Steven helps his clients recognize the importance of each life challenge, old and new, and move forward to achieve their goals.

Clients from all walks of life seek Steven’s specialized expertise in working with individuals who struggle with ADHD, anxiety, focus, perfectionism, and procrastination. As someone with personal experience with these conditions, he has a particular interest in helping his clients tap into their hidden superpowers and break free from their limitations.

In addition to his work with those facing these challenges, Steven is also dedicated to helping seniors. He has developed a specialization in helping them remember their purpose and relevance, sleep better, and improve their memory, so they can feel less isolated and more engaged with life.

Steven’s fascination with history has led him to believe that we can learn important lessons about how to live our lives. As a certified Past Life Regression therapist, he offers his clients the opportunity to travel back in time to resolve unknown issues of today.

With a personalized approach to hypnotherapy, Steven ensures that each client receives tailored guidance and support on their unique journey. By empowering them to overcome obstacles and tap into their true potential, he helps them move forward with confidence and embrace new adventures and opportunities in the next chapters of their lives.

*Please know that we had call drops and decided the SHOW MUST GO ON, thanks for your patience.

PEACE OF MIND, Creative Minds Series with Luminary Michel Pascal

Tune In for a humbling update from Michel Pascal.

He leads with heart energy.

We discuss the amazing results of his meditation program that has been implemented in the Amity Foundation for individuals that are incarcerated that has translated in suicide prevention for the last decade!

Exciting announcements on his body of work including his concert in Times Square this September!

His sacred remembrance of his beloved friend French Titanic Expert Paul-Henri Nargeolet and the work they did together is revered beyond this realm.

If you are in LOS ANGELES he will be here giving a free workshop on 7/19!

Listen Here:

MICHEL PASCAL Michel Pascal is a transformational and spiritual multi-talented artist, meditation teacher, singer, composer, photographer, film director, and author dedicated to supporting underserved populations – including LA’s hardened population of parolees. An author of 20 books on spirituality, Including “Instants sacrés” with HH Dalai Lama and “Meditation for Daily Stress, 10 practices for immediate well-being” A book that describes all his new approach of Meditation. Who has taught to VA US Army for the Chaplains at Veterans Center in Sandiego, Firemen NYC, Psychotherapists, Google, 911 customer service, Google, Nestle, Harvard University, John Hopkins University, Columbia University, Pratt, Stony Brookes University, Yola At LA Yola Schools of Gustavo Dudamel, Aspire Pacific Academy, Dharma Yoga Center NYC/LA. He is the director of the We Are Never Alone film, one of the solutions of the Never Alone movement for Suicide prevention and Mental Health. As a singer Pascal has performed his “Medicine Voice” concerts several times at Carnegie Hall in NYC. This year he will perform the Christmas concert 2021. He has been singing with famous musicians like Myron McKinley, music Director of Earth, Wind and Fire, Verdine White Co Founder of Earth, Wind and Fire, Paul Pesco, Mark Ledford (vocalist of Pat Metheny Group), and many more…

Meet Tasha Powell Artist and Food Stylist: Creative Mind Series

Are you ready to meet Tasha Powell?!

Join Tasha and I on a journey that invites you to access your inner peace, inspiration, and True Integration of mind, body, soul through the creative arts.

Tasha’s passion for creating EXPERIENCES through her art, culinary giftedness and her retreats exemplifies the BEINGNESS of DEEP PLAY.

I am blown away by her Intuitive Spirit and the way she attracts cocreators!


Tasha Powell, Artist & Food stylist based in Manhattan Beach and Aix-en-Provence, France.
Tasha has been painting in a variety of mediums including pastels, oil, acrylic and mixed media but gravitates towards oil painting. She embraces impressionistic styles rather than realistic styles. Her objective for those viewing her work is for the viewer to understand how art allows her to re-create moods that change based on the luminosity of the colors she chooses. She is drawn to paint pensive female figures that signify strength and beauty and has created a series called “Fierce Women.” She also loves the freedom of mixed media painting using oil, paper, acrylic and found objects.
Tasha is also a food stylist and writer who specializes in working with celebrities, celebrity chefs and leaders in the entertainment, hospitality and travel industries. She covers celebrity events in Los Angeles and in Europe.  She also cooks and styles for monographs, cookbooks and Satellite Media Tours, working between North America and France.
Pitcher & Powell Culinary Tours
Tasha Powell:  Food Styling Website:
Saatchi Art
Los Angeles Art Association – online show:  Full-bodied Exhibition (my painting is entitled Bohemian Eye)

Meet Tom Massari, Sleep Medium

Are you ready to meet veteran sleep medium Tom Massari?

I am humbled by the supersynchronicity and evolution of how I met him.

Tom Massari, co-author of “The Art Of Reclaiming Your Intention And Power according to Abram and author of “Conversations With An Alien” is a well respected veteran sleep medium of more than 50 years. Along with Abram, he has held thousands of public and private sessions including, workshops, seminars and classes in the U.S. And other countries.


  • is one of the foremost and groundbreaking channels in the metaphysical field from the early 1970’s
  • has mentored some of today’s top personalities in metaphysics
  • has held thousands of public and private channeled sessions for people nationally and internationally
  • is the co-author of “The Art Of Reclaiming Your Intention And Power”
  • is an accomplished musician having composed a film score and meditation, sleep, jazz/rock and orchestrated music.


Meet Jenn Drummond, First Female World Record Holder to Climb the Second Highest Summits of the 7 Continents

I have never said WOW so many times during an interview in my entire life.
Are you ready to meet Jenn Drummond?
Jen  became the first female record holder to climb the second highest summits on each of the 7 continents this month!!!
Jenn’s humbled awareness, precision tenacity, and inspirational storytelling will leave you awestruck:
A car accident in 2018 left Jenn Drummond awestruck and emboldened.  Rescue workers couldn’t imagine any scenario where she came out of it alive, but she did.  That’s when she realized you don’t get to choose when you leave this life…but you sure can choose how you live it.  Strengthened by this awareness, she set out to live in a more authentic and adventurous way.
Inspired to climb a mountain for her birthday, her son raised the stakes by suggesting Mount Everest.  Not one to back down from a challenge, she accepted the pursuit. During her training, her coach upped the ante and proposed that she go for a Guinness World Record and become the first woman to climb the 7 second summits. The pursuit matched her desire to live a life of significance, not just success.
Today, Jenn is a world record holder who elevates others to master their own summit in life.  She’s a successful business owner and Mom of 7 remarkable kids who, as you have heard, boldly inspire and brazenly challenge her. She’s also an international speaker, an author, and Host of the Seek Your Next Summit podcast, who’s focused on inspiring others to go beyond success to a life of significance.

The Summer Sit-Down with Dr. Denise: On Staying Sane


Summer is a time that many of us hit the re-set button. Work and school schedules change and there is often time to reflect and recharge.  So how to do it wisely and with intention?  That’s where Dr. Denise comes in with this “Summer Sit-Down” that’s full of practical ideas for starting fresh and relaxing a bit.  From how to truly get unplugged and enjoy a little time away from work to convincing a partner or children to “buy-in” to a Summer Thrive, Dr. Denise shares some valuable ideas for a Summer of Renewal!!