Creative Minds Series with Film Director and Producer Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret

When I think about Desiree and the movie “The White Line” the word that comes to mind is IMPACT. The impact of the movie on today’s issues of female empowerment and racial harmony. Desiree and team have done a wonderful job of touching every corner of both of those issues.”~ Chris Gordon, Media Source Entertainment

Thank you Chris Gordon for the invite to the 10/20/21 Beverly Hills screening of the Award Winning Namibian film, “The White Line” and for the thought provoking discussion and Q&A afterwards with film director Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret which led to this podcast interview today.

It is an honor to have Desiree as the first female of the Creative Minds Series of The Dr. Denise Show.

As a film director and producer Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret embodies multidimensional creativity, intuition, passion, and devotion to IMPACTFUL media that is a catalyst for TRANSCENDANT messages of Universal LOVE and HEALING.

Her ability to Envision, Create and Assemble this multitalented cast and crew is Next Level Inspiring!

Meet Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret:

*** Tomorrow 11/4/21 at 3pm,  The White Line will be screened at the Landmark Theatre in LosAngeles at the Asian World Film Festival, an Oscar Qualifying festival! 




Desiree is an award winning director/producer from Namibia. Desiree’s participation in the Namibian film and theatre industry spans over 12 years as a performer, actress, creative director as well as playwright. She produced, wrote and directed a theatre play titled’ A Lifetime of Blues’ that won best set design at the Namibian Film and Theatre Awards 2014.

She has worked on countless film sets including ‘Fish Out of Water’ as a Line Producer by the well-known Namibian filmmaker Vickson Hangula. Desiree’s award winning debut film titled ‘The White Line’ has premiered and screened at various international film festivals across the globe and has went on to win Best newcomer director for Desiree and best film script and the Audience choice award at the Namibia Theatre and Film 2019 and

went on to win Best cinematographer and Best Feature Film at the 7th African Emerging Filmmakers Award 2019 in Durban, The White Line also got a special jury mention at the 9th Luxor African Film Festival 2020 in Egypt for its direction and won the Kilimanjoro award for Best Feature film in Toulouse, France at the Africlap film festival 2020. Desiree Kahikopo-Meiffret is an alumna of Talents Durban 2018.

Desiree was recently nominated Best first film by a director at the Africa Movie Academy Awards 2020 (AMAA).

Thank you Desiree and TEAM for all of the love, inspiration and healing you are igniting through “The White Line!” ~ Dr. Denise, Founder of Ascension Media

Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Dr. Rennes

Dr. Rennes felt a tug on her heart and a Divine Whisper in her ear of  “Dance for Mental Health” in her path to her joy and healing that is now reaching all of  US on Instagram and Tik Tok. @dr.rennes

Her vibration, love and creative dance reels encapsulate the HEALING OF DANCE AND MUSIC to go from a crisis moment to thrive IN REAL TIME together.  No joke. She is a DIVA and a Healer.

Meet Dr. Rennes:

Dr. Rennes Toussaint-Keshinro is a Doctor of Chiropractic, mental wellness coach and mental health advocate. Her journey includes her migration to the US at age 13 and struggling to find her identity which eventually led her on a self-discovery journey emotionally and literally.

She spent 3 years in South and Central America away from everyone she loved but that opened the door to her self-love and healing. This was when she began dancing for her Mental Health. Dance for Mental Health encourages women who are suffering in silence to discover their identity, their voice and to take back their power. She understands the connection of the physical and mental body and why they should not be looked at separately. Her goal is to inform, educate and build awareness about mental health.

Dr. Rennes Toussaint-Keshinro:
Website for Dominica, Dr. Rennes birth country:


Thank you Healthy Referral Newspaper!

Thank you Thomas Katovsky for the shoutout in your Fall 2021 “Healthy Referral” newspaper!
It was great to interview you earlier this year on the Champion Mindset Series!
#health #thrive #wellness
With reverence ~
Dr. Denise
It would be an honor to interview you and Marchia this Winter.

Dr. Denise Show FALL 2021! Woot! Woot!

“Gratitude is my secret sauce.”
Dr. Denise
THANKYOU to the amazing guests FALL 2021 on various series:
#EmbraceYourNeurostyle Guests:
Cathleen O’Toole
#CreativeMinds Guests:
#MysteryDiva honoring #RBG
17 shows since 9/17/21 including “Owning Your Inner Mrs. Robinson” on #divadiscussions inspired by @mariashriver
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Stay tuned for an AMAZING November!
11/3: @dr.rennes #danceformentalhealth
11/5 @desiree_kahikopo Director of @thewhite_line
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Happy November 1!!!
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I love you!

Diva Discussions on Hope and The Spirit of Gratitude for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“May there continue to be LOVE & Justice for ALLKIND in the Universe.”
~ Dr. Denise


WE all experience suffering or betrayal at some point in our Earth Experience, right?

That is a given.

How WE react, alchemize, HEAL and Thrive is to be CELEBRATED!

This interview is with a “MYSTERY DIVA” that had a hopeful WIN this week while “Rocking HER Betrayal!”

She and I both believe in the POWER of SISTERHOOD, UNSEEN ENERGY and also have been and continue to RESPECT The Spirit of  JUSTICE, HOPE and TRUTH that RUTH BADER GINSBURG EVOKES Beyond Time, Space and Matter.

This show gives HOPE & Universal Tips, Tools and more for ALLKIND:

Links from the show:

OUR WORDS THOUGHTS & ACTIONS are PRAYERS…. Here are the Social Media Posts that EVOKED Gratitude for Ruth Bader Ginsburg!

Thank you RUTH!

10/29/21 IG POST

“May there continue to be LOVE & Justice for ALLKIND in the Universe.”

~ Dr. Denise
#friday #honoring #ruthbaderginsburg #unseen #energy #of #hope #for #justice #and #love #for ❤️& #ALLKIND
Our thoughts, intentions and prayers have >>> ENERGY than the Human Mind can Envision.
My secret sauce is not only gratitude.
Prayer is integrated throughout my AWARENESS in the Moment of NOW.
Congratulations to my dear friend for her win today against souls that are vibrating at a “non~awake” state.
#justice #in #motion
This applies to ALL of US.
Love WINS.
It just might take suffering along the way.
#crisis #stabilization #thrive
#awareness #selflove #altruism
Thank you Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
WE asked for your love, strength and heart energy from BEYOND & I can FEEL your loving Energy of Hope and Justice as I type this.
Prayers. Love. God. Angels. Ancestors.
The FORCE is strong when in the AWARENESS that LOVE is the Highest Vibration.

9/25/21 IG POST

“Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” #ruthbaderginsburg 
Remember WE can call upon the Energy of Justice in OUR hearts in this realm and BEYOND at any moment of RIGHT NOW.
Status: Justice Mode
#saturdayvibes #justice #for #ALLKIND
This post is motivated by a woman that has contacted me to help tell her story to heal and to empower others when dealing with Injustice.
#RockingABetrayal #Series #SeasonTwo #Is #BEing #Ignited
“I suppose if I had any talent that God could have given me, I would have been a diva. But since I am a monotone I went to law school.” 
—Ruth Bader Ginsburg upon accepting the Sophia Smith Award in 1997


Embrace Your Neurostyle with Jake Myers

Are you ready for this multidimensional interview with such an amazing soul?!

Jake Myers inspires US with his wisdom and heart energy about authentically loving yourself. During the pandemic he envisioned a mental wellness telehealth platform that would offer a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals to reach their unique thrive. We discuss the coming out process, dating, sexuality, gender fluidity, mental wellness and more.

Tune in for tips, tools, laughter and more on this week’s episode of  Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond:



About Jake Myers
Jake Myers is the founder and CEO of LGBTQ Therapy Space, the first LGBTQ-owned and operated online therapy platform designed for LGBTQ+ clients. A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who recently relocated from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale, Florida when his own practice moved online, Myers is dedicated to providing an affirmative and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ individuals and couples to navigate life’s challenges. He graduated from Antioch University Los Angeles with a master’s degree in clinical psychology and a specialization in LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy. Myers writes a column, “Ask Jake,” for Queerty, in addition to other mental-health related topics. You can view all of his pieces for Queerty here.
LGBTQ Therapy Space
LGBTQ Therapy Space is the first LGBTQ-owned and operated online therapy platform designed specifically for LGBTQ+ people. The innovative and user-friendly platform connects LGBTQ+ clients seeking quality individual or couples counseling services with local licensed therapists who have first-hand knowledge of LGBTQ+ challenges and experiences. The platform provides an authentic, judgment-free space to help clients navigate a wide variety of challenges, including issues that disproportionately affect members of the LGBTQ+ community, such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse and discrimination. To learn more about LGBTQ Therapy Space, visit
Topics mentioned
“C7osure” begins, “True say, I want and I need to let go, use my time to be free.” He continues: “Ain’t no more actin’, man that forecast say I should just let me grow/No more red light for me baby, only green, I gotta go/Pack my past up in the back, oh, let my future take ahold/This is what I gotta do, can’t be regrettin’ when I’m old.” ~Lil Was X.


Diva Discussions with Kaliyani, Visionary and Midwife to the Divine Feminine

“Sex IS a prayer.” ~Kaliyani

When we allow ourselves to be open to our Highest Level of Awareness, it is unimaginable what can unfold…

Kaliyani’s journey reveals her path of continued awakening, service, creativity, inspiration, and birthing of the Divine Feminine that is within US ALL.

The interview starts with an update on her creative endeavors and current music service vision and progresses to an integrated discussion on Sacred Sexuality.

Listen here:


Kaliyani is a spiritually inspired visionary, modern mystic, community builder and a passionate midwife to the rebirth of the Sacred Feminine in our collective consciousness. Her Soul purpose is reflected in her work as artist, writer, producer, soul coach, and facilitator of women’s sacred circles.

Kaliyani’s Conscious Media Company, Stargate Alliance has among other projects, since 2009 collaborated in the co-execution of a peace platform Peacelink and it’s world music concert Peacelink Live; the documentary Secrets of Love and a feature film, A Winter Rose.

Between 2014 and 2018 she has released two singles, Nammu’s Invocation and Tears For Inanna, which music videos together have garnered over 3.5 million views, with the first one reaching #2 on the billboard hot singles chart in 2017. Her work as a soul coach and facilitator of Women’s Sacred Circles, once only through word of mouth, will soon be accessible to all through

Nammu’s Invocation Single release on Amazon Music:

Nammu’s Invocation You Music Link:
Tear’s For Inanna Music Video Link:
Stargate Alliance’s :

The Fall Check Up 2021 Dr. Denise Show with Cathleen O’Toole

Fall 2021!

Here is a DEEP DIVE “Check Up” episode of the Dr. Denise Show:

Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond 

Creative Minds Series

Diva Discussions


Thank you Cathleen O’Toole for a “take over” episode.

Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Cathleen O’toole

As Dr. Denise embarks on her Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond podcast series we thought it would be meaningful to dive in and ask some detailed questions about the term Neurostyle.  We learn about the FABULOUS FIVE components to the term.  Listen in as Dr. Denise can’t help herself and rounds it out to an even 6!  We’ll hear why others think the term is liberating and how it offers perspective to diagnoses and processing styles.  Infinite Radical Self-Love is an idea to embrace, and Dr. Denise helps those of us who might struggle with it!   ~Cathleen O’Toole

Listen to Cathleen interview Dr. Denise on the “deep dive” on this concept and this series:

Cathleen O’Toole, Ascension Media’s Director of News and Communications, is an EMMY award-winning journalist based in South Florida.  With two decades of reporting under her belt, Cathleen believes in hopeful, respectful story-telling.  For years she has fought for a cure as a Board Member with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

SHOW NOTES from Instagram @DrDeniseMD  9/2/21
“WE all process and perceive information in OUR own Unique Way.
Our “Neurostyle!”
(Term I coined & presented at the Dalai Lama’s Tibetan Medical Society 2018)
We are Multdimensional BEings.
Our neurostyle includes our material dna 🧬 & ethereal dna.
Energetically (6th Sense. Intuition. INTEGRATION of HIGHER LOVE) 
I EXPERIENCE all of US as Multidimensional Energy BEings that have varying Multisensory Awarenesses at any given point of Right Now ♾❤️♾.
 This includes the linear, the nonlinear, Newtonian & Quantum Understanding of the Universe , the seen and unseen energy as a continuum and ASCENSION of #ALLKIND in the Universe.
P.S. I ❤️ you
(Nerd Alert post…)!” ~ Dr. Denise