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Bloody Hell! No Coincidences, Part 3 by Film Director and Producer Bill Bennett

“You need to ASK the right questions.” ~ Bill. Bill and his beloved wife Jennifer’s almost fatal car crash last week with the symbolic green muscle car inspired this trilogy series. (Pause) (Grateful that they are still here with US) They literally dodged the FEAR bullet at a time of joy and celebration with their […]

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Bloody Hell! No Coincidences with Film Director and Producer Bill Bennett, Creative Minds Series

“Bloody Hell!.” -Bill. (perception of time slows as a green muscle car comes head on towards he and his beloved wife) “Have we just died and gone to heaven?” – Jennifer.   SACRED PAUSE.   I was awestruck when I read Bill’s Instagram post last week describing he and his wife’s near death experience immediately […]

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Diva Discussions on Hope and The Spirit of Gratitude for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“May there continue to be LOVE & Justice for ALLKIND in the Universe.” ~ Dr. Denise   WE all experience suffering or betrayal at some point in our Earth Experience, right? That is a given. How WE react, alchemize, HEAL and Thrive is to be CELEBRATED! This interview is with a “MYSTERY DIVA” that had […]

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