Meet Lillian Walker Stem Cell Activation Specialist, Neuro Somatic Holistic Practitioner: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

It is an honor to welcome Lillian Walker, Stem Cell Activation Specialist-Poly-Certified Clinical Neuro Somatic Holistic Practitioner, ranked globally in the top 100 in 2022!
Her most vulnerable moment as a parent in witnessing her son’s decline and recovery with Guillain-Barré syndrome as an 11 year old  humbly ignited and shaped her unique heartfelt holistic clinical practice.
Hope, resilience, FAITH and prayer set the foundation for both WIN stories eloquently shared in tonight’s episode:
Lillian Walker
🔴 I’ve recovered a lady’s memory back after 20 yrs of Amnesia and she still has a bullet in her head!
🔴 Shrunk breast tumor to 10 times smaller, dissolved blood clots in legs, and many neurological disorders and syndromes.
🔴 Helped a kidney transplant survivor who got covid was in ICU on respirator, with blood clots in lungs, in a coma, not expected to live, got her home in less than 3wks and she’s doing phenomenal!
🔴 I use Photobiomodulation paired with meridian points used by navy seals to RESET 1/3 the original stem cells to their original younger state to REPAIR damaged cells RESTORE collagen REBUILD scar tissue RELIEVE pain and more!
Dame Lillian Walker B.S. PUAD, BioSci.,C.Ht,RCS-D, OOSJ, Stem Cell Activation Specialist Producer/host of LOVE & MONEY SECRETS TV published Best Selling author- Intuition Manifesto
FOUNDER/CREATOR PSMO© ® TM Method for resolving & dissolving anxiety & NEURO-HEALTH RESET-NEURO SOMATIC PROCESS for pain relief.
Intuitive Clinical Polycertified  Neurosomatic Holistic Practitioner
Bachelors Science Pre-Med Biological Sciences/HealthAdministration -University of Southern California
Certificate  Entrepreneurship – University of Southern California, Certified Collaborative Specialist in Divorce- Vanderbilt University
Certified Neuro somatic Hypnotist- SDHI
Certified Traditional Chinese Medicine Face Reader
Certified Medical Integrative NLP -Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certified ICBCH
Formerly Certified Emergency Medical Technician-Worked The OLYMPICS
Certified Shaolin Yi Jin QI GONG
Knighted In The Order Of St. John Hospitalers 1,100 Year old order Lineage.
Full Bio:
@lillianiwalker ❤️