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Strategy and Leadership! Creative Minds Series with Dr. Denise Berger, Founder of Aliki Consulting

“Sometimes you have to dance with the devil. Own the dance floor… Own your space… Own your experience… Make conscious choices…” – Dr. Denise Berger, Founder of Aliki Consulting Achieving flow state, leaning into service, and navigating your unique thrive in and out of the office: https://content.blubrry.com/thedrdeniseshow/recording-1_postproductions_2023-01-09–18-56-10–final-mix.wav What’s New in 2023 for the Aliki Brand? […]

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Creative Minds Series 2023 Launches with Meditation Teacher, Singer, & Director Michel Pascal

I am excited and honored to kick off the Creative Minds Series with meditation teacher, singer and director Michel Pascal to discuss Yoganandance! “Michel Pascal creates the first Spiritual Immersive Experience.” – LA Entertainment Weekly “Why a Spiritual Immersive Musical? I wanted to combine the spectacular immersive experience like Van Gogh with the emotion of […]

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Meet Emily at Best, Musician, Writer, Visual Artist: Creative Minds Series

“Music has always been my way of healing.” -Emily at Best Emily takes us on her ascension journey describing the lyrics that dropped into her awareness at a time in her childhood that allowed her to express her true feelings to her parents months before her father had a fatal car accident. She authentically shares […]

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Blubrry Podcaster of the Month!

What an honor. March Podcaster of the Month @blubrry_podcasting Full article here: https://blubrry.com/podcast-insider/2022/03/09/podcaster-of-the-month-dr-denise-mcdermott-md/ What Inspired You to Start Your Podcast? I was inspired as I am passionate about changing the way WE think, talk and act about mental health. I believe that the podcast medium is an amazing way to meet so many individuals that […]

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Creative Minds Series with Todd Cochrane CEO of Blubrry Podcasting

Your Voice Matters! This is a Deep Dive interview with Podcast Pioneer Visionary & CEO Todd Cochrane. His passion for allowing people of all race, gender, age and sexuality to have a voice and devotion to freedom of speech through the medium of podcasting is truly inspiring. This episode of Creative Minds has loads of […]

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You ALL Rock…THANK YOU. xoxo Dr. Denise

THANK YOU! Together WE are changing the way WE think, talk and act about mental health. The 40K downloads happened (just now) the same week three Diva Discussion shows dropped and the press release launched, “Dr. Denise Vision Celebrates Five Years of Service.” Divine timing. NO Coincidences. This landmark did not come with out challenges […]

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What an HONOR!

With humility and gratitude announcement: “Dr. Denise is on the Advisory Board of the Hollywood Creative Academy as Creative Minds Advisor referring educators and bridging strategic relationships in film, music, fashion and new media.” To hear more about the Hollywood Creative Academy listen to the interview with Matt Coleman Right HERE.