Blubrry Podcaster of the Month!

What an honor.
March Podcaster of the Month
What Inspired You to Start Your Podcast?
I was inspired as I am passionate about changing the way WE think, talk and act about mental health. I believe that the podcast medium is an amazing way to meet so many individuals that are in alignment & all around the world. The efficiency of voice to voice and ease of communication is truly and amazing tool for change and inspiration for many.
How Do You Prepare For an Episode?
I have 4 different series right now:
On Staying Sane with Cathleen O’Toole (newest)
Cathleen (Emmy winning news reporter) and I have weekly preproduction meetings to decide topics that are in // with the pulse of consciousness. We decide if we are going to tackle a current event or if it will be an Ask The Doctor episode.
Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond
I strategize the goal of reducing stigma re: mental health and have conceptualized which guests represent a “slice” of demographic and how they can discuss the importance of the words WE tell ourselves. I usually send them the two shows that will inspire them so that we can discuss how it relates to them as well.
Creative Minds Series
This series is a “pop culture” meets mental wellness and healing medium(s). I’ve interviewed directors, record producers and entertainment visionaries. The prep time usually includes watching their television series or movie and having an integrated discussion on the show.
Diva Discussions
Similar prep approach yet the guests are usually inspiring women that are doing amazing things in the world to help others.
DIVA in their own life and inspire others.
Prep included reading the most recent contribution they have given the world!
What Advise Do You Have For Someone Just Starting Out?
Be incredibly humble, and PASSIONATE in the process. Humble: Ask for help from someone that has had a successful show. Ask questions, get the data.
Be PASSIONATE and HONOR your vision. Write down your goals of different seasons of your show. And if you have a family or personal emergency, take time off and let your listeners know you are HUMAN.