Strategy and Leadership! Creative Minds Series with Dr. Denise Berger, Founder of Aliki Consulting

Sometimes you have to dance with the devil.

Own the dance floor… Own your space… Own your experience… Make conscious choices…”

– Dr. Denise Berger, Founder of Aliki Consulting

Achieving flow state, leaning into service, and navigating your unique thrive in and out of the office:

What’s New in 2023 for the Aliki Brand?

Dr. Denise Berger (Dr. D) helps individuals, teams, and organizations achieve growth with purpose. She brings together practice-based, hands-on experience – having run a global Fortune 500 business group, with strategy consulting expertise – in the areas of social responsibility, risk management, international business, leadership development and DEIB progression, and academic research-based knowledge and wisdom. As a graduate-level educator of leadership and service in Pepperdine’s Social Change & Entrepreneurship program, Dr. D develops curriculum and teaches contemporary theories and practices in collaborative, agile and inclusive leadership. As an organizational effectiveness expert Dr. D focuses on inclusive culture, leadership and talent development, and outcomes-based strategy. Dr. D spent over 20 years in corporate America, received a MBA in Marketing and International Business, and received her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, with a dissertation focus on how the largest U.S. Global Fortune 500s do CSR “the right way” and why. Dr. D is a partner at Social Justice Partners LA. She has coached many non-profits, including CNN Heroes and TedTalk speakers. She is on the board of the Environmental Charter School and Open Temple. Finally, Dr. D. is a PQ® (Positive Intelligence) Coach for leaders looking to have greater impact in the world. She also happens to be a jewelry designer and founded