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Passionate Podcasting and Brand Optimization with CEO of Blubrry Podcasting, Todd Cochrane, Creative Minds Series

Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blubrry Podcasting is back for an engaging discussion on the POWER of: (drum roll please) -passionate creative vision for your show – brand optimization -the privilege of working with integrity incubator teams -the importance of fun and mindful pauses in podcast production – the new media kits that his team just launched! […]

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Falsely Accused-Thriving in a Social Media Ban:On Staying Sane

With Elon Musk’s recent billion dollar acquisition of Twitter and his belief of freedom of speech this ignited this deep dive discussion today and Dr. Denise’s personal experience with the lack of integrity of the current platform. Social media is important to many of us, whether it be a way to find like-minded individuals or […]

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Creative Minds Series with Todd Cochrane CEO of Blubrry Podcasting

Your Voice Matters! This is a Deep Dive interview with Podcast Pioneer Visionary & CEO Todd Cochrane. His passion for allowing people of all race, gender, age and sexuality to have a voice and devotion to freedom of speech through the medium of podcasting is truly inspiring. This episode of Creative Minds has loads of […]

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