Teen Talks 2: On Staying Sane

TEEN TALKS, PART TWO:  Protecting Your Brain

On this episode of the Dr. Denise Show, the team expands on talking with your teenager with “Teen Talks, 2:  Protecting Your Brain.” Dr. Denise discusses “setting the landscape as a parent” and why it’s so important that your teenager knows when you tell them things, you’re doing so out of love.  Hear about how the brain keeps evolving, developing and maturing until age 25. This episode talks about holistic health, gaming, social media and bullying.  You’ll learn the signs of excessive gaming and hear Dr. Denise’s balanced approach to using media and games.  From Family Time to making sacrifices, Dr. Denise reveals how energy-consuming parenting can be:  “This is not a Hallmark card,” she explains!



Teen Talks Part 1 

Gaming Addiction / Cam Adair