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With Humility I was invited to speak at the Dalai Lama’s Men Tsee Khang’s 8th Body Mind Life Conference

I am humbled to announce that I am traveling to India to speak at the Dalai Lama’s Body Mind Life Conference, “Nurturing Children’s Mental Health.” 9/30/18 & 10/1/18 Dharmshala, India.  Here is the description of my talk: Children’s mental health is one of the most important topics to be discussing as ONE HUMANITY. Did you […]

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Can you say #RAWRRR?

 RAWRRR!                             Did I really let out an inviting cat call “Rawrrr” as a guest on Clean Eating Dirty Sex when discussing “spicing up” relationships? I did. Oh my… I feel like I lost my virginity on air Did it feel good? Yes. Scary? Yes. When we are out of our comfort zone WE grow […]

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Supporting Loved Ones with Addiction

  Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest Supporting Loved Ones with Addiction Thursday, August 30 Lisa – We hear a lot about the “opioid epidemic,” and while it certainly is of significant concern, there are many other types of addictions people struggle with every day. Alcohol, gambling, smoking, shopping, sex, food… the list is open-ended.As difficult as […]

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Youth Athletics As Mind Medicine For Life

Dr. Bob and Sharkie knocked it out of the park with their #HehSportsParents book! In case you missed it, here’s the podcast from Wednesday, August 1 show of ‘THE SPORTS DOCTOR’ -Dr. Denise McDermott, Adult & Child Psychiatrist, Podcast Host, Author & contributor to the book #HeySportsParents & Kate Nematollahi. Here is our interview: […]

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This Doc Is Proving You Don’t Have to Follow the Rules from The Premed Years

Listen to This Doc Is Proving You Don’t Have to Follow the Rules from The Premed Years | Medical School Headquarters | MCAT | AMCAS | Interviews in Podcasts. ****This episode was recorded last summer! I received a message from a premedical student yesterday thanking me for the tips on the show. I did […]

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Clean Eating Dirty Sex- Rawrrr Part !

What an honor to be on “Clean Eating Dirty Sex” this week! “Dr. Denise joined us on Clean Eating Dirty Sex podcast to chat about resentment in relationships & the damage it does. It’s show #11… Listen & subscribe today!” ~Lisa Davis

The Sports Doctor Radio Show Interview!

What an honor to be a guest on “The Sports Doctor Radio Show” this past week! “J.R. Niklos, former NFL player, Owner/Director of Sports Performance at Acceleration in Naperville joins me along with returning Dr. Denise McDermott, Adult and Child Psychiatrist, Author, Podcaster and Contributing Writer to my book ‘#HeySportsParents!’.Then it’s ‘The Sports Docs In’ […]

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Temporary Insanity

Dr. Denise McDermott, M.D., Adult & Child Psychiatrist endorses the new show, Temporary Insanity! “What I love about the show is how Dr. Morgan has her patients feel and think about wellness and not their illness. She helps them align with the best version of themselves, no matter what the issue is, and she brings […]

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