Meet Dr. Andrea Best, Integrative Adult and Child Psychiatrist

I am beyond excited to interview Integrative Adult and Child psychiatrist Dr. Andrea Best, my colleague from UCLA Child Psychiatry fellowship!

We are both passionate about bridging science, spirituality and psychiatry.

We are reuniting after almost 20 years and have found that through our experience as mothers, doctors and healers we have been on a parallel path of spiritual growth and wisdom.

We both INSPIRE and EMPOWER and EDUCATE our patients to remember their inner power to BE their own healers.

We discussed the importance of AWARENESS, SELF LOVE and ALTRUISM in managing our Human Experience and times of going through our own personal crisis to our thrive moment to moment…..

Listen here:

Meet Dr. Best:

I am Dr. Andrea Best and I have been a practicing physician, treating children, adolescents, and adults for 24 years. I practiced general medicine and psychiatry in various medical groups in the past, then began my own private practice in 2005, that integrates Western and Eastern medicine/psychiatry approaches. I provide consultations in Integrative Medicine and Holistic Psychiatry for individuals, groups, and company executives around the country.

I am an advocate for the use of mindfulness, meditation, and nutrition to prevent and treat disease. I advocate for all health insurance plans to include to include comprehensive integrative medicine and wellness approaches. I advocate for all elementary schools to teach mindfulness, so students have the benefits early and prior to attending middle and high school when so much occurs. I advocate for and teach a model of integrative health, recognizing there is no separation of body systems, including the brain and no separation of the born worthy individual from a Benevolent Source.

I enjoy teaching and speaking about the various models to view HEALTH. I teach medical students, residents, parents, and international groups how to assess symptoms, how to determine a broad differential diagnosis list, and how to offer a broad array of Western and Eastern treatments.

In my evaluations I discuss alternatives to medication and ways to use the least amount of medication, for the shortest duration, when possible. There is no shame in taking medicine however the removal of shame and negativity is key. I teach how to feel complete and whole, which relates to FREEDOM in all areas, including one’s health.

Instagram: @drbestintegrative