Since the pandemic hit many of us have trouble knowing what day or time it is.

All the days have the feeling of the movie “Ground Hog Day.”

If you have not seen the movie it is essentially about the same day over and over again with slight variation.

Let’s face it ~ summer is going to be unique and challenging for all of US.

Unemployment rates are unprecedented.

Those that are fortunate to be employed are faced with adaptive working from home vs. outside of the home routine challenges.

Child care in a world of social distancing is not easy to come by depending on your quarantine crew comfort level and your family support system.

Most summer camps are closed for social distance challenges and we are all struggling to keep on track with our own unique wellness plans especially during this unimaginable time in history.

Deciding how to move forward from varying stay at home pandemic plans are unique to you and your loved ones health.

Remember it is not one size fits all.

Following a routine that includes daily exercise, good nutrition, regular sleep, recreation, laughter, creativity and mindful social distancing is key for a healthy and fun summer.

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My co-host, Cathleen O’Toole was kind enough to provide a tentative “Summer Schedule” that she will attempt at her home. I stress tentative as we all know how important it is to be ADAPTIVE and healthy!


Dr. Denise