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Embracing the Sacred: Journeys of Mind, Body and Soul with Jeff Golden

Join me, Dr. Denise in a transformative series where deep dives into the realms of self-discovery, healing, and enlightenment are the norm. In this heartening episode, I welcome Jeff Golden, author of the celebrated book “Reclaiming the Sacred,” for a conversation that is both a revelation and a homecoming. Golden’s 12-year odyssey in penning his […]

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Reclaiming the Sacred by Jeff Golden, Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

I AM grateful beyond words for this interview with author Jeff Golden. I love the science meets spirit meets psychology integration of content that is academic, personal and inspirational in his prolific masterpiece Reclaiming the Sacred Healing Our Relationships with Ourselves and the World. It was birthed after a reverent twelve year gestational period and […]

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