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Episode 30: Dr. Lori Shemek on How to Fight FATflammation

05:00 Dr. Lori’s Inspiration,Her Mom 10:00 Food as Mind Medicine 13:00 How to Fight FATflammation 23:00 Healthy Liver for Optimal Health 27:00 Microbiome and Epigenetics 33:00 Self Awareness & Sustainable Changes 37:00 Don’t Give UP! 40:00 Tips for Expecting Moms’ 43:00 Mindful Engaging Meals 46:00 Inspiration Story 51:00 Favorite “Anti-Inflammatory” Fruits and Vegetables 57:00 Be […]

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Youth Athletics as Mind Medicine for Life

As an adult and child psychiatrist and as a mom, I believe by encouraging our children to engage in sports we can help set the foundation for overall health, wellbeing and lifelong wellness habits. There is no health without mental health. Regular exercise, good nutrition, and a practice of mindfulness create strong physical and mental […]

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Author, artist, teacher, literacy advocate Chris Helene Bridge discusses the importance of literacy for wellbeing.

Chris Helene Bridge is an award winning author, artist, teacher, and literacy advocate. She deeply believes that literacy determines success for the future of our children and our communities. Chris partners with several organizations including the Barbara Bush Foundation, the Houston Area Urban League, and with Books Between Kids to distribute her books to thousands […]

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