On Alchemy: Dr. Denise and Dr. Best Discuss Race and Well-BEing with Dr. Sonnee Weedn

Pinch me…. Did this really happen?


Reverent relationships.

Reverent relationships.

Reverent relationships.

Did I really get to sit down with Dr. Weedn and Dr. Andrea Best to discuss RACE and Well-BEing with these enlightened women that I have known and worked with for years?

Dr. Weedn and I have traveled to India together and have both spoken at the Dalai Lama’s Body Mind Life conference.

Dr. Andrea Best and I have known each other since our days as integrative adult and child psychiatrists and have reunited with humility and gratitude to push the envelope on all discussions on race, wellbeing, and holistic health on The Ascension Show and On Alchemy!

And NOW I get to introduce these amazing women to sit down and discuss the most intimate topics regarding RACE and Well-BEing!

Are you ready to BE INSPIRED!

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Sonnee Weedn, Ph.D., CSAT

Sonnee D. Weedn, Ph.D. is a clinical and forensic psychologist in private practice in Marin and Orange County, CA. She maintains offices in Novato and Newport Beach. She is certified by the American Psychological Association in the treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependency and by IITAP in the treatment of sex addiction.


In addition to her psychology practice, Dr. Weedn provides continuing education and training for mental health and healthcare professionals in the areas of group psychotherapy, spirituality for recovering people, dream interpretation, optimizing mental health and brain recovery..


Since 2004, Dr. Weedn has provided over 500 in-depth psychological assessments of patients at chemical dependency treatment centers. She has been admitted as an expert witness in the areas of child custody, child dependency, and psychological evaluation in various Superior Court jurisdictions.


As a frequent visitor at a local penitentiary, Dr. Weedn helped an inmate start a trauma group for other inmates, which culminated in a poetry contest describing childhood abuse.


In addition, she has teamed with Col.(ret) Yvonne Cagle, M.D., Ph.D.,NASA astronaut to form the DSR-30 (Deep Space Research) consortium between NASA and Fordham University providing behavioral health protocols for the astronauts going to Mars in 2030. There are currently twelve scientists, physicians and researchers in this consortium. Neuro-engineering and repair, as developed by Curtis Cripe, Ph.D. is part of her office practice .


Dr. Weedn was invited by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to present her work at the Tibetan Medical Society (Men-Tsee-Khang) Conference in Dharmsala, India in 2015 and 2016. This culminated in writing 8 Ways to Wellbeing for Recovering People and 8 Ways to Sustainable Wellbeing for Teens and Families.

She is the author of Many Blessings: A Tapestry of Accomplished African American Women, and co-wrote two chapters in the textbook, Making Advances: A Comprehensive Treatment Guide for Female Sex and Love Addicts.


In July 2018, Dr. Weedn was honored to be named a Distinguished Citizen of Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity.


Most importantly, she has been married to Robert Weedn for 51 years and is a mother of two adult sons and a grandmother.