What A Day! What A Week! On Staying Sane…


From too many tow trucks to a late-night email from school, we can all have a “day!”  Or, by Friday the over-scheduled work days can leave us saying, “What a week!”  So how do you stay sane when you’re overwhelmed, angry or sad?  The “On Staying Sane” crew has a reverent discussion about coping with what life throws at you!  Dr. Denise and Cathleen O’Toole talk about how fun, good things can also be stressors.  Topics covered:  “Strategic Mindful Profanity,” Catastrophic Thinking and Negative Self-Talk.  You’ll learn how to identify a situation, allow yourself to feel, call out the emotion and use the energy to get more done.  Tapping into your higher power, mind medicine and setting boundaries — we’re turning your week around!

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Adaptive Perfectionism