Self awareness and Sacred Sexuality Interview with Dr. Denise McDermott

Kimmy Seltzer:

“Finding a healthy, fulfilling love relationship is only possible once you love yourself! You’ve heard it all before, but did you know that deep self awareness is key to achieving true self love?

This week, I interview Dr. Denise McDermott, a board-certified, practicing psychiatrist who joins the show for a conversation on how self awareness can unlock the best version of you when it comes to love.
Becoming more self aware means being brutally honest with yourself, your beliefs, values & biases & being willing to honestly express your truth to others.
It’s not always easy, but as Dr. Denise & I talk about, it’s essential to finding a partner or love relationship that is right for you. You’ll hear about how awareness is the foundation for Dr. Denise’s paradigm for creating happiness & much more.
Listen in to hear an amazing tip on how to actively encourage change in your life when you’re ready for something new.
When you actively choose to become aware of who you truly are, you will be able to access a deep self love that will open you up to new opportunities for love.
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