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Unemployment, Covid, and ORGASMS, OH MY….

Diva Discussions is back! Marjan and I surprised ourselves with this episode. Her job search during the pandemic has led to some interesting opportunities that include maximizing a woman’s orgasm potential with sound healing. At one point I was chuckling to myself thinking “Unemployment, Covid and ORGASMS…. OH MY….” Seriously… Laughter is the best medicine! […]

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Diva Discussions Launch!

Announcing DIVA DISCUSSIONS LAUNCH! Words that come to mind: Passionate. Authentic. Integrated. Beautiful INSIDE and OUT! Inspiring. Loving. Fashionable. Mindful. Multidimensional. Multicultural. Justice Minded. Rock Star Status. Soulful. Celebrity LIKE Influence! Divine Feminine. Nurturing. Creative. SEEKER. Heart Centered. Divine Inspirational Vivacious Aware Are you READY? Are you a DIVA? Are you your OWN BEST FRIEND? Marjan […]

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