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The Mindful Pivot: Prayers for the Uvalde Victims and One Humanity with Jake Myers

“We don’t want to get numb.” Steve Kerr Sacred Pause. (DEEP BREATH) Love and compassion is BEing sent to the loved ones, community and family members of the Uvalde Texas victims. The unimaginable tragedy of the Uvalde Texas school shooting has left US all with feelings of grief, disbelief, sadness, hopelessness and a sense of […]

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Diva Discussions with Kimmy Seltzer, “The Shelf!”

The fabulous dating strategist Kimmy Seltzer is back for a diva discussion on a hopeful and descriptive dating term she and I organically used in conversation off show…. “The Shelf!” Are you ready for a deep play discussion about “the shelf” and how the energy of our words, thoughts, and actions influence what we attract? […]

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Crazy For Shows…My Son My Teacher

Our spring break after hours staycation episode with my teen son demonstrates the importance of allowing space for your child to reveal the “uncut” version of their thoughts. I have now learned that he wants to do more shows together and we are figuring out how to make this happen on and off this platform. […]

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