From Bounced Checks to Private Jets Diva Discussions with Hazel Ortega

Best selling author of “From Bounced Checks to Private Jets”, Latina of Influence 2020, serial entrepreneur Hazel Ortega and I discuss the  Power of LOVE and what she calls her PUSHY ANGELS in this inspiring episode of Diva Discussions!

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Hazel G. Ortega is a leading expert in vocational rehabilitation for injured workers. As a formerly injured worker herself, she understands the importance of providing hope, resources, and services to injured workers. She knows first-hand how education changes people’s lives and keeps families together.


Ms. Ortega’s great passion is helping injured workers find joy and new ways of life after an injury. After her own injury, she fought to get an education that would lead her to the life of her dreams. As a single mother, it was incredibly challenging to take classes and care for her children, but she went full speed ahead to complete her bachelor’s degree.


Later, Ms. Ortega earned her master’s degree in Educational Psychology and proceeded to open the Ortega Counseling Center in 2001, ensuring the delight of her clients by fighting for their rights to education. She has owned nearly one dozen businesses, including one of LA’s Top Restaurants, The Nixon in Whittier, CA, and the designer sensation, Savvy Socks.


In addition to her professional successes, Ms. Ortega created the non-profit organization, Angels for Injured Workers, AIW was created to bring financial assistance and hope to families after an injury, which is often a sudden but lengthy period. Specific activities workshops, holiday experiences, and financial assistance for basic needs (food, shelter, and utilities).


In her Amazon #1 Best-Selling book, “From Bounced Checks to Private Jets,” Hazel shares her journey and guides the reader through the formula she discovered to live the life of her dreams and help others do the same.

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