Curve Balls and Cool Pauses

This week was INTENSE for many in my practice, myself, and many of my dear friends. As I was making my coffee on Monday I thought to myself, “Life is a series of Curve Balls and Cool Pauses!”

After a short hiatus this summer I thought it would be fun to kick off the school year/autumn work season with an informative show with tips, tools that validate what I call “the pulse of consciousness” as we all try to go from crisis to stabilization to thrive moment to moment on the wild “Earth Ride!”

Listen here:


Other shows/topics that were referenced:

Earth is a Tough Place

Adaptive vs. Restrictive Perfectionism

The Ascension Show

Diva Discussions

Champion Mindset Series

Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Stay tuned for an AMAZING rest of 2021 as WE all navigate this “ARMAGEDDON” time for Humanity.

Infinite Love~


Dr. Denise