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Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Evidential Medium Deborah Romero

I thought it would be eye opening to have evidential medium Deborah Romero as a guest during Mental Health Awareness Month. Together WE do a DEEP DIVE on the importance of honoring OUR FEELINGS and unique sensory perception(s)! Are you ready to truly EMBRACE your NEUROSTYLE? We all process and perceive information in our unique […]

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Meet Visionary and Midwife to the Divine Feminine Kaliyani Sundari

It is truly an honor to bring this interview with Kaliyani to all of you. When we allow ourselves to be open to our Highest Level of Awareness, it is unimaginable what can unfold… Kaliyani’s journey reveals her path of continued awakening, service, creativity, inspiration, and birthing of the Divine Feminine that is within US […]

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