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The Mindful Pivot: Prayers for the Uvalde Victims and One Humanity with Jake Myers

“We don’t want to get numb.” Steve Kerr Sacred Pause. (DEEP BREATH) Love and compassion is BEing sent to the loved ones, community and family members of the Uvalde Texas victims. The unimaginable tragedy of the Uvalde Texas school shooting has left US all with feelings of grief, disbelief, sadness, hopelessness and a sense of […]

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On Staying Sane: Changes in Routines. The Game Show Edition

The Tsunami of Summer.  A new job.  Merging two households.  Death & loss.  Un-coupling.  Whichever one you’re dealing with, it can sure feel like Life gives us a game show wheel of different ways our routines can change, sometimes with very little notice.  So how important are our routines?  And how to establish a new […]

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Self Care Is The New Cool: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Jake Myers

Self Care IS the New Cool! It is an honor to have Jake Myers back on the Dr. Denise Show to discuss selfcare, boundaries, navigating the holidays, mental wellness and more! Can you imagine a world in which happiness, wellness and embracing our own unique neurostyle was championed? When WE are in the Moment of […]

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