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Movie Director Arthur Rupert Meinsfeld Shares His Mental Health Journey: Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

Join Arthur and I as he takes us through his transformative journey of mastering his emotions and excelling in creativity whilst battling bipolar disorder and ADHD, combined type. Teamwork and finding his Wellness Entourage continues to set the stage for his success. A flashback to his 12 year old self includes us reminiscing “The Impulse […]

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The Compassionate Teddy Bear Run! The Golden Thread

G. Beverly Bergmann and Dr. Denise set the stage of moments of now with a description of their real life “Teddy Bear Runs” and heart centered FUN! The golden thread of awareness, self love and altruism allows US to stay in the space of Compassionate Service to Self and others. Join US on a Teddy […]

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Teen Talks 2: On Staying Sane

TEEN TALKS, PART TWO:  Protecting Your Brain On this episode of the Dr. Denise Show, the team expands on talking with your teenager with “Teen Talks, 2:  Protecting Your Brain.” Dr. Denise discusses “setting the landscape as a parent” and why it’s so important that your teenager knows when you tell them things, you’re doing […]

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Perception IS Everything! Meet Intuitive, Empath & Channel Wendy Kennedy on the Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond Series

“Perception IS Everything!” – Wendy Kennedy & The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective Perception, dimensional awareness and the ability to access your Higher Self through Integration via releasing all judgment and limiting beliefs is what this episode is all about! The “Earth Game”, the “Universe Game” and the process of descension and ascension are discussed in […]

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Teen Talks Part 1, On Staying Sane

Teen Talks Part 1: Family Time On this episode of The Dr. Denise Show’s “On Staying Sane” series, the team tackles Teen Talks.   You’ll hear about boundaries, consensuality, social media and developing deeper relationships with your teenager.  Learn a phrase Dr. Denise uses in her practice — “I love you.  But I want to flip […]

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Senior Sociopaths as Parents, Rocking A Betrayal with Donna Andersen

Are you a survivor of emotional or physical abuse by a parent? Have you done the deep healing to have a successful life personally and in your own family life to break the generational narcissism or sociopathy? Are you a former spouse of a sociopath and want to make sure you and your kids land […]

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Rocking A Betrayal with Mystery Attorney

“A handshake is not sufficient.” ~ Mystery Attorney Dr. Denise has rocked her betrayal and won her civil judgement and wants everyone to be front loaded with tips, tools and more during what she is calling in this time of history “The Era of the Sociopath.” She invites a senior level business attorney to give […]

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Empath Overload! Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond

EMPATH Overload! As we start the Spring Season I invite you embrace your neurostyle and unique awareness of what self love and inner peace means to you. You will learn to ask, “Who does this belong to?” and to ground yourself into self care and your priorities:–19-09-36–final-mix.wav

UNSTUCK! On Staying Sane

The Dr. Denise show tackles being Trapped.   Ever feel stuck in your life?   Dr. Denise will give you some tools to climb out of the situation.  You’ll learn about Sticky Man and Humpty Dumpty and how even when you’re in your saddest moments you can use that energy for change.–18-04-30–final-mix.wav The original […]

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