War: Hope-Less to Hope-Full: On Staying Sane

War:  Hope~Less to Hope~Full

As we watch war unfold in Europe, the pulse of consciousness has many of us feeling hopeless and helpless.  This episode of The Dr. Denise Show gives concrete ways to pause and process the reality of what’s actually happening.  From positive social media influencers to follow to thinking hard about the integrity of the country you live in, the show urges you to check in on your own mental health.   Dr. Denise promises that’s not selfish!  Also, our Cathleen O’Toole shares ideas about seeking out data-based news sources and organizations that are seeking to provide accountability to all the images and facts we are seeing on-line.  There is hope in this tragedy, the show finds.  “It is to the core of the human spirit to want freedom,” says Dr. Denise.

Maria Shriver:  @mariashriver

Shayan Sardarizadeh:  @Shayan86

Ukraine, Humanity and Feeling the Weight of the World