Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond with Evidential Medium Deborah Romero

I thought it would be eye opening to have evidential medium Deborah Romero as a guest during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Together WE do a DEEP DIVE on the importance of honoring OUR FEELINGS and unique sensory perception(s)!

Are you ready to truly EMBRACE your NEUROSTYLE?

We all process and perceive information in our unique way, our neurostyle.

WE are Evolving Energy Beings…

The multidimensional integration of the ENERGY of our HUMAN characteristics “the fabulous five” biological, psychological, social, cultural, spiritual) and sixth sense INTUITION set the foundation and essence of who WE are.

What is “the BEYOND” part of Embrace Your Neurostyle and Beyond?

HINT: Creativity, JOY, Happiness, Gratitude and UNSEEN MULTIVERSE FEELING STATES just begin to scratch the surface of the definition of & BEYOND.

This episode is filled with UNIVERSAL multidimensional EARTH HACKS:


Deborah Romero is a Evidential Psychic Medium Healer Empowerment Teacher who is holding Space to bring Awareness to raise the Vibration Collectively with Love and Healing. She Believes a soul to soul connection is one of the most precious gifts one can receive.  Teaching has brought her great Joy to witness the transformations & miracles of her students as they evolve spiritually. Zoom has given her the opportunity to work and connect with others Internationally as she shares her Gift on a larger Global scale with Gratitude. Transcend _with_Debbie is a platform she created with the guidance of spirit  to help likeminded souls share their Passion , Inspiration, Knowledge, & Love. The  biggest Message from Spirit plays over for so many; “Share your gift the world needs your Magic,” so together let’s Anchor in that Light & Love ✨♥️