The Golden Thread

Introducing The Golden Thread!

What comes to mind when you say the words “The Golden Thread?”

When we pay attention to our words, thoughts and actions in the Moment Of Now and are in the Space of Awareness, Self Love and Altruism our unique Golden Tapestry is created.


Show Notes:
My Thoughts
Mission Statement:
I am aligned with being a Facilitator of Health and Wellness to help ALL KIND to reach their highest vibration and their highest self through a greater awareness of consciousness. I intend to continue to co-create with many ThoughtLeaders to integrate our thoughts to achieve a better planet and Universe.
As If Goals :
Meditation and Kindness will be a “natural part” of everyday life (just like brushing your teeth). This will raise the vibration of the planet exponentially.
Society will accept that we all have intuition (in varying degrees), we are all connected and that we are naturally evolving as a species.
Society will accept that there is abundance and we need to live in a way that respects our earth.
We need to redefine many terms to allow all of us to keep an open mind and open heart to evolve and strive to be our best self.
Examples: Intuitive not psychic. Wellness not Illness. Re-Order instead of DisOrder.
I agree with the Dalai Lama. Compassion is the key. It starts with compassion for self and moves to compassion for family and friends to compassion for our communities—- to Our World—-to Our Universe. “All Sentient Beings”. His Holiness is including all beings on Earth and the Universe.Society will truly embrace compassion.
Every M.D. and health care provider will be Universally addressing Mind, Body & Spirit to achieve wellness.  It will be a part of every intake and treatment plan.   An Integrative Wellness Plan with a nurse practitioner and social worker co-creating  as first line of intake to present to the M.D..
Mind Perspective
“We are our thoughts”. “Thoughts change the World”. Everyone will truly embrace this concept as it will be part of our education system.
As doctors we are “Facilitators of Wellness”. We can validate someone’s pain and suffering and let them know their Western Medicine Diagnosis. Define “Integrative Wellness Plan”
Love yourself enough to take care of yourself and do not live from a fear based perception.  I am not saying we as humans will never have fear, it is primal. Realize there are solutions to getting out of fear -based perceptions.  They are limiting thoughts.
Dr. Denise